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If the volume meter on your screen is labeled "Volume," and not "Ringer," you may have your phone set up to only adjust media volume via the volume buttons. To fix this, go to Settings and then Sounds. Under Ringer and Alerts, you'll see a toggle switch labeled Change with Buttons. Switch this toggle on to adjust your phone's ringer volume with the volume buttons. "Change with Buttons" lets you control both ringer and media volume with the volume buttons. If you're sleeping through your alarm, it could be because you're turning your phone's ringer volume all the way down before you go to bed. Instead of using the volume buttons to make your phone silent, just use the silent switch (above the volume buttons) to turn your phone's ringer off. This will turn off your phone's ringer but leave your alarm intact.

You can check how loud your alarm will be from the alarm settings screen, To do this, open up the Clock app and go to Alarm, Tap Edit in the upper left corner, and choose the alarm you want to check, Tap Sound and then tap the alarm tone you want to use, Check your alarm volume before you go to sleep, The alarm will start playing at the current ringer volume , which is how loud your alarm will be, assuming you don't change the level later, To make it louder or quieter, just use the buttons to 7 iphone cases adjust the volume while the test alarm is playing..

When you mute your phone before you go to sleep, you might also be muting your alarm. Whoops. When I first switched my Galaxy Note II out for an iPhone 6 , I slept through all my alarms for a week. The reason? I wasn't sure. My alarms were set, but they just weren't waking me up. It wasn't until I woke up during one of the alarms (by chance), that I realized my iPhone's alarm volume was ridiculously low. Here's why: iOS has two different volume controls - ringer volume, which controls the volume for the ringer, notifications and system alerts, and alarms; and media volume, which controls the in-app volume for games, music, and videos in additon to calls. Because your alarm volume is tied to your ringer volume, you could be inadvertently muting your alarm by changing it before you go to sleep.

That question still applies to the Surface 3, Microsoft's new $499, 10.8-inch tablet announced Tuesday, With it, the company returns to the medium-priced tablet market after a brief hiatus, Unlike the Surface Pro 3, which costs anywhere from $800 to $2,000, this newer mobile computer is aimed at casual consumers, It also uses different software than past models, Instead of running Windows RT, the software found in earlier lower-powered tablets, the Surface 3 will use a full version of Microsoft's Windows 8.1, Buyers will also get an upgrade to Windows 10 when it's released 7 iphone cases this summer, ( RT is presumed dead.) By paying an additional $50 for a stylus and $130 for a keyboard, you can make the Surface 3 a more competent computer like its pricier older sibling..

"The problem to some degree is that they keep having to reposition [the Surface]," said Roger Kay, an analyst with Endpoint Technologies Associates. "What it stands for isn't really clear because last time you looked it was something else."All these nuances add up to a Surface stretched between two worlds: work and play, professional users and consumers. This identity crisis is more important than ever now that the tablet market faces an uncertain future. Five years after Apple released its original iPad, tablet sales have started to slow. Current devices have longer shelf lives thanks to software upgrades and the gifting of older tablets to friends and family. At the same time, larger-screen smartphones, dubbed "phablets," have displaced newer tablets. For those reasons, global tablet shipment growth may fall to 8 percent in 2015 after years of double-digit growth, according to industry research firm Gartner.

That leaves the Surface 3 in the precarious position of having to walk the line between an unnecessary device designed for kicking back and watching Netflix and one that lets you 7 iphone cases do real work with a keyboard, Not many consumers may want to spend that extra $180 to transform the Surface 3 into the latter, The device also carries an Intel Atom x7 chip that, while optimized for longer battery life, is a couple rungs lower on the performance ladder than higher-end Surface models, Don't expect the Surface 3 to go head-to-head against a laptop computer as the Surface Pro 3 can..

"A tablet itself doesn't do much without the keyboard," said Mikako Kitagawa, an analyst at Gartner. She believes the only real growth areas for tablets are in 12- and 13-inch, two-in-one devices like the Surface Pro 3. That device's hybrid approach lifted Microsoft's tablet business past the billion-dollar mark last year, largely because it can be used as a portable workhorse. Microsoft even positioned it against Apple's MacBook Air laptop in last year's commercials. But the tablet market holds little promise for products in the middle -- especially since consumers can spend as little as $200 for a mobile entertainment device. "There are a lot of cheap, good Android tablets out there for content consumption," Kitagawa said.

Google's Android mobile operating system software runs on two out of every three tablets worldwide, according to research 7 iphone cases firm IDC, In contrast, Microsoft's Windows Phone software powers less than 3 percent of the world's smartphones, And Microsoft controls only about 11 percent of the global tablet market, even after licensing Windows for free last year for devices smaller than nine inches, To counter that weak market position, Microsoft, the world's largest maker of software, embarked on a major campaign to get its Windows software on as many devices as possible, often by giving away portions of it for free, Last week, the company announced a deal to preinstall Windows apps on new Samsung and Dell tablets, It also made its flagship Office software free on every device with a screen under 10.1 inches..