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On Wednesday morning, Summey and Driggers appeared at a very tense press conference, in which Summey announced that Slager has been fired from the force, though the city will pay for health insurance for Slager's wife, who is eight months pregnant. The mayor and the chief praised Scott's family and promised them support. Asked whether any of the other officers seen in the video had contradicted Slager's account, Driggers said: "To my knowledge, no one was witness to anything but Slager."Driggers said of the video: "I was sickened by what I saw. And I have not watched it since."He said he didn't know whether Slager had dropped the Taser near Scott's prone body. The investigation has been turned over to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. Summey took over much of the conference from Driggers, saying that the latter couldn't now comment on details of the case.

Summey intimated that there was more video evidence taken from a police car, evidence he himself hadn't seen, For about as long as cell phones have been reliably able to shoot video, they have been used to provide evidence, Sometimes it is citizens posting video to YouTube to explain what happened during, say, a routine traffic stop, With the increasing use of bodycams by police, however, sometimes footage is used to 0 5 mm iphone case dispel suspicions about the police's own actions, Summey said at today's press conference that the city had already ordered 101 bodycams, and that just this morning the city has ordered an additional 150, an announcement that received applause..

It is hard to watch the footage of Saturday's shooting and see anything other than a horrific miscarriage of justice. In times gone by, it would have been the word of the bystander against that of authorities. Who would have been believed? The word of, say, a doctor, would have carried more weight than that of a blacksmith. Now that cell phone footage exists, the supposed credibility of the witness has been superseded by the strength and objectivity of the video evidence. Updated 12.03 p.m. PT: Added details from the Wednesday morning press conference.

Announced Wednesday in a blog post, the HTC One M9+ offers a 5.2-inch screen with 2K resolution and is powered by a 2.2GHz MediaTek Helio X10 octa-core processor, The phone also comes with the 20-megapixel Duo Camera, which offers a second camera lens to help capture more detailed photos, a feature currently found on the HTC One M8 , Already blasting the sound on the M8, the HTC BoomSound feature amps up the volume on the front-facing speakers for the M9+, As another draw, a fingerprint sensor is positioned on 0 5 mm iphone case the front of the phone so that you can lock and unlock it, The sensor is capable of detecting your fingerprint from any direction, according to HTC..

HTC is clearly aiming the M9+ toward Chinese consumers craving a bigger and more feature-packed version of the standard M9, which comes with a 5-inch screen, a single rear camera and no fingerprint sensor. The company is also trying to compete in the high-end smartphone arena with Apple's new iPhone lineup and Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S6 phones. But apparently the phone's potential audience will be limited. In a statement sent to Engadget, HTC said that the M9+ is "not currently planned to be released in North America or Europe, where we believe our flagship HTC One M9 is the best choice." China is the world's largest smartphone market, though, with almost 520 million users.

HTC didn't reveal a launch date or price for the M9+, The HTC One M9 will reach consumers this Friday, That's the same date Samsung's new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones go on sale, HTC did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment, The new phone aims to outdo the regular M9 by sporting a 5.2-inch screen, dual rear cameras and a fingerprint sensor, HTC will launch a bigger and beefier version of its upcoming 0 5 mm iphone case M9 phone in China, But don't get too excited if you live in North America or Europe..

Pictures of the purported phone snagged by blog site Phone Arena show a device with two SIM card trays. The device itself is a prototype model, says Phone Arena, so the external shell is just a disguise. But the internal components are reportedly the same as those found on the regular Galaxy S6. The model number seen on the screen is SM-G920, the same number assigned to the S6. Why offer a dual-SIM phone? Such phones are designed to hold two different phone numbers and therefore two different identities as the same time. So you can make and receive phone calls and texts using either number. Further, a dual-SIM phone makes it easier for you to jump from one carrier to another, especially handy if you constantly travel from one country to another and need to switch between carriers.

In late March, the Galaxy S6 Duo appeared on a Russian retail website, popping up alongside the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge phones, An alleged photo of the S6 Duo also was leaked online by an Italian 0 5 mm iphone case journalist revealing the dual-SIM trays, as spotted by Forbes, Beyond the dual-SIM functionality, the core specs for the purported Galaxy S6 Duo would likely be the same as those for the S6 and S6 Edge , The new S6 models come with a 5.1-inch quad HD display, an octa-core Exynos 7420 processor and a 16-megapixel rear camera, For internal storage, you can opt for 32GB, 64GB or 128GB..