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I was moved recently by the words of HTC's new chief marketing officer, Idris Mootee. He not only said that Samsung is something of a money-grubber. He also declared that HTC's previous advertising, which featured, among others, Robert Downey Jr., was all over place. I am moved to praising the Lord that it's Friday, then, to see that HTC has just released 10 new ads featuring Downey and they're still somewhere south of the Cape of Good Sense. In one ad, there is Downey in a white room. There, too, are an old suitcase and an old phone. And there is an announcement that HTC's One M9 is coming soon.

Oh, and Downey wears a white coat and a hard hat, I am sure there is symbolism here, but iphone case 5c I fear I might have an embolism trying to find it, In another ad, there is Downey sitting on a chair, He's tied up, A man in a bunny rabbit outfit is seemingly unhappy with him, until our hero frightens Rabbit Man, If it seems to you that I am just stringing together random words, I quite sympathize, I might as well be, A third ad has a crescent moon, a man wearing what looks like an ill-fitting bra and Downey at the piano, There is dancing..

A fourth has the actor hitting a chicken off a tee with a baseball bat. The chicken is then depicted in an Andy Warhol painting. Because, oh, does it matter?. Of course, all these ads have a message about the new phone perched at their end. Your wits, however, may have drifted far past their end, should you attempt to endure all 10 of these delights. (They are available here.). And remember, these are merely the teasers for the real thing. Who can possibly wait? Who doesn't possibly need a drink around now?.

Google -- or as it prefers to be known these days, the People's Republic Of Google -- is feeling a little twitchy at the moment, On the one hand, it's peddling the idea that you should " Be Together, Not The Same," a veritable poem to human individuality and community, On the other hand, it's being accused of fiddling its search results in a frightfully undemocratic manner, And then the blighters in Cupertino go and launch their Apple Watch, Lumme, what's to be done? iphone case 5c Well, release an ad that says there are already so many wonderful, beautiful Android Wear watches, even if the people haven't got around to buying many of them..

So here are lots of young, hippy, happy people dancing around with their (borrowed) Android Wear watches. It's almost as cheery a dancing scene as Microsoft's now legendary Surface ads, which graced the firmament at the product's launch and then drifted off like a startup with a 14-year-old CEO that ran out of funding. Will this ad put a dent into Apple's horological ambitions? Will it clock Apple where it hurts?. Or are Android manufacturers gleefully waiting to see if Apple can make the market for them?.

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BASEL, Switzerland -- First up is the Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch. This watch is hand-made in Switzerland and features a classic analogue face. It connects to Android and iOS phones, allowing it to track your activity -- including steps, distance and calories burned -- and show how long and how well you slept. Using the app, you can set activity goals, and your progression through the goal is shown as a percentage on the mechanical dial at the bottom of the face. It's due to go on sale this June, globally, and will start at 950 euros (around $1,015, £685 or AU$1,325).

TAG Heuer went all in on its smart wear, announcing a partnership with Google and Intel for an upcoming Android Wear smartwatch, Little is known about the device itself, and no details about price or release date were announced, As an Android Wear device, we can expect a digital face, and software identical to that you'll find on existing Android Wear devices such as the LG G Watch R, Whether TAG Heuer fuses iphone case 5c the digital face with analogue hands in order to help it appeal to its more traditional customers remains to be seen..