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The whole thing is deftly pitched at the idealism inherent in every millennial. Or, at least, every millennial whose shares haven't yet vested. It certainly won't hurt to have a little unctuousness out there to show good intentions. Even if those good intentions are couched in a tinge of commercial angst. Now remember kids, give your Uber driver a maximum score of 5. Because now you know that he's really, really nice. Technically Incorrect: That company you thought was chilly, hard-nosed and even threatening is actually really mushy. At least that's what its new ad says.

It looked a little too much like famous people expecting mortals to genuflect before them and put money on their latest collection plate, There seems little evidence so far that this collection plate is overflowing, Non-Tidalers such as Mumford and Sons have sniffed that Tidal is a touch plutocratic, rather than democratic, But now celebrated musician and businessman iphone x screen protector front and back 50 Cent has offered two of his spare cents, In comments made to hip hop radio station Real 92.3, Fitty seemed a little fittied to be tied at Jay Z's alleged hubris in asking people to pay money for a service that the likes of Pandora and Spotify offer for free..

He made some extremely businesslike points (near the end of the interview) about Tidal's come-hither wave. For example: "The people that you saw there don't even own the rights to their music. So they can't say it's just going to come out on Tidal."He explained: "Why would you actually buy Tidal to get something that would be everywhere else?" That does seem one of the potential weaknesses of the Tidal offering: what is special about its offering that is worth either $9.99 or even $19.99 a month?.

50 Cent also gave an excellent insight into the very branding of Tidal, Here were these artists suggesting they were doing it for the integrity of music, for the struggling artists, Instead, as 50 Cent indicated: "Usher was there and Madonna and all these people, That's a little bit more of a, when you say, 'it was business,' it's more of a corporate play."There didn't seem to be iphone x screen protector front and back many struggling artists on the launch stage explaining why Tidal would help them, Jay Z has vigorously defended the service, He says it's doing "just fine." He's even been calling Tidal subscribers to thank them when they sign up..

Adulation, though, has its limits. People now believe they can pick and choose music tracks, just like they pick and choose menu items. Just as Kanye doesn't sell out every show, so people don't always blindly give money because a star -- even one they like -- says "please give me money."Show me the difference, the customer sniffs. Technically Incorrect: In a radio interview, the musician and businessman suggests Jay Z's new service is all business and no real artistic difference. Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

A settlement reached in the US District Court for Northern California iphone x screen protector front and back puts an end to two January lawsuits filed by BlackBerry against Typo, a company that created a keyboard case that plugs into iPhones, giving users of Apple's popular smartphone the ability to use a physical keyboard, The Typo device attracted widespread attention not only because of its design and function, but because it was backed by TV and radio celebrity Ryan Seacrest, best known as the host of the "American Idol" musical competition..

Under the settlement, announced Monday, Typo can no longer make keyboards for smartphones and mobile devices with a screen size less than 7.9 inches, which would account for the range of sizes in Apple's iPhone line. It can continue to sell keyboards for devices with a display of 7.9 inches or larger, which would restrict it to tablets, such as the iPad. Other terms of the settlement were confidential. Apple's largest smartphone, the iPhone 6 Plus, has a 5.5-inch screen. The new iPad Mini 3, meanwhile, has a 7.9-inch screen.

Typo, BlackBerry argued in its lawsuits, had violated its patents by creating a keyboard accessory that looked too much like its own keyboards, complete with the familiar sculpted keys, iphone x screen protector front and back In connection with Monday's settlement, BlackBerry has withdrawn the lawsuits, BlackBerry has been struggling to regain some of its former stature in the mobile phone business by introducing new phones, such as the Passport , the Leap and the Classic , The company has always relied on its physical keyboards to distinguish its products from those made by rival smartphone makers, which by and large use virtual keyboards on the phone's screen, As such, BlackBerry wouldn't want to give iPhone users the ability to use a physical keyboard that looks like one of its own, Nor would it want consumers confusing an iPhone with a BlackBerry because of the keyboard..