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China recently surpassed the US as the biggest market for the iPhone. And for the three months ended this past February, the iPhone 6 was the top-selling phone in urban China with a market share of 10.2 percent, according to an April report from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. In eyeing huge sales for the iPhone this quarter, Milunovich joins KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, according to 9to5Mac. In a recent investors note, Kuo's crystal ball forecast 51.4 million iPhone sales this quarter. Apple will likely report its results for the current quarter toward the end of July.

Like any piece of stainless steel jewelry, scratches are completely normal, But also like any piece of stainless steel jewelry, if you're not happy with scratches, there's a way k edge iphone case to remove them, Polishing stainless steel (and many other types of metal) works like this: A small amount of polishing cream is used to remove very thin layers of the metal, Assuming scratches aren't very deep, the cream will effectively remove the layer where the scratches exist, "Remove a layer of my Apple Watch?!" Don't worry, It would take many more polishing sessions than you'll ever conduct to actually degrade the metal..

Here's what my Apple Watch looked like before the polish. Now I'll guide you through the steps I took to give it that out-of-the-box mirror finish. Remove each strap by pressing the adjacent metal button and gently sliding the strap out. Now you're ready to get started. Wash your hands with soap to remove any oils. At this point, you might want to put on a pair of gloves to avoid extended contact with any polishing solution. Finally, use a clean and dry microfiber cloth or 100 percent cotton shirt to clean the Watch. Now it's ready to get polished.

Choosing the right kind of polish There are essentially two types of solutions: k edge iphone case creams and pre-soaked cloths, I tried both, In fact, I tried a few different products in each category (see photo), and found that while the creams give you more for your money, it's too easy to lose control and get the cream in the crevices of the Watch, Pre-soaked cloths (or cotton) are the way to go, They're reusable, offer more control, and get the job done faster, The two products I tried and can recommend are Nevr-Dull and Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths..

How to polish the Watch Gently rub the polishing cloth against any scratches on the stainless steel portion of the Watch, being careful to avoid making contact with the Watch face and heart rate sensors. You'll know it's working when the cloth turns black and there's a light residue on the metal. Then, take a clean 100 percent cotton cloth and buff the metal with rapid back-and-forth motions. Continue until the residue is gone and the mirror finish is restored. If you still see scratches, you have two options. You can try going over the affected area once more to see if removing another micro-layer helps. If that doesn't work, it's likely the scratch is deeply embedded, and you'll need a professional jeweller to buff it out with special equipment.

In April, Microsoft added a "mobile-friendly" tag to certain websites found through its search engine, Bing, The goal is to alert users that such sites offer versions designed for better navigation and usability on mobile phones, Search for a certain site or topic on your phone, and you'll see the new tag pop up in the description of the site, But now Bing has more up its sleeve with a new search algorithm that will rank mobile sites more highly in the search results based on certain factors, More people are searching the Web via mobile devices, Around 60 percent of online traffic is now generated by mobile devices, according to a report published in mid-2014 by research k edge iphone case firm ComScore, That report pointed specifically to digital media sites, not the Web as a whole, But it does point to the growth of mobile Web browsing, Google itself has found that mobile searches now outstrip those from PCs..

Google updated its search algorithm in April to rank mobile-friendly sites higher in the search results on mobile devices. With Bing following suit, the search engine is putting pressure on website developers to make sure their content can be easily viewed by mobile users. If not, such sites could find themselves sinking lower in the search rankings. In a blog posted on Thursday, Microsoft's Bing Mobile Relevance Team said that it plans to start rolling out changes to its mobile-friendliness ranking in the coming months. The goal is to give webmasters and web developers enough time to tweak their sites to make sure they don't get dinged for being uncooperative with mobile users.

The team also highlighted some of the factors that Bing will take into account when judging a site's mobile friendliness, One factor is navigation, The menus, buttons and page links should be large enough and spaced far enough apart so you can more easily navigate by touch, Another factor is readability, The text should be readable without forcing you to zoom in and swipe k edge iphone case across the screen to view an entire sentence or paragraph, A third factor is scrolling, The content on a page should fit the width of the screen on your mobile device, Having to scroll vertically is fine, But horizonal scrolling should be limited as it forces you to have to constantly swipe across the screen, Mobile pages should also fit nicely whether you hold your device in portrait or landscape mode..