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HTC appears to damn the 64-bit octa-core smartphone Desire 820 with faint praise, mentioning weak sales from its China launch but "support from the major operators." In China, HTC faces stiff competition from manufacturers such as Xiaomi, which became the No. 3 smartphone vendor in the world in the third quarter, according to IDC and Strategy Analytics. HTC, which was a dominant smartphone player just a few years ago, having launched the first Android device in 2008, doesn't rank in the top five.

In a bid to cater to more mass-market consumers, the company earlier this month unveiled the HTC Desire Eye, a smartphone that features both front and rear-facing 13-megapixel cameras designed for "selfies." It also introduced the Re, a portable camera that represents its first foray outside of smartphones and tablets, HTC is also the manufacturer behind the new Google Nexus 9 , the new tablet that will be one of the first devices to get Android 5.0 Lollipop, HTC expects revenue in the range of NT$43 billion to NT$47 billion, which topped market b face iphone case expectations, according to Reuters..

An all-metal frame and Android 4.4 KitKat come together in the long-rumored Samsung Galaxy A5, left, and A3. The larger and more advanced of the two phones, the A5 has a 5-inch 720p HD display while the 4.5-inch screen A3 has a 960x540 qHD resolution. Like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the Galaxy A phones come in white and black, silver and gold, and light blue and pink. Unlike the Note 4, a metal unibody means you can't remove the back cover, and there's no heart-rate monitor on the rear. The 0.26-inch (6.7mm) A5 is Samsung's slimmest smartphone, with the shorter A3 just a hair thicker at 0.27-inch (6.9mm).

Since the back cover isn't removable, you'll find the SIM-card and microSD-card slots on the right edge, In some countries, a hybrid slot will accommodate either a second SIM or a storage card, just not both at the same time, As midrange phones, you won't find a heart-rate monitor built in with the camera module; Samsung says that sensor is reserved for more premium phones like the Galaxy S5 , Galaxy Note 4, and Galaxy Alpha, You might think that luxe metal casings like these would house b face iphone case equally high-end specs, but the A series is actually defined by midrange specs that target a more youthful demographic, Samsung's market studies revealed that this group isn't fussy about top-flight hardware, but is turning toward the metal trend in a serious way..

Samsung also points out that the A5 ad A3 emphasize sound quality, with adjustable audio that increases volume when it detects competing background noise. Another feature, called Wise Voice, helps keep volume levels constant for the receiver even if you're holding the phone away from your face. Sounds good in theory, though I didn't get a chance to test out either enhancement. In terms of color, both the A3 and A5 will come in six shades. There's the usual black and white, gold and silver metallics, and the same blossom pink and light blue as the Note 4. As usual, not every color will be available in every country.

Android 4.4 KitKat is the OS standard for these phones, with Samsung's TouchWiz interface on top, In a nod to self-expression, a new take on the UI lets you apply four new themes -- such as "nature" -- that applies pre-selected images and ringtones, The A3 and A5 also have their own unique touch sounds that other Galaxy phones don't, The A3 and A5 may fall in the middle of the hardware spectrum, but they have a few b face iphone case fun new camera features dedicated to selfies, another huge trend we're seeing in smartphones..

It all starts with wide-angle selfies that shoot up to 100 degrees in portrait and a 120-degree landscape/panorama mode. The A3 and A5 also get the same rear-camera selfie feature first seen on the Note 4 (I really like this one). In addition, the airbrushing Beauty mode found in pretty much every Samsung and LG front-facing camera goes a step further here with effects to correct your skin tone and slim your face, plus one to enlarge your eyes. If you prefer to send your selfies au naturel, you'll have the option to turn this off.

You can trigger selfies with a voice prompt as before, and Samsung also adds the ability to launch a count-down by holding your hand in front of the camera, You'll have 3 seconds to get your palm out of the way before the shutter snaps to life, Also brand-new is an animated GIF mode, which combines up to 20 pictures you capture by pressing and holding the shutter b face iphone case button, You can adjust the frame rate for 1-to-10 frames per second, and also tweak the GIF quality using a sliding scale, You'll also be able to reorder frames and adjust the settings before saving your animated GIF..