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This move was unwise. Even charity stores have CCTV. And so Hooson, age 33, ended up in court to defend himself. As the Telegraph reports, he claimed he'd forgotten that he'd put the tablet in his bag. This may have been a charitable interpretation of the facts. The prosecutor explained that the only reason Hooson had brought the tablet back was that he didn't have "the necessary equipment" to make it work. I am not sure whether the prosecutor was referring to technical equipment or cranial equipment.

The judge, calling iphone case ring the theft a "particularly mean offense," wasn't impressed with Hooson's explanations, He fined Hooson 75 British pounds (around $117), The tablet itself was valued at only 50 British pounds, One moral of this tale is that it's immoral to steal from a charity store, Another is that if you're going to steal a gadget, a little aforethought doesn't come amiss, A final moral, though, is that attempting to give the gadget back to the store from which you stole it is asking for karma to show its mischievous side..

The Chinese smartphone maker, which has been on a tear over the last four years, has raised $1.1 billion in venture capital funding, giving it a valuation of $45 billion. Bin Lin, Xiaomi co-founder and president, posted the news Monday on Facebook. The valuation makes Xiaomi the top-dog among startups, besting Uber's financing from earlier this month that put its worth at just over $40 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal. The financing underscores the rapid success of the company, which has successfully vaulted to the No. 3 position among global smartphone makers by selling lower-cost devices.

In a year when Samsung stumbled and several established players -- from Motorola to HTC -- attempted to regain their footing, Xiaomi stood out, Its valuation is more than quadruple its previous worth based on financing from 2013, The startup is also worth nearly three times Lenovo, which is the world's top PC maker and which earlier this year acquired Motorola to give it additional smartphone heft, Xiaomi, however, isn't without challenges, Despite significant presence in Asia -- China in particular -- it faces issues expanding to developed markets because of concerns over intellectual property, Ericsson has sued Xiaomi for infringing on patents earlier this month, prompting a ban on sales in India, The ban has been temporarily lifted, but iphone case ring the legal dispute continues..

The company has been criticized for the similarities between its devices -- both smartphones and tablets -- and Apple's. Apple design chief, Jony Ive, has accused Xiaomi of design "theft" and of "being lazy." Hugo Barra, vice president of Xiaomi and a former Google executive, has said that while his designers are inspired by many things, Xiaomi is no copycat. While Apple makes a large profit from the sale of high-profile devices such as the iPhone 6, Xiaomi sells more than 1,000 products at or near cost in a quest to generate a small amount of profit on each item. Its primary goal is to get more devices in people's hands in order to sell them software and services riding on top of those devices.

"We will strive to continue bringing innovation to everyone, with a goal of producing high-quality, high-performance devices with great user iphone case ring experience," Lin said, He teased that Xiaomi will unveil its next flagship device in January, Investors in the financing include All-Stars Investment, DST Global, Hopu Investment Management and Yunfeng Capital, The co-founder of the Chinese smartphone startup uses Facebook to confirm the financing, which gives it a valuation of $45 billion, There's apparently no stopping Xiaomi's ascent..

Sounds farfetched? South Korean tech giants Samsung Electronics and LG are already working on this kind of futuristic flexible display technology. Samsung said last month that some of its first designs for device manufacturers are expected by the end of next year. A finished product for consumers would come sometime after that. "Personally, I believe that design innovation using a flexible displays will be one of the most important factors in the future," Samsung Display executive Chang Hoon Lee said at a New York investor forum in November.

With smartphone upgrades only showing modest improvements year over year, many analysts and tech executives see flexible displays as a potential leap in innovation that could provide a spark to the industry, The ability to stretch and roll a device could change how we use our phones, and may finally break the standard mold of a rectangular slab with a large touchscreen display, Yet as exciting as they sound, these technologies likely won't hit store shelves soon, Some analysts say foldable displays are iphone case ring still far from reaching the mainstream market, noting that their production is still too pricey and other parts of a phone -- such as the battery -- can't yet fold..