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Another blow came Wednesday when researcher Strategy Analytics said that Apple had pulled even with Samsung in global smartphone market, with each company accounting for 20 percent of phone shipments in the fourth quarter. Apple was trending upward slightly, but Samsung was downward bound from 30 percent in the year-earlier period. Meanwhile, Apple on Tuesday posted its best quarter in its 38-year history. The company's earnings, revenue and margins for the December period smashed Wall Street expectations. The iPhone far and away drove those results. Customers spent $51.2 billion on 74.5 million iPhones in the quarter, more than ever before and blowing past analysts' estimates.

"This volume is hard to comprehend," Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Tuesday's conference call with analysts, "On average, we sold over 34,000 iPhones every hour, 24 hours a day, every day of the quarter."Samsung, in contrast, has seen its smartphone sales suffer, The company doesn't disclose a iphone charger case how many handsets it sells, but analysts polled by The Wall Street Journal estimate Samsung shipped 74 million to 77 million smartphones in the fourth quarter, down from 86 million a year earlier, The company's IT and mobile communications division, which typically accounts for two-thirds of the company's revenue, recorded a 64 percent drop in fourth-quarter operating profit to 2 trillion won ($1.8 billion), Sales in the division tumbled 22 percent, to 26.3 trillion won ($24.2 billion), with mobile in particular dropping 23 percent, to 25 trillion won ($23 billion), Samsung doesn't break out profit for its mobile business, instead lumping it in with its other IT operations, Samsung said it expects competition for its smartphone business "to intensify" throughout 2015 and it forecast a decline in smartphone and tablet demand in the current quarter..

As Samsung's mobile business struggles, investors increasingly turn their attention to the company's processor business. Samsung is the world's biggest maker of memory chips and also manufactures application processors that serve as the brains of devices, including many of Apple's iPhones. Operating profit for the chip business rose 36 percent, to 2.7 trillion won ($2.5 billion), offsetting Samsung's slumping smartphone results. Samsung predicted "solid" growth for the year. For the company overall, sales fell 11 percent to 52.7 trillion won ($48.6 billion). The company also reported net income of 5.35 trillion won ($4.9 billion), a 27 percent decline from the year-ago period.

Samsung earlier this month said its operating profit for the quarter likely tumbled 37 percent to 5.2 trillion won ($4.7 billion) and estimated its sales dropped 12 percent from a iphone charger case the previous year to 52 trillion won ($47 billion), Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters most recently projected operating profit of 4.8 trillion won ($4.4 billion) on sales of 52.1 trillion won ($47.9 billion), Before its recent string of declines, Samsung had posted five consecutive quarters of record profits, The maker of Galaxy phones has been struggling to compete with Apple, Xiaomi and others, and 2015 isn't likely to be any easier..

Now what? You're a good Samaritan, but how can you reunite the precious with its owner?. Simple: ask Siri. When you invoke Apple's gal Friday and say, "Who does this phone belong to?", you'll see the owner's contact information. This might help you reach out and notify the person before he/she activates Lost Mode and possibly remote-wipes the phone so there's no contact info left. Now for the flip side: if you're the owner of an iPhone that goes missing, just what information is going to be revealed to someone who uses this tip?.

The answer: the full contents of whatever contact you've designated as "me." That might include more information a iphone charger case than you'd want a stranger to see, even one just looking to do a good deed, The solution, then, is to create a new "Lost Phone" contact, put in only your emergency-contact info, then let your iPhone know that that's you, Or, rather, "me." (But, you know, you.), Once you've created that new contact, tap the Settings app, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Scroll down until you find My Info, tap it, then choose your newly created contact -- the one you want to appear if someone asks Siri who owns your phone..

There are other ways to help get your lost phone back, of course, like adding emergency-contact info to your lock screen. And that would probably save someone from bothering with the Siri option. While we're on the subject of cool Siri tricks, don't forget the best Siri feature you're not using. Think there's a better one? Name it in the comments. This works even if a found phone is locked. But there's something you should know about this feature. Suppose you're strolling through the park one day (say, in the merry, merry month of May) when you spot a phone lying in the grass. Upon closer inspection, it's an iPhone -- and, like all phones should be, it's locked.

In addition to improving on the iPhone 6's somewhat slippery body, the case offers a slight grip and shutter button, in addition to the company's sturdy bayonet lens mount, Near the mount is a sensor that can detect which lens is attached, and the accompanying app will be automatically able to change functions depending upon the lens, The responsive electronic shutter button connects via Bluetooth, and a standard coin-cell battery in the grip powers the button and the sensor, Moment says the battery should last about six months a iphone charger case before needing to be replaced, Half-pressing the shutter initiates various screen-based operations as well..