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The video mentions Philadelphia. A search tells me that Carroll is the principal at Northeast High School. She stands her ground, while being supported by members of school security. The dad, however, cannot understand why he can't have his property back. Some might feel he shows a lack of thoroughness by saying he isn't interested in seeing the school rule, according to which Carroll claims she can keep the phone for weeks. On the other hand, the idea that a school can keep a parent's property for what seems like an indeterminate amount of time seems a little presumptive.

I have contacted Carroll to ask whether she can enlighten the wider world, I asked whether the matter has now been resolved, Raven Hill, a spokeswoman for the School District of Philadelphia, told me: "According to the Northeast High School student handbook, which every student receives at the beginning of the school year, all confiscated cell phones, cameras, electronic and other telephonic devices will be returned at the end of each academic quarter, There are no exceptions, In this case, the end of the marking period is in two weeks."Hill added: "It is against state law to record a person without obtaining consent." On the footage, it seems as if Carroll identifies herself to camera, Hill contends this was not the case, She said: "She identified herself to the parent, She was not aware of the video recorder, A police report has been filed."Almost 180,000 people have already best iphone screen protector 6s watched the video, which might suggest increasing virality..

Should schools have the right to confiscate phones at their own discretion and according to their own timetable? Carroll tries to explain to the dad that he has his own rules at home but when his daughter is in school, she must abide by a different set of requirements. The dad, though, says: "You'll give me a flip phone that you paid for, but you won't give me my property that I paid for?"It would be instructive to know whether this was a first-time incident or whether the issue had been brewing for a while.

One wonders why the principal and parent couldn't apparently come to a happy arrangement -- just as one wonders why a schoolkid needs an iPhone 6, Technically Incorrect: A YouTube video shows a spirited argument between a parent and a Philadelphia school principal, It also shows the problems of tech in schools, Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives, Kids can be annoying, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We best iphone screen protector 6s delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

The app, called Google Handwriting Input, is designed to allow users to "write" on a smartphone or tablet touchscreen. It automatically interprets letters and transforms them into standard digital text. The feature works with or without a stylus -- so go ahead and use your fingers -- and can interpret 82 languages. Developed by the company's research team, Handwriting Input can identify both cursive and print handwriting, and accepts emojis. "Using handwriting as an input method can allow for natural and intuitive input method for text entry which complements typing and speech input methods," Google's Research team wrote in a blog post Wednesday.

Google's handwriting app has company, Microsoft's Windows versions over the years have featured handwriting recognition on tablet PCs, Indeed, the feature best iphone screen protector 6s has been used in the corporate world for many years where employees can turn to tablet PCs to quickly take notes or fill out forms, Windows Journal, an app built into Microsoft's operating system, similarly allows users to input their handwriting, The app then interprets each letter and provides a standard digital text version, Google's research team said that its handwriting app "is the result of many years of research" that was required for the team to identify exactly how it should interpret text and whether the analysis should be on-device or via processing power in the cloud, As it turned out, Google Handwriting Input supports both on-device processing of handwriting, as well as a cloud-based version, According to Google, when users decide to put their handwriting through its Web-based servers via the cloud feature, it "will usually produce more accurate results" than the offline version that doesn't send handwriting recognition out to the Web but rather uses the features built into the app to recognize letters..

Google Handwriting Input is available now as a free download in the Google Play marketplace. The app requires Android 4.0.3 and up in order to work. The free Google Handwriting Input works on Android phones and tablets and identifies handwriting in 82 languages. Google has a new Android app designed to capture your on-screen penmanship. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

On Thursday, LG added another, formally confirming that the G4 will feature best iphone screen protector 6s a "vegetable-tanned leather cover." A post on LG's Facebook page shows a picture of the already-familiar phone with this premium backing, As it turns out, the new picture matches up exactly to the leather we've seen on the invitations sent out for the device launch, Thanks to another recent leak, we should also expect the G4 to have additional leather color options, On the screen end, LG's YouTube channel posted a video confirming the phone's Quad HD display (video below), Originally touted as its "next flagship" phone, the 5.5-inch screen promises to be brighter and offer a wider color range than the screen found in its predecessor..