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Last year, research firm Newzoo put a finer point on that, revealing that Apple's iOS platform could generate $4 billion in game revenue for the company, while Google's Android platform would score $3 billion in revenue. Nintendo's game revenues, Newzoo said in October, was just $2.4 billion in the prior year. What's more, Newzoo said that mobile gaming is well on its way to dwarfing revenue generated off consoles, with the possibility of $40.9 billion hitting mobile cash coffers in 2017. Despite the troubles with PlayStation Mobile, Sony's PlayStation business has been soaring in recent quarters as sales of its PlayStation 4 remain strong worldwide. During its last reported quarter ended December 31, Sony's gaming division increased sales by 16.8 percent to 531.5 billion yen ($4.4 billion). The division's operating profit hit 27.6 billion yen, jumping 123 percent year over year.

That success has caused Sony to focus on gaming as a key component in its ongoing efforts to rebuild its ailing business, Last month, Sony said that the PlayStation business, along with Sony Pictures, Sony Music, and its devices operation, will play a crucial role in its operation in the coming years, Sony predicts that if it can invest more heavily in those areas, it could turn its 26.5 iphone screen protector rainbow effect billion yen operating profit and 128.4 billion yen loss this year to an operating profit of over 500 billion (about $4.2 billion) by March 2018..

In that announcement, Sony also said that it would cut businesses that were underperforming. It appears PlayStation Mobile was one such business. Sony declined to provide additional comment on the closure, pointing instead to its forum posting on the matter. Update at 10:52 a.m. to include note about Sony's comment. Sony's PlayStation Mobile experiment was supposed to bring the company's content to Android devices. But that effort never really caught on with developers and gamers alike. Sony has decided to shutter its mashup of Android and traditional portable gaming.

One company iphone screen protector rainbow effect developing wearables that aim to save lives is Intelligent Textiles Ltd (ITL), a British firm started by Asha Thompson and Stan Swallow that combines electronics engineering, product designer and knitting, Yes, knitting, The firm weaves electronics into fabric -- not embedding electronics, but weaving them into the product itself, "Instead of plastic and circuit boards," says Thompson, "we use the conductive warp and weft to make up what these circuits can do." That allows technology to soup up items traditionally made from fabric, for example in fine-tuning which parts of a glove or deep-sea diver's suit are heated, ensuring the wearer is warm enough where needed without wasting the heating system's power, And it also allows versatile fabric to replace traditional hardware..

Speaking at the Wearable Technology Show here, Swallow describes ITL as a textile company that "pretends to be a military company..it's funny how you slip into these domains."One domain where this high-tech fabric has seen frontline action is in the Canadian military's IAV Stryker armoured personnel carrier. ITL developed a full QWERTY keyboard in a single piece of fabric for use in the Stryker, replacing a traditional hardware keyboard that involved 100 components. Multiple components allow for repair, but ITL knits in redundancy so the fabric can "degrade gracefully". The keyboard works the same as the traditional hardware, with the bonus that it's less likely to fall on a soldier's head, and with just one glaring downside: troops can no longer use it as a step for getting in and out of the vehicle.

An armoured car with knitted controls is one iphone screen protector rainbow effect thing, but where the technology comes into its own is when used about the person, ITL has worked on vests like the JTAC, a system "for the guys who call down airstrikes" and need "extra computing oomph." Then there's SWIPES, a part of the US military's Nett Warrior system -- which uses a chest-mounted Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone -- and British military company BAE's Broadsword system, ITL is currently working on Spirit, a "truly wearable system" for the US Army and United States Marine Corps, It's designed to be modular, scalable, intuitive and invisible..

These body armour systems are "like a ring main in a house," as Thompson puts it, bristling with sockets built into the surface of the vest for power and data connections. "The military have a lot of different connectors," says Swallow. Many of those connectors were originally designed for use in a vehicle, but have been transferred into the kit that troops are expected to wear. So ITL is working to develop a connector for people. That means connectors need to be versatile and accessible, whether the wearer is left- or right-handed. And if a socket breaks, the wearer needs to be able to simply move the radio or computer to a different socket.

"The requirements of the past go out of the window when you start thinking about a wearable for a person," says Swallow, Plugging something in when you're in a vehicle with two free hands is one thing, but a soldier in the field, he points out, "might only have one hand if you're holding a rifle, You might have to do it in the dark, when you're scared, when you're being shot at."In modern warfare, a typical soldier is carrying their weapon, body armour, GPS, a radio, night vision kit and much more, That "battle rattle" adds up to about 50kg (110 pounds) of equipment -- "that's the weight of a pretty sizeable girlfriend", as Swallow puts it, "The Taliban apparently calls our troops 'donkeys' iphone screen protector rainbow effect because they're carrying so much stuff and sweating, while [a Taliban fighter] is carrying a gun, a bottle of water and a cellphone."But a bigger problem than humping all this kit is powering it, According to ITL, military forces go through more batteries than bullets -- partly because a soldier simply disposes of 70 per cent of that power, In order to ensure a battery doesn't fail in the field, at the beginning of a mission they will change all batteries, which can take 40 minutes, And if the battery cover of a piece of kit is lost, there's no taping the batteries in like you would with a TV remote: the equipment is rendered unusable..