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LG's latest flagship phone, the G4, has a whole host of features to excite you, including its powerful processor, its great screen and a camera that can take awesome slow shutter shots. It's the leather back that really caught our eye at the launch event, however, so we've gone in for a closer look. This leather back was provided by network O2, which exclusively stocks this tan leather version in the UK, although the case will be available globally. That's actual real leather, with real stitching to match, rather than a plastic effect.

The leather aesthetic also comes in other colors, such as starking black (pictured here) a light blue, and a deep maroon, The leather feels much warmer to hold, more comfortable, and really does make it look like a totally different device to the plastic model, It has a much more premium, mature look than the grey plastic of the other version, With textured grooves, the black variant isn't as smooth as the brown, But it does have a bit big w lifeproof iphone case more character, LG explains that the leather used is actually a by-product of the beef industry, so no extra cows have been killed on the phone's behalf, Still, it won't be the phone of choice for vegans..

Staying true to form, Ryan and Troyer completely eviscerate an Apple Watch in the below outtake from Monday's show. The clip seems to expose the common lie from TV and movies that a conveniently placed phone or other device just might save your life one day by stopping a bullet. As impressive as the utter destruction visited on the watch is Troyer's apparent expert marksmanship. Factor in his background as a stunt man, and he's suddenly looking a lot more tough than his 2-foot-8-inch (.81 meter) frame suggests.

The actor who portrayed Mini-Me isn't really evil, but he is one hell of a shot when it comes to the latest gadgets, Actor Verne Troyer, probably best known for his role as Mini-Me in the "Austin Powers" movies, has a new show on YouTube big w lifeproof iphone case called "One Size Fits All," and he spends most of the first episode shooting stuff with Richard Ryan, That's a name that might also be familiar, as Ryan's shown us the many ways to destroy an iPhone 6 (and the iPhone 6 Plus for good measure) recently, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

It's tempting to believe that the authorities treat their own a little differently from the way they treat others. A new lawsuit, however, might offer pause for a moment's consideration. In August, new graduates from the Port Authority Police Academy celebrated with a party at a bar in Hoboken, N.J. Some of the newly bestowed cops were allegedly bestowing a little drunken superiority on bouncers and others at the bar. So much so that the police were called (other police, that is). In November, nine rookies were fired. Three of their superiors were also disciplined.

Now, however, as reports, the Port Authority Police Benevolent Association is suing the Port Authority, the force that patrols the bridges and tunnels between New York and New Jersey, and accusing the investigators from the Inspector General's office of having illegally forced the rookie cops to hand over their cell phones, The Supreme Court made it clear last year, in the case of Riley vs, California, that information on cell phones was private, In the words of Chief Justice John Roberts: "The fact that technology now allow an individual to carry such information in his hand does not make the information any less worthy of the protection for which the Founders fought."Riley vs, California has already been cited in the case of a police officer who, without a warrant, searched a female DUI suspect's cell phone in Contra Costa County, Calif., and then big w lifeproof iphone case sent nude images from it to other officers, The officer concerned pleaded no contest and didn't go to jail..

In the Port Authority case, the accusation is that the rookie officers were interviewed individually and thought they were merely witnesses. They were allegedly threatened with being fired from the force if they didn't unlock their phones and unveil their contents. One of the rookies, Kathleen Howard, was allegedly ordered to open a group texting app. The president of the police union, Paul Nunziato, insisted that police officers have the same rights as any citizen. He told the New York Times: "We lock people up for a living. If we're conducting a criminal investigation and we have someone's cell phone, if we don't have a warrant, we're not going into that cellphone."I had rather thought the police protected us all for a living, but still.

I have contacted the Port Authority for its reaction and will update if I hear, However, the Authority released a statement on big w lifeproof iphone case Wednesday, reported by, It said, in part: "The Port Authority strongly disputes the allegations made by the PBA regarding the Inspector General's investigation into the egregious behavior at this party involving newly sworn PAPD officers and some of their supervisors."The statement describes the rookies' behavior as "appalling, deeply troubling, and did not meet the high standards that all of our sworn police officers vow to uphold."This may be true, Surely, though, it doesn't answer the allegation that these rookies might have had rank pulled on them, in order to force them to illegally open their phones..