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One of the first appointments in Paris went to Celine Luong. "I want to see it on my wrist and touch it and try it," she said. She's not sure she'll buy one, but if she does, it'll be the 38mm Sport model. Cooper Matson, a Seattle resident visiting Paris, wanted to check out the watch after seeing the display area while still cloaked the day before. But he said he can't afford even the entry-level model, much less a $10,000 Apple Watch Edition. "There are necklaces that cost that amount, so I guess it's not that crazy," he said.

In San Francisco's Stockton Street Apple store, one of the first in line was Michael Agustin, a co-founder of six-person startup called Weaver in the process of developing a communications app for watch, Though he thinks the Apple Watch has room to improve -- he and his startup co-founders particularly don't like the emoji interface, he said -- Agustin thinks Apple arrived at the right time, "That's the exciting part: this gives you a preview of what's coming in the future," he said, noting the device could replace your wallet, phone and keys, Agustin and his team ordered six of the 42mm stainless steel models shortly after amazon iphone x case midnight the night before..

In the Covent Garden Apple store in London, Matthew Hudson had an appointment right when the store opened at 9 a.m. to try on and order the stainless steel model with a 38mm Milanese Loop band -- a 21st birthday gift from his parents. "I want it for keeping track of everything," he said. "Me and my parents are all-Apple people, and I wanted one right away."Richard Butlin was deciding between the Watch Sport and the standard Watch model. "I like the idea of swapping bands on the Sport, but I also like the design of the Watch," he said, scanning one of the cases with his face just inches from the glass. "I mainly want it because I'm a runner and I want to keep track of my pace; I'm running the Brighton Marathon on Sunday and want to wear it. But I also want it for the notifications for weather, my emails..everything."One Apple fan who isn't getting one right away: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who said in an email that he was too busy traveling to make a fitting, but wasn't sure he was going to buy one.

"Some people know instantly that the watch is for them," he said, "Some are Apple fanatics and some want to try the experience (I've had amazon iphone x case smartwatches before, with negative results), Some want a luxury fitness band, But I don't fit into any 'need' category well."During their Galeries Lafayette appointments, a salesperson lets customers use a stand-mounted watch -- the larger 42mm model, not the less expensive 38mm alternative, As customers try actions like sending picture messages, using a "force touch" press to customize the watch face, checking fitness activity and switching among apps, a linked display on the stand offers more information about what's going on..

Then, with a bit of dramatic flair, the salesperson unlocks a drawer to reveal an array of choices -- the aluminum-housing Apple Watch Sport models that are least expensive, the Apple Watch models that step up with a stainless steel housing and sapphire display cover, and the premium gold Apple Watch Edition models that start at $10,000. Apple encourages customers to try on two or three models, but none of them are interactive. They just run through demonstrations of the apps and features, including the "taptic" feedback buzzing that can signal an incoming message.

That vibration is emblematic of the more intimate contact a watch has with its owner, compared to a smartphone, tablet or PC, At Apple's Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan, Rory Berger, a 33-year-old investment banker, purchased a steel Apple Watch with a Milanese band for about $700 -- a gift from his mother - the night before and came to the store in the morning to test it out, After trying on different bands and talking to an Apple representative, Berger said he was pleased with the purchase, "It felt good on my amazon iphone x case wrist," he said, "Look forward to playing with it."He removed an Apple Watch from his wrist and put back on a Rolex his father gave him four years ago after he graduated business school, The new smartwatch, he said, would likely replace that Rolex for day-to-day use, but he'd still wear the Rolex for special occasions..

"I think he'd be OK with it," Berger said, when asked if his dad would be upset the Rolex was getting replaced, saying his father was an Apple marketing executive in the 1980s when he bought the Rolex. "In a way, it's sort of fitting."Not everyone was convinced from the fitting process. Victor Kahn, a 59-year-old former Parisian now doing business development in San Francisco, says he was up at 1 a.m. to get a 9:45 a.m. appointment at the city's Stockton Street store. But ultimately, he remains on the fence after going through the process.

"I wanted to check it out first, The size was definitely an issue," he said of deciding between 38mm and 42mm models, Kahn says he was also there to check out Apple's new retail experience, "Not the best, It was not so much about the product, but the experience."Kahn says the one thing Apple employee didn't tell amazon iphone x case him may be the most important: Why he would need an Apple Watch anyway, "I'm not sure I get it."Some Apple enthusiasts were on hand to witness the arrival, but the tone of the event was much different from iPhone launches, with their lines around the block, Unlike iPhone and iPad launches, Apple required appointments and only put the watch on display, The first Apple Watches won't arrive in customers' hands until April 24..