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HTC plans to keep working on new products by taking a startup-like approach to the efforts. Its primary incubator for new ideas is the year-old Advanced Concepts team, led by Claude Zellweger in San Francisco. Zellweger and Chou created the group and made its sole responsibility to identify product opportunities with the potential to become sustainable businesses over the next three to five years. "It's important that we're not a gadget factory -- we don't want to create products that are distractions," Zellweger said.

Ideas that make it through the early vetting process move up to Connected Products, a group Chou personally oversees, and is tasked with bringing those ideas to market, All of the products go through Bamford's group: Creative Labs is tasked with creating the software experiences for the devices, HTC is targeting four areas: the "connected life," which includes imaging and the best iphone screen protector 8 plus Re camera, the "connected self," which includes health and wearable devices like a fitness band, "connected entertainment," which suggests gaming in part, and the "connected home.""What our goal is with Connected Products, 12 months from now, when people think of HTC, they think of HTC as a company that makes great consumer products," said Jeff Gattis, head of marketing for the Connected Products units..

HTC's mission to be a broader player in the consumer market isn't novel. In reality, it is playing catch-up to Samsung, LG, Sony and Apple, which all sell a broad array of products beyond the smartphone. Apple is about to release a smartwatch, while Samsung makes everything from televisions to appliances. What's unique is how HTC is looking to fill the gap. "It makes sense to partner with big brands to ride that tidal wave into new areas," said Jefferson Wang, who covers telecom for IBB Consulting.

While HTC celebrated a return to sales growth last quarter and can tout numerous design awards for its products, the fact is it still gets lost in the market conversation, Apple's iPhone franchise remains dominant, and Samsung is expected to add metal to its next Galaxy best iphone screen protector 8 plus S phone, upping the quality of its products, Beyond Apple and Samsung, HTC also has to contend with a surging LG, which has rapidly improved its own smartphone line-up, as well as hot players like China's Xiaomi, the world's most valuable startup, Lenovo added to its reach by acquiring Motorola, which built its brand around affordable, yet highly customizable smartphones like the Moto X and Moto G..

It's unclear if a new flagship smartphone will do much to help HTC stand out from the pack or if all that work in Pioneer Square will really help push the new business to life. So is this evolution a desperate move or next logical next step? For Current Analysis Greengart, "It's a little of both."And that maybe why, even as he touted HTC's new product ambitions, Bamford reiterated throughout out his talk that the company's focus remains on its main moneymaker, the smartphone business. After all, he said, the smartphone business could keep driving the company if everything else fails.

It was late in the afternoon when I finished up my interviews, The designers were finishing up their take-out lunch together at the communal kitchen counter -- a daily ritual for the team -- when I walked down the stairs to leave, As the best iphone screen protector 8 plus door closed behind me, it was Bamford's last point that lingered in my mind, "We recognize not all of them will be successful," he said about HTC's new ventures, "There's a fair amount of chance that none of them will be successful, But we still need to try."The company will use Mobile World Congress next week as a coming-out party for its new identity as a consumer gadget and mobile-app maker, It may be the most important party it ever hosts..

HTC got on the Android bandwagon early, partnering with Google and wireless carrier T-Mobile  to release the G1 in September 2008. It was the first ever Android smartphone. HTC was previously committed to Windows Mobile, but went all-in with Android after this. While the G1 was the first Android smartphone, the HTC Hero, released in 2009, was the first to employ the Sense user interface software. It ran on top of Android and made the phone more approachable thanks to little touches like the retro clock and weather widget, which would be mainstays for years.

Another popular smartphone around the world -- but not the US -- the Legend incorporated an aluminum body years before Apple's iPhone, When Google sought to go after consumers directly with its own smartphone, it again partnered with HTC to build the Nexus One, Unfortunately, the direct-to-consumer route through its own website flopped, even if it set up the best iphone screen protector 8 plus groundwork for future device sales through the Google Play store, The HTC Desire brand was well known around the world, although it was rebranded and tweaked in the US, Today, HTC has resurrected its Desire name to signify its more affordable line of smartphones..