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The Apple Watch, which requires an iPhone 5 or later to run basic apps and receive notifications, is Apple's first foray into the wearables space. The smartwatch tops out at $17,000 for the 18-karat gold edition, with more modestly priced options, like Apple Watch Sport, starting at $349. Apple first unveiled the Apple Watch in September 2014, and the device went on sale in April in a handful of countries, including the US and the UK. It's also now available in China, France, Germany and Hong Kong, among other markets. Competitors include a range of new or updated smartwatches from companies including Sony, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, LG and Pebble.

Still, it's the Apple Watch that spurred 6 iphone case speck more interest in the smartwatch market, Earlier this week, research firm IHS reported that shipments on smartwatch displays will jump 250 percent year-over-year to 34 million units in 2015, Apple Watch will contribute to 49 percent of those shipments worldwide, leaving the rest to the market's many remaining smartwatches, IHS said, "Apple Watch has attracted a lot of attention from consumers," IHS director of analysis and research Hiroshi Hayase said in a statement Monday..

Indeed, Apple Watch has been hard to come by. After it was offered on preorder in April, initial units quickly sold out, pushing shipment dates back to June. Apple has been able to keep its shipment dates to June as customers have placed more orders, but only the lucky few who preordered the smartwatch early were able to get it on launch day. Apple has remained tight-lipped on several points related to Apple Watch and its availability. For one, the company has yet to say how many units it has sold and hasn't offered any concrete reason for its decision to keep orders online and not in stores. Some analysts have suggested that demand could be extremely high for Apple Watch, though others speculate that manufacturing has been a bottleneck.

Either way, Apple has only offered Apple Watch online and, until Thursday, gave no indication of when it would offer the device in-store, With a timeline now in place and the smartwatch headed to more markets this month, it's likely Apple Watch will be on more wrists in the coming weeks, Apple is holding its Worldwide Developers Conference next week, with CEO Tim Cook delivering a keynote on Monday, It's possible that the company will talk up Apple Watch at the show and maybe even reveal sales numbers, It's unclear why Apple decided to announce the Apple Watch news on Thursday rather than wait until Monday 6 iphone case speck to share the details during its keynote..

Regardless, Apple has cleared up some of the questions customers and analysts have been speculating on. In addition to its retail stores, Apple said that in some international markets, it'll offer the device in "select Apple Authorized Resellers" stores, including The Hour Glass in Singapore. This story has been updated throughout the morning. Apple says most orders placed in May will be delivered to customers within the next two weeks. Customers around the world will have more ways to get their hands -- or wrists -- on Apple Watch in the coming weeks.

But what Apple's developers conference on Monday will have is software -- and plenty of it, The Cupertino, Calif., consumer electronics giant will host its Worldwide Developer Conference from June 8 to 12 in San Francisco, More than 5,000 app makers will attend the two-hour keynote speech on Monday, as well as the more than 100 technical sessions held during the week for information about the software powering Apple's various devices, The company typically uses its WWDC keynote to reveal features and new versions of its iOS and Mac OS 6 iphone case speck X software, which power its mobile devices and computers, respectively..

This time around, that will include a new iOS for iPhones and iPads -- likely called iOS 9 -- and OS X 10.11 for Macs. The revamped Beats streaming music service, which Apple acquired last year, will make its formal debut. We also could hear more about Apple's HomeKit home automation software and Apple Pay, the company's mobile payments service. One thing that won't make an appearance at WWDC is Apple TV. The company was expected to introduce a new TV box and online video service at the conference, but that has been pushed back.

While Apple is probably best known for its hardware -- slickly designed products such as the iPhone and iPad -- just as important are the experiences on those devices, It's critical that Apple make a strong impression at WWDC with the next version of its operating system, The company's ability to control every aspect of its products -- something that began when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple in 1976 -- has been a key ingredient for creating the tech juggernaut, "What you get with Apple is a predictable package," said Jan Dawson, chief analyst at Jackdaw Research, "You know these devices are going to work well together and get better over time."It's vital for Apple to get developers excited about its newest software and devices because its continued success relies on the creation of new apps for its iPhone and iPad, Same for Apple Watch, People aren't shelling out $349 to $17,000 just for a watch, Rather, they want a device that does things like call an 6 iphone case speck Uber car from your wrist, unlock your hotel room by holding the smartwatch near the door or pay for groceries at Whole Foods..