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"We're excited about the new capabilities of the Snapdragon 810 processor," Gen Tsuchikawa, chief strategy officer of Sony Mobile, said in a statement, "and are looking forward to working with Qualcomm Technologies as we bring new Xperia products to consumers later this year."Monday's release was a departure from the usual rhythm of handset makers announcing new phones, along with the chips they will use, at varying times throughout the year. This time, those companies agreed to divulge a little about what they're working on to bolster their long-time partner Qualcomm and one of its most important chips for this year.

LG executive Yongsu Choi said in an emailed statement Saturday that the LG G Flex 2 smartphone is already selling in Korea with the 810 inside, "I heard there was concern about Snapdragon 810 overheats since last year," he wrote, "But I think there can be some issues at [the] development stage and also that [those] kind of issues can be overcome by great engineers who never give up."Qualcomm, for its part, said last week that there is nothing wrong with its chip, Samsung hasn't said much publicly about its plans related to the expected Galaxy S phone, but may have decided to switch to bubbles on iphone screen protector its own Exynos chips as it develops more-advanced 14-nanometer chip technology, Qualcomm's 810 uses 20-nanometer technology, A Samsung representative didn't immediately respond to a request for comment..

Qualcomm's shares were up nearly 3 percent Monday, after tumbling about 12 percent at the end of last week. The world's largest mobile-chips company got backing from several major device makers that plan to use its new top-tier chip, the Snapdragon 810. A group of major handset makers came to Qualcomm's defense Monday, with Microsoft, Motorola Mobility, LG, Sony and others offering their support for the company's new premium chip. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

That's not the sort of product you want sitting out on a table with a tiny tether on it or stacked on a shelf in the back with the plebian $349 watches, According to 9to5Mac, Apple Stores will be getting special safes to hold the fancy watches, Most likely, the safes will hold the inventory along with demo units when they're stored after hours, The Apple Watch is nigh with an expected ship date in April, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, It makes sense that the stores would be gearing up to handle the interest from people who are already sold on the concept as well as curious Apple fans who bubbles on iphone screen protector want to try one on in person..

Safes might not be the only special new equipment on tap for Apple Stores, according to 9to5Mac. Scales may also be involved to weigh the amount of gold in individual watches for comparison if the watches are returned. If the gold Apple Watch ends up being as pricey as some people expect, then these extra security measures are just a practical way to protect Apple's investment. Apple declined to comment on the the 9to5 report, which cites unnamed sources suggesting the safes will be custom-made to include Apple Watch MagSafe chargers inside to keep the watches juiced up overnight. This may be particularly important considering concerns over the watch's potentially short battery life. There's no word on whether the special vaults will be referred to as "iSafes."Security concerns reportedly may prompt Apple to step up its in-store vigilance to safeguard expensive new gear like the gold Apple Watch.

Two Samsung mobile phones found on India import/export site Zauba with the model numbers SM-G920V and SM-G920F, respectively, reveal a 5-inch display, One phone is listed for testing and evaluation and not for retail sale, while the other is listed for research and development purposes and evaluation and not for retail sale, Both the numbers SM-G920V and SM-G920F have been associated bubbles on iphone screen protector with the Galaxy S6, according to SlashGear and other blog sites, Samsung needs to shake up the market with its next Galaxy phone to revive its sluggish mobile-phone business, The company saw its operating profits and smartphone market share drop last year in the wake of competition from rival players, That includes vendors such as China-based Xiaomi with low-end devices and Apple with its high-end iPhones, Thanks to its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple is now tied with Samsung for the title of world's largest smartphone vendor..

Assuming the specs do point to the S6, the reduction in screen size would be minor as the current Galaxy S5 sports a 5.1-inch display. Even so, that would represent a change in the world of smartphones where most new models tend to increase or at least retain the screen size of their predecessor. However, prior rumors have suggested that the S6 would receive a Quad HD display with a resolution of 2,560x1,440, up from 1,920x1,080 in the S5. If so, the display would look especially sharp on that 5-inch screen.

So would a smaller screen for the Galaxy S6 result in a smaller phone overall? Not quite, according to a report from French bubbles on iphone screen protector tech site NowhereElse, The site claims the body of the S6 will actually be longer than the S5 but thinner, Rumors have been floating over what specs the S6 would offer, An early November report from SamMobile said the phone would come with a Quad HD 2,560x1,440 display the Exynos 7420 chip, a rear camera with a megapixel range of 16 to 20, and it'd run Android 5.0 Lollipop, the latest version of Google's mobile operating system..