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Customization options won't be as extensive as those on smartphones, which allows users to pick from a variety of color options and finishes, along with choosing the storage size and adding a custom engraving. The company did hint, however, that more options are on the way, adding that this is "just the beginning."At this time, customers will be able to choose from three different watch finishes -- black, silver and champagne gold -- and from eight different band styles. Unlike the Moto X , which can be customized to include a personalized greeting, the Moto 360's software customization is limited to choosing a default watch face that will be present the first time the watch is powered on.

Motorola's move to allow personalization could help distinguish the Moto 360 in an increasingly crowded market, The company's customization plans were revealed shortly before Apple announced a special event planned for March 9, Apple is expected to announce additional details and release information for its first smartwatch, The Moto 360 will be available through MotoMaker in best iphone screen protector 5s the US, UK, France, Germany and Mexico, Motorola did not announce a specific date, Motorola will allow customers to personalize their watches with different colors, band options and watch faces..

A Motorola executive hinted to CNET at the International CES trade show last month that the Moto 360 may soon be offered through the company's MotoMaker website. Motorola has been expanding the MotoMaker service to more countries over the past year; however the customization options have thus far been limited to the company's Android smartphones. As first reported by Wired, a Motorola spokesperson on Thursday confirmed to CNET that the Moto 360 smartwatch will indeed be offered through the customization website this March.

In just a few days, the latest smartwatch from the company, called the Pebble Time, has already surpassed the $10.2 million raised on best iphone screen protector 5s Kickstarter by the original, and is now gunning for the record-setting $13.2 million campaign by the " Coolest Cooler," which has an 18-volt battery-powered rechargeable blender built in, As we learned in CNET's hands-on , the new Pebble has a metal frame and a body that's smaller, lighter and thinner than the original, and now comes with a color display, While the smartphone world is getting crowded with offerings from Samsung, Motorola and the upcoming Apple Watch, there still is clearly demand for Pebble, which runs its own operating system and gets seven days per charge..

Pebble Time is exclusive to Kickstarter and backing the campaign at $159 (about £103, AU$205) or more is the only way to get in line for one, with expected delivery in May. With 29 days still to go in the campaign, it seems that setting a new Kickstarter record is less a matter of "if" but more a question of when and how much. With Pebble on the way to re-establishing itself as the clear king of Kickstarter, we have to wonder what the next crowdfunding sensation will be to again challenge the original people's smartwatch. To me, the answer is clear -- a smartwatch with an attachable daquiri maker is going to make someone tens of millions of dollars someday.

In just a few days, the new Pebble smartwatch has out-raised its predecessor on Kickstarter, and now it's gunning for the world's coolest best iphone screen protector 5s cooler, literally, For two years, the record set by the original Pebble smartwatch on Kickstarter was the gold standard for crowdfunding, until a bizarre high-tech cooler stole the crown last summer, Now it seems that Pebble is on the way to reclaiming its throne, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

My excitement quickly turned to disappointment as I went to enable the feature. I opened the Settings app, tapped on Security and found the Smart Lock option to be missing. I rebooted my device, thinking it would fix it. Which was a lie. Then I frantically tapped through the Settings app, hoping the feature had just been moved. It hadn't. After some time I took to Google to find an answer. My search lead me to this forum post where another Moto X user was suffering the same issue I was. Feeling reassured by the fact I wasn't alone, I read on.

As it turns out, for reasons unknown, best iphone screen protector 5s some users need to enable Smart Lock before you can, well, enable Smart Lock, This is done by launching Settings, selecting Security followed by Trust Agents at the bottom of the list, Slide the switch next to Smart Lock (Google) to On, and back out of the screen, Once that's done, you can find the proper Smart Lock feature at the top of the Security section of your device, After updating a Moto X to Android 5.0 Lollipop, I tried to enable my favorite feature only to realize it was no where to be found..