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China-based search engine Baidu has signed a deal to invest in Uber, the companies announced. Although the amount of the investment was not disclosed, the companies confirmed that Baidu's mapping and mobile-search applications will now integrate with Uber's service, allowing people to more readily find rides. The Baidu integration could dramatically boost Uber's standing in China, where it currently operates in nine cities. According to the companies, Baidu's mobile search has over 500 million monthly active users and Baidu Map has more than 240 million monthly active users. Perhaps most importantly, Baidu is also in the good graces of the Chinese government, which could provide Uber some much-needed air cover as it continues to face concerned and even actively combative governments at all levels around the world.

Over the last few weeks alone, Uber has been banned in Spain and in New Delhi, India, and has been labeled illegal in a wide array of markets worldwide, Uber has been hit with charges in Thailand; the company has disregarded warnings not to set up shop in Seoul, South Korea; and even Portland, Ore.'s government has called Uber's service illegal, At play in most of the cities is whether Uber should be able to compete as a car service against taxi companies, In many cities around the world, taxi consortiums have formed to take on Uber, saying that the company's drivers don't have the required licenses to operate the service, iphone 4 screen guard Others have taken aim at Uber for using mobile cellular technology to allow users to hail cars..

For its part, Uber has remained defiant in the face of the controversies, arguing in some cases that its service is perfectly legal and in others saying that it will work with local governments to reach the required accords. In either case, Uber continues to operate in cities in which it has been warned not to, effectively thumbing its nose at local authorities. Uber, which operates in 250 cities in 50 countries, also announced earlier this month that it raised $1.2 billion in a round of funding believed to have been based on a $40 billion valuation.

Though Uber failed to release the size of Baidu's investment, a report surfaced last week saying that the China-based search engine could have dropped as much as $600 million into the car service, Assuming a $40 billion valuation, that would give Baidu about 1.5 percent equity in the company, Whether iphone 4 screen guard that's the actual amount, however, is unknown, Neither Baidu nor Uber immediately respond to a request for comment, As part of their deal, the China-based search engine will also integrate the car-ride service into its mapping and mobile search apps, The amount of the investment was not disclosed..

Now that Mammon has advanced technology to make it personal, the schisms have grown further. Father Michele Madonna decided to take a stand. It seems that worshippers were prone to using their cell phones in his church, Santa Maria di Montesanto in Naples, Italy. As the Daily Mail reports, phones even went off during funerals. So, instead of merely praying for a pestilence to descend upon these disrespectful phone-obsessives, Father Madonna found a technological solution. He bought a jammer, which reportedly cost him around $60. Peace and love now reign in his pews.

It's not that Father Madonna isn't a man of patience, He says he first put up signs, begging people to show respect and put their phones away, However, the Mail quoted him as saying: "What really annoyed me is that when it first started, people would iphone 4 screen guard switch off their phones in embarrassment, Now they are cupping their hands over the receiver and carrying on talking."You might worry that the priest has committed a sin, Or, as they call it in the secular world, a crime, He insists, however, that he asked for the guidance of the local police and they gave the jammer their blessing..

Not everyone is happy, however. Local storekeepers moan that the jammer interferes with their credit card machines. No, it's not quite Jesus driving the money lenders from the temple. But you might imagine that those who regard Christmas as a time for maximizing profit might be miffed. Cell phone jammers do bring with them, in certain countries, illegality. Earlier this year, a Florida man was fined $48,000 for riding around with a cell phone jammer in his car. He apparently didn't like people talking on their phones and driving, even though it's legal in Florida.

There's even a Philadelphia man who has admitted he takes a jammer with him on the bus to shut up phone-yappers, There's no universal agreement about technology in church, While some react as Father Madonna did, other churches believe that there's nothing wrong in following a service on your iPad, A 2013 survey showed that, for one reason or another, 35 percent of Americans use their cell phones in church, Technology has other positive ecclesiastical uses, At iphone 4 screen guard this time of year, you'll find that some Baby Jesuses in church nativity scenes are equipped with GPS devices to track them in case of theft..