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I find it hard to believe, though, that every one of these engineers was in strange masonic cahoots with every other. I asked Owler to check whether another digit had been missed from the percentage. I am assured, however, that these are the precise numbers. Is there any sure reason why so many would be skeptical about Cook's prowess? He has led Apple with a calm assurance, allowing its ethos to evolve and new products to appear. Many believe he's done a very good job of it. Are these engineers skeptical on principle? Even if the Apple Watch is an uproarious success, will they still grumble, as only engineers can?.

Just last week, I had dinner with a marketer and an engineer, (Not at the same time, you understand, That would have been unbearable.), The marketer explained to me that the Apple Watch was an absolute must for him, Why? So that he can discreetly check on his messages in long, dull meetings, Pulling one's phone out while yawning is, apparently, not de rigueur, The engineer on the other hand stared at me best iphone screen protector 2019 balefully and grunted into his omakase: "I'll wait for version 2.0."I feel sure that some engineers will leap to version 1.0, Engineers want to be cool these days..

There again, of those who buy it, how many will sit at bars and explain to fascinated lovers all the things that Apple got wrong about the design?. Technically Incorrect: A survey comparing engineers with marketers shows very different views of Tim Cook and Apple. Fifty percent of engineers view Cook negatively. Zero percent said they'd buy an Apple Watch. Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Technology is there to solve your problems, The secret, though, is that it also creates dilemmas, Should I go to Facebook when I wake up or to Twitter? Should I go on OK Cupid or Seeking Arrangement? It's best iphone screen protector 2019 astonishing that anyone stays sane, Now here's the Apple Watch, which, like the finest lover, is supposed to look pretty and solve your problems but may just add to your woes, This is something wittily expressed by a video from the witsters at Rated WTF, (Not Exactly Safe For Work.) It posits the notion of an ego squabble between your iPhone's Siri and your Apple Watch's Roscoe..

A call comes through on the phone and the watch. What to do? Which gadget should one respond to? Is there a hierarchy?. And then there's the issue of how taking a call on each device looks. Will you look sexier talking to the phone or the hand?. You see, it's lovely that Apple now offers this Continuity thing that cheerily allows all your Apple devices to ring at once when a telemarketer calls. But is this something you actually want?. How heart-throbbing it will be when you have to spend even more time considering what you really want out of your devices. And, indeed, what they really want out of you.

Jeffrey Bellinger, 13, from Cedar Lake, Ind., asked his mom if he could walk home from school Tuesday, She said yes, He walked along railway tracks, a short cut, He had, police say, earphones on under his hoodie, As ABC7 reports, a freight train came in his direction, The driver sounded his horn, But Bellinger didn't hear it, The train struck him and killed him, He was an only child, His mom told ABC: "I started calling him and wasn't getting any answer, Then I heard there was an incident on the train tracks, Didn't know it was him at the time."ABC said that Tom Taylor, the superintendent of Bellinger's school district -- Hannover Community School -- had told kids not best iphone screen protector 2019 to walk along the railway tracks..

Taylor said: "In particular at our high school we've always suggested that they have one earbud in and one earbud out."Too many times, children and adults walk the streets (and sometimes even drive) with both ears full of music, and none listening to what is going on around them. In Bellinger's case, all that remains are memories, grief and a wish that a boy had at least had one earbud out. A 13-year-old boy walks home along railway tracks. The train driver allegedly sounds his horn. The boy doesn't hear.

The circumstances, as relayed by authorities, are chilling, On one occasion, police say, a mother was drinking a breakfast smoothie when she sensed a strange odor about it, On another occasion, mom wanted a drink of water, She went to the water carafe, where she smelled the very same odor she'd noticed coming from the smoothie, In both cases: bleach, As Reuters reports, police arrested her 12-year-old daughter, because mom believed best iphone screen protector 2019 her daughter was trying to poison her, The local Colorado police explained of the water carafe incident: "This is when she learned her daughter had developed the plan to kill her for taking away her iPhone."This is, indeed, the accusation: the attempts to kill a mom were perpetrated by a 12-year-old who'd had her iPhone taken away, The incidents allegedly occurred on March 2 and March 6..