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Even though Clouds over Sidra was released weeks ago, I hadn't experienced it until now. I tried it via Samsung's Milk VR app on the Gear VR , a virtual-reality headset that uses the Samsung Note 4 . (It's also available on iOS and Android via VRSE's app, and can be played on Google Cardboard.) I started the video up and tried downloading the file, but after a download problem settled for streaming instead. The 3D, 360-degree movie began a bit choppy, but settled down. Then I was standing in a desert.

Sidra began speaking to me about recent struggles, and her world, She guided me into the camp, I was in her room, Small, sparse, with a little TV, She sat on her bed, and I stood there, or hovered, iphone screen protector not sticking a ghost in the film, I looked all around me, I looked at the door, and wondered what was beyond, Then I was looking down at her family next, in a small, shared space, I was taken to the refugee camp, the gym, a computer room where kids played games, and two boys turned around and waved at me, hugging, I was inches from them..

Girls played soccer, and I stood in the middle of the field. I watched kids walking in a line, and they turned to stare -- at the me, or the camera, but it felt like they were looking at me. Kids even gathered in a circle around me. I turned in all directions and saw them. At this point my fog of tears had gotten too heavy, the Oculus lens smearing, humidity fogging the scene like a dream. And random hiccups of streaming noise. Sometimes, the 3D view split up as I turned, the image breaking. All of these bits didn't remove me from the scene. I was enveloped.

I tried watching again, days later, at my desk, I was there again, And I cried again, The iphone screen protector not sticking power of virtual reality filmmaking, if it's anything like what Clouds Over Sidra demonstrates, is utterly overwhelming, It's not just about gaining perspective, but the beginnings of true telepresence, The spherical cameras captured everything, in full 3D, Each scene was a living panorama, a place to silently observe and study, It reminded me of William Gibson's recent book The Peripheral, To feel like you're in a place where you really aren't, but share the emotions and connections..yes, it's magic, and ghostly, and unreal, And I'm not even sure what it fully means yet, Unlike games or trips to distant galaxies, or swims under the ocean, Clouds Over Sidra is a virtual reality trip into a very distant, but very gritty, reality..

This type of transporting emotional power could be a massive tool for generating empathy. It could also be a tool for emotional manipulation. It could do many powerful things. And it took this documentary to make me realize the pull of virtual experiences, and what could be coming next. I took off the Gear VR headset. My eyes were red, wet. My wife was sitting next to me on the sofa, reading a book. My glasses rested next to my MacBook. Outside, it was a snowy day in New Jersey. Sidra was far away. The headset was a mess, foam soaked, salty tears everywhere. I wiped the headset down, grabbed some tissues. I blinked, wiped my eyes, felt a little bit alone. Emotionally vulnerable. Wondering what I should do.

I kept thinking of the kids, Clouds Over Sidra is available on VRSE, an app on iOS and Android, and Oculus' Milk VR, You should watch it, Clouds over Sidra is a wrenching look at a real life across the world, and it shows how emotional virtual experiences could become, Virtual reality and tears don't mix, It's soggy, messy, The lenses get smeared, and everything gets damp, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments iphone screen protector not sticking that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

The company announced Thursday at a fireside chat with press here that it will be launching its online Mi store in US, but it will not carry any phones in the Mi line, Mi Note or Redmi line of smartphones, nor its Mi Pad tablet. Instead, Xiaomi will sell its lesser-known ancillary products such as headphones and its Mi Band wearable fitness tracker. An online store signifies the first step towards its eagerly anticipated entry into the US market. While not a household name, Xiaomi has steadily built up its reputation among the tech savvy as "the Apple of China" with affordable and slick-designed devices packed with high-end components, all with price tags that are sometimes half that of its competitors' products. Further adding to the hype is its position as the world's most valuable startup with a valuation of more than $45 billion. But the Western markets represent a different beast -- one where consumers gravitate to the biggest names like Apple and Samsung.

Hugo Barra, a former Google executive who left the search company to join Xiaomi as vice president of international operations in 2013, said the company wants to be calculated and careful when bringing its flagship products to new markets, It's a now-recurring theme for the start-up that considers itself iphone screen protector not sticking an Internet services company -- not just a handset maker, "The amount of effort required to bring those products [phones and tablets] to market is significant, We just have to move at the right pace," Barra told the audience, "So we're accelerating our entry in a sense by bringing simpler products." Barra cited factors like manufacturing, packaging, regulations and the software hurdles with a language gap for the slow arrival of Xiaomi phones in Western markets..