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Already leagues ahead of Apple's Siri in natural-language recognition, Google Now's expanded role in Android M could make it the most valuable feature. Google's new Google Now feature is the single most exciting part of the Android M operating system update. Called Now on Tap, this active little helper branch of Google Now has the right blueprint to catapult Google's personal assistant far past Apple's Siri. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

That sound you hear is Android users chuckling: Their Back button resides right next 7 iphone case amazon to the Home button, and always has, Why can't the iPhone work like that?, It can, thanks to Kickstarter project Halo Back, Billing itself as the world's first "smart" screen protector, this seemingly normal adhesive shield puts an invisible -- but functional -- Back button to the left of the Home button, How does it work? Thankfully, the Halo Back requires no batteries, no Bluetooth, no jailbreaking and no special apps, Instead, it employs a "smart layer" that merely conducts your own capacitive energy, routing it from the lower-left section of the glass to the area near the top where the Back button typically appears..

In other words, a tap near the bottom of the screen is reproduced as a tap at the top, and, lo, now you've got an extra, conveniently located Back button. Note that I said "extra": you can still tap the regular Back button same as always. This is kind of jaw-droppingly ingenious, because a screen protector is kind of essential equipment for any iPhone owner, and this one adds a small but meaningful convenience. So meaningful, in fact, that backers have already smashed past developer Haloband's $20,000 fundraising goal: At press time, the campaign had amassed around $145,000, with nearly two weeks left to go. And although most of the early-bird options are sold out, you can still get a Halo Back for as little as $17 -- or $34 for two. That converts to about £11 or AU$20 for one, £22 or AU$44 for two (Haloband says it will ship anywhere in the world). The product is due to ship in August, with versions available for both iPhone 6 models.

If there's a sour note here, it's that the expected retail price is $49 -- steep for a screen protector, even a smart one, Your thoughts?, The world's first "smart" screen shield gives iPhone users a feature Android users have enjoyed for years, Navigating an iPhone 7 iphone case amazon can be a pain, There, I said it, Sure, the Home button is right where your thumb can get at it, but the Back button? It's way up in the left-hand corner, and pretty much out of reach on an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Lori Grunin has the quick take on everything Google just announced, including Android M, the next version of its mobile operating system, updates to Android Wear, and a new free photo-management service called Photos. As part of that service, Android, iOS and Web users can now back up and store unlimited, (that means up to 16 megapixels and 1080/60p video). A few Google products rolled out in advance of the conference. There was Android Auto, with support from over 35 manufacturers, along with a development kit for its 3D-mapping and motion-sensing Project Tango tablet. And we've got a review of the just released Nvidia Shield microconsole, notable because it runs on the new Android TV platform.

But there were plenty of high-profile Google gadgets that didn't make an appearance, Here's our current scorecard of potential coming-soon products, With the Nexus 6 coming out at the 7 iphone case amazon end of last year, Google's Nexus line of smartphones isn't due for a refresh quite yet, but we hoped we'd get a sneak peek at what Google might have in store for us, particularly with the arrival of several new Android hero phones from the likes of Samsung, LG and HTC in recent weeks, The latest rumors put a pair of Nexus phones on deck for later this year..

Google recently announced it was discontinuing its Nexus 7 tablet, a 2013 product, and it hasn't announced anything new to replace it. While the Nexus 9 came out at the end of last year, the tablet market has stalled as of late, so we may not see anything new for a while. That's a shame, because Nexus tablets are generally very good values -- at least, compared to Apple's iPads. There's a been a lot of talk about Google rolling out a successor to its much-hyped, then much-maligned experimental eyewear, Google Glass . In Richard Nieva's recent piece on the rise and fall of Google Glass, he writes that, "Google paused the project in January, halting the Explorer program and discontinuing production of the costly prototype. It's reportedly working on a new model it hopes won't alienate so many people."When we'll see it, we don't know, but expect the rumors to ramp up around this time next year.

Google talked up what seemed like some minor improvements to its Android Wear platform (those updates were actually announced in April), but didn't 7 iphone case amazon show off any flashy new hardware in the process, The LG Watch Urbane , which we reviewed recently, is the first to include those updates, but Google didn't highlight that smartwatch -- or any other new smartwatches -- as part of its Android Wear presentation, Back at CES in January, Google got some press for Project Ara, its snap-together smartphone platform that allowed you to customize components to your liking, Phone-maker Yezz actually has a Project Ara prototype and hopes to start selling Ara modules later this year (the frames or "endoskeletons" will be sold by Google), No updates from Google on Project Ara, though..