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Lachimia posted the resulting video to his Facebook page, and its fame quickly began to grow like a mushroom in the rain. So much so that Paola now has her own Facebook page, where she has already amassed more than 33,000 likes. Those who go to Paola's page may notice that she is described simply as "comedian."And so it is that her interaction with Siri incites more than one snort. As the Daily Mail reports, Paola moved to Australia 58 years ago from Calabria. She hasn't, though, lost her Calabrese accent. Siri believes that Paola is speaking a series of words that make no sense.

Even simple phrases such as: "What's the time to Italy, please?" leave Siri clutching at Web pages that surely no one has searched before, On another attempt, she wonders whether Paola is looking for a deli, At one point, Paola asks Siri: "Are you from Italy? What time is there?"Siri begins her reply: "Like it says on the box." This Paola hears as "sex on the box." Which leads the 78-year-old to call Siri: "What 2 part iphone case a bloody sh**."The full video, which is on her Facebook page, as well as her son's, offers a glorious exhibition of a human talking to an eager-to-please Martian, In the part of Mars where this Siri is from, the education system is imperfect..

This doesn't deter Paola from describing her fiendish son to Siri as "drama, crisis d***head."The video has already enjoyed almost 4 million views on Lachimia's Facebook page. Some, though, might find an additional joy to it. In a week in which Samsung has admitted that its voice recognition software may record background living room conversations when it's in use, some might see hope that their conversations may not yet be at all intelligible. All you have to do is learn a Calabrese accent and you'll be fine.

Technically Incorrect: An Italian grandmother in Australia grapples with the idea of talking to Siri and ends up calling the voice command system "a bloody sh**", Of course, she's now a Web hit, Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives, Artificial intelligence is currently a little too artificial and not so intelligent, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that 2 part iphone case violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

The Pebble Steel was CNET's favorite smartwatch of 2014, but with the upcoming Apple Watch, new Android Wear watches and tons of newcomers like Swatch entering the fray, the startup will have a tougher time standing out. Those heightened competitive pressures underscore the increasingly crowded area of wearable devices -- an area that consumers have yet to warm up to. But things may change with the Apple Watch . Katy Huberty, an analyst with Morgan Stanley, believes Apple will sell 30 million units this year. Its popularity could amp up the awareness level of wearables, which Analysis Mason sees turning into a $22.9 billion market by 2020.

Pebble, the second largest manufacturer of smartwatches behind Samsung, is off to a solid start with an established base with 1 million units shipped, So how does it build upon its early momentum? In an interview on Monday, Pebble founder and CEO Eric Migicovsky offered up some hints on what might come next, Pebble could set itself apart by addressing the limitations of its small screen -- a criticism cast upon the entire smartwatch 2 part iphone case landscape, "The interface on wearables has not been improved by us or by anyone else recently..no one, us included, has been talking about what you're actually going to do with the watch, and how you'll get [stuff] done on it." Migicovsky said..

He hinted at a whole new style of hardware and software, refreshing the way the whole watch works. "You'll actually interact with the watch in a completely different way than you do today," he said. Smartwatch manufacturers have adopted the same kind of app model used by smartphones and tablets, leaning on programs and icons to do things versus using a mouse and keyboard. Android Wear, for instance, has its own section in the Google Play store. Migicovsky doesn't believe that works. "We've tried that on Pebble, and it's not the right model..what we've got on the horizon, and the vast part of the company is spending time on, is what's the new metaphor?" he said.

Migicovsky wouldn't give further clues as to how the next Pebble would work but admitted physical buttons are something many people still appreciate, When Pebble was just a Kickstarter project looking to break in, the start-up was blazing a trail into the wearables market, But now, it has two giants to contend with in Google and its army of Android Wear partners and Apple and its Apple Watch, Migicovsky downplayed the threat of both, "It's still just Google Now, the same Google Now that's on your phone, and it leads to really annoying things that 2 part iphone case feel awkward," he said of Android Wear, It's not an area he's interested in pursuing, he added..