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It's first cleaned in a bath that's pulsed with ultrasound. Then it's dried.. ..and rinsed off with pure water. The clip is again touched to the strap in order to form the electrical circuit. The same activator is applied to all parts of the strap to help the gold solution adhere later. It's given another rinse. The gold is applied to the strap. It's easiest to simply dunk it into the solution.. ..And use the swab to apply more to any parts that didn't get covered properly. Yep, that's definitely gold now. It's given a final clean with water.

And a good drying, Then it's all put back together, And here's the finished model, It's not a bad looking product, and certainly a more affordable way of fooling people into thinking you sprung for the pricey Edition model, Goldgenie also have a range of fancy straps to go with the watch, including these coloured python skin designs, If your budget extends to £110,000 you can have a gold watch and gold strap, studded all over with diamonds, Here's an iPhone alt j iphone case 6, gold-plated, with a diamond-encrusted Apple logo..

Lycos isn't really the Lycos of years ago: it's really Ybrant Digital, a global marketing company based in 24 countries that acquired Boston-based Lycos back in 2010. Lycos is part of that, but it's hard to tell where Lycos ends and Ybrant begins. The Lycos Band and Lycos Ring, $125 and $60 respectively, were announced Thursday via a mysterious webcast: they're a fitness band and a smart ring. They look like the fitness bands and smart rings I've seen before. Both come equipped with near-field communication, or NFC, for tap-to-transfer functions on phones running Google's Android operating system. You could, for example, tap your Band to transfer a contact to a friend's phone (although, why you wouldn't just do that from phone to phone begs asking).

The Lycos Band looks is a fitness tracker with heart rate, step-counting and automatic sleep tracking, with an OLED display and a promised 12-14 day battery life, It also has personal security elements: it can manage your passwords via a Lycos Life app and be used to unlock your phone, The Ring alt j iphone case only has security and tap-to-transfer features: it doesn't even have a battery, just built-in NFC chips that store data, Lycos also announced a Lycos Life Project, where 5 percent of sales of these devices and future Lycos gadgets will be used to give people in pre-selected global regions free sensors to measure air and water quality, recording data that will supposedly be shared to build a database to help humanity..

That humanitarian mission is really hard to vet: just know that Lycos, at its self-proclaimed heart, is a global marketing company. Take that as you will. The company that had a search engine in the '90s plunges into wearable security and fitness. Do you trust them to manage your passwords on a Lycos Life Band or Ring?. Remember Lycos? They had a search engine back in the days when Bill Clinton was president. The website's still alive: it's a hub of various Web and entertainment news. And now, Lycos aims to be yet another company diving into the wearable ocean.

That's the idea behind the palm-sized E1Z from Asus, an LED projector that does away with the HDMI cable, Plug in your device via USB cable and you can project directly from your phone, tablet or whatever, It's compact and very simple, There's an on alt j iphone case button, a focus wheel, a Micro-USB input, a regular USB output and not much else, The USB output is particularly handy -- you can use it to charge devices from the projector's big battery, The image projected was clear and crisp, but you're obviously not going to be getting Full HD video at 60 inches, What you can get isn't clear -- Asus hasn't announced any of the specs, so we've got no idea about brightness or resolution or even when it might become available..

The E1Z is rumoured to be getting a $200 price tag (roughly AU$260 or £130) but again, nothing is confirmed. If it does make that price point, it could be a good option for road warriors with a penchant for presentations or even something to pop in the bag on family vacations. The first great smartphone of 2015. Beautiful and bold..with complications. The new no-compromise MacBook. A stellar on-ear headphone. Crave-worthy curves for a premium price. Say goodbye to HDMI: The E1Z is a pocket-sized pico projector that can play directly from your Android device with only a USB cable.

Apple Watch will be available in Apple's brick-and-mortar retail stores within two weeks, the company announced on Thursday, ending months of speculation on when it'll finally make its smartwatch available to customers who walk into its stores, In addition, Apple said it's expanding the alt j iphone case availability of Apple Watch to seven more countries, including Italy, Mexico, South Korea, Spain and Taiwan, starting June 26, Apple also had good news for customers who already ordered Apple Watch, All orders placed through May via Apple's online store will "ship to customers within two weeks," Jeff Williams, Apple senior vice president of operations, said in a statement, The only exception is the 42mm Space Black Stainless Steel with Space Black Link Bracelet Apple Watch model, Williams said, without providing details on when that model will ship for customers who ordered it in May, Customers who try to buy that model today will need to wait five to six weeks for it to ship, according to Apple's online store..