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Music Cultural Shipyards, Part V Edition “Beat Full Festival”

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Mix the underground music coming from across the strait with the local Sicilian is the ambition that has always Beat Full Festival, now in its fifth edition with many new features. This year the Beat Full, growing company with thousands of participants each year, It is scheduled from Thursday 31 August to Saturday 2 September Cultural Shipyards of Zisa in Palermo with a lineup worthy of the best Italian festivals. Every day the gates will open to 18 and the public can enjoy continuous music series, tra dj set, local bands and various headliners.

It starts Thursday 31 August: open dances Palermitans pennyless, then the Omosumo, then the highly anticipated live performance by Zen Circus rock before closing with the rhythms to lift the Salento Sud Sound System.
The cost of the evening is just 5 euro and tickets may be purchased directly at the box office.

The evening of Friday, 1 September instead will be free admission. Infatti tutte le realtà che organizzano il Beat Full hanno deciso di regalare una serata di grande qualità musicale alla cittadinanza pur non ricevendo alcun tipo di finanziamento istituzionale ma credendo fortemente che la musica deve essere accessibile a tutti. Sul palco si alterneranno: i palermitani 12BBR e Human As Possible, i Peawees, la colonna della vecchia scuola rap Kaos One & Dj Craim, la drum’n bass milanese dei Belzebass e a chiudere il producer icona dub Paolo Baldini Dub Files con i gemelli frontmen dei Mellow Mood e Forelock degli Arawak.

Saturday 2 September, si chiude alla grande con il cantante Rap del momento: l’italo-tunisino Ghali, col suo “Album” in continua scalata delle vette di ogni classifica. Ghali è l’astro nascente del panorama Rap e Trap in Italia, i suoi numeri sono da vera rockstar. Prima di Ghali i live di Picciotto & The Gold Diggers con ospiti sul palco le crew No Border & Zenit, groups of teenagers who have trained with rapper Palermo Picciotto through creative writing workshops in the pews of the Old Village schools and Zen 2, Reiven rapper and a DJ set by Tony Madonia that as Ciaka and Bizzio will be the DJ's every evening. The closing party will be as lively tradition since PopSchock with the usual music riot, light and color.
The cost of the evening is 15 euro in advance by purchasing tickets on ticksweb.com or point of sale (See event details on Facebook) or 20 euro directly at the box office.

In addition to the Beat concerts Full also give prominence to local artisan with a reality dedicated to artists and collectors market managed by “Flea Market Palermo”. There will be an area run by food “Tour & Firria”, a fully dedicated to Manifesta Info Point 2018 and also a station “Arci Gay” which will give information on “safe sex”. Inside the Festival area will host the Bar Moltivolti and Ballarak (craft beer). Careful Festival to various social issues and the promotion of local realities, that stands on its own with the support of small local sponsors who believe in the values ​​of the initiative (Forst, Attitude Shop e Box Tattoo). The Beat-Full is promoted by the Cultural DB with Almendra Music Collaboration, Skip The Municipality, Discover Production, FatSounds, Livio Spallino, Moltivolti, Porcorosso ed Emmelab.


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