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best iphone screen protector 7 plus, find iPhone cases and screen protectors to defend your phone against water, dust, and shock.

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The ZTE Blade S6 looks almost embarrassingly like the iPhone 6 , right down to the round edges and faux-aluminum rear (it's actually plastic), Missing only are the antenna band markings, Intended for Southeast Asia and Europe, the phone sells online at Aliexpress for $250 (which converts to around AU$320) with free shipping, and should best iphone screen protector 7 plus soon be available in stores in India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, It's also now available in the UK via eBay, for £180, The Blade S6 exceeded my (admittedly low) expectations -- I'm not a fan of the design, given that most copycat phones from China tend to focus on imitating a popular design while failing on the software part, That said, ZTE has done well to get the software part right -- adding some useful gesture features -- and the copycat design makes the phone look refined and cool, even if it does feel like a cheap plastic phone at the end of the day..

Still, $250 isn't a bad deal if you're in the market for an iPhone lookalike but don't want to pay the iPhone premium. It's no iPhone though. At best it's a decently performing Android phone with some interesting features, a disappointingly plastic build and a poor camera. It definitely shouldn't be your first choice, but if you're on a budget and looking for a unlocked phone with some design panache and interesting features, it's worth looking into. Let's be brutally honest here. The ZTE Blade S6 rips off the iPhone's design, to the point where I had friends asking me if I had started using the iPhone again. When they picked it up, however, they discovered two things: one, the phone feels much lighter than you'd expect, and two, it doesn't feel as classy as the Cupertino-designed handset.

The Blade S6 is slightly larger with a 5-inch display and thicker at 7.7mm, It's also no surprise to find that the phone's front glass display shares the same rounded corners as best iphone screen protector 7 plus the iPhone 6, You'll find the home button at the bottom of the display, a round circle that seems to invoke Apple's TouchID sensor (but there isn't one), There are two additional buttons, the back and menu, but these are hidden when not in use, You're able to switch the back button to either the right or left, too, These keys are touch sensitive and vibrate when tapped..