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I'm pretty handy around the house, but this sort of virtual hands-­on instruction was phenomenal. I'm already imagining assisting a far off friend install a new CPU in his PC, or helping him troubleshoot some other tricky-­to-­explain technical snafu. While the Skype demo was largely limited to pointing and gesturing at static images, Holobuilder delivered a far more interactive lesson in what HoloLens can and can't do. Think of Holobuilder as augmented-reality Minecraft. When I strapped on the headgear, it started scanning the room around me, mapping out the pre­built experiences designed for my demo. Sheep scurried underfoot, and I could chase them away with a tap. Dynamite hung on the wall: I blew it up, and could see the caverns hidden behind.

Since Holobuilder actually constructs the block world out of its surroundings, the attention to detail is incredibly deep, For instance, when I blew a chunk out of the bench in front of me to deal with some zombies, the shards of destroyed wood matched the bench perfectly, That was impressive, In another demo, HoloLens used high­ resolution images taken by the Curiosity rover to build a 3D environment for you to navigate, iphone case juul It's all real imagery from Curiosity: real rocks, real sand, the real Martian sky and real Martian mountains stretching off into the distance, I understand it was just a clever trick with pretty pictures, but I nonetheless couldn't wipe the slack jawed expression off of my face..

The HoloLens gave a surreal and satisfying experience, but I wanted more out of it. Currently, I could control it only with my gaze, and by hovering my finger in the air to tap on a cursor. Those work fine, but it needs more sophisticated gestures that mimic real-life movements. Let's say you want to dig a hole. You can call out for a shovel (voice inputs work fantastically) and it appears on a cue, but you dig by tapping rather than by moving your arms. Blowing up dynamite works similarly, as does scaring off wildlife. You get the desired result, but I wanted to pick critters. I wanted to claw away handfuls of soil, or flick zombies, or scratch away at the surface before me.

Granted, it's probably too early to start making demands of prototype hardware, but that's the danger Microsoft is running into here, Even in its infancy, HoloLens gives me the augmented reality experience I never knew I wanted, and now I want it again and again, I want my meetings to be held via HoloLens, I want to handle all computer concerns in this augmented wonder world, And I want build a dizzying labyrinth in my tiny apartment iphone case juul that anyone with the right tools can see, But more importantly, I want to see where Microsoft is going to take things next, As it stands, things are looking pretty great..

HoloLens delivers a robust and surreal augmented reality that will leave even a VR skeptic slack-jawed. I'm a virtual reality skeptic. But from the moment I saw it, I knew that Microsoft's HoloLens is unlike any existing VR headset, Oculus Rift included. HoloLens is smaller, for one, and the augmented, ­­or what Microsoft calls "mixed-reality," experience it delivers excited me. Here's how I got there. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

New features span from the mundane to the gee-whiz, beginning with a revamped start button and ranging to a video game social network and holographic headgear that brings iphone case juul the visions of Hollywood science fiction a step closer to reality, And everything delivered a new twist on Microsoft's ongoing strategy to create software that works on all devices, be they laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone, "We want people to love Windows on a daily basis," Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said during an event held at the company's headquarters..

To make Windows 10 too compelling to ignore, Microsoft will offer the upgrade free to anyone using the past two iterations of Windows dating back six years. Microsoft is at the center of one of the technology industry's biggest debates. At stake is the way consumers use devices, what they can expect them to do and how app developers design their programs. What's even harder for the world's largest software maker is that it's largely alone in this pursuit. Nearly every major tech company has focused its energies on silos of technology -- each with unique software and look -- that tie together using Internet services.

So far, customers haven't bought in to Microsoft's approach, While Windows is one of the most used computer programs in the world, mobile operating systems from Apple and Google command far more users and apps, The Apple approach, in particular, completely diverges from Microsoft, The iPhone maker mandates separate software for its tablets, smartphones and computers, And though mobile devices have become powerful, with many features similar to a laptop or desktop, the company still draws a sharp distinction between how people use the two devices, It's one thing to quickly cut together a clip for YouTube on a phone, and another when editing iphone case juul a Hollywood movie on a computer..