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Brillo will use a new coding language, called Weave, and make it easier for customers to both interact with all the various devices in their homes and control their capabilities. It will launch later this year, Google said. Google isn't just focused on making its devices all work together, of course. It is also increasing competition against companies like Apple, often by going head-to-head offering competing products that tie into its software instead. For instance: Google announced an update to its own mobile payments software, Android Pay, that will function in much the same fashion as Apple's own Apple Pay. Both services will let consumers pay with their smartphones by holding the device up against terminals equipped with NFC (near-field communications) technology and found at select retailers around the country. Authorization can be done with a passcode or your fingerprint.

Android Pay was initially announced in March, but Google at the time provided scant details on the service, Google Wallet, the company's earlier effort to spread adoption of mobile payments, was not mentioned during the Android case for iphone 8 Pay announcement, Android TV, on the other hand, is Google's effort to battle both Apple and Amazon in the living room, Both companies offer set-top boxes, called Apple TV and Fire TV respectively, that hope to become the go-to devices to connect big-screen TVs to the Internet..

Google's new Android TV software, an update from the service it launched last year, is designed to help users more easily search through media like movies, TV shows and music. Instead of looking for something on the streaming service Netflix, users can search -- using their voice if they so choose -- for a movie or show and find every service with which it's available alongside search information like trailers on YouTube or critic ratings from the popular online aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. Android TV, besides powering televisions from Sony and other manufacturers, will also power dedicated devices like the Nvidia Shield. A cross between a Roku streaming box and an Xbox game console, the Shield is aimed at customers who want a more robust streaming box capable of streaming television and playing high-quality games with a controller while also being the media center of their living room.

Nvidia's box will begin shipping Thursday, after being announced in March, CNET's David Katzmaier said in his review the device's cost and lack of apps will likely hurt its appeal , Google also fielded updates for its Chromecast device, a $35 device that's slightly larger than a USB thumb drive and uses stripped-down software designed to help mobile devices stream media to a TV for very little money, Google said Thursday it's sold 17 million of them since the launch two years ago, Google closed out its keynote with perhaps its most excitable announcement: A new version of its Cardboard virtual reality device, Cardboard was announced at last year's I/O conference as a do-it-yourself, low-cost way to experience virtual reality that contrasts with the expensive offerings of Facebook-owned Oculus, Samsung, Sony and others, (It's literally a folded piece of cardboard, with a few extra case for iphone 8 pieces like lenses and a button)..

Cardboard lets you construct eyewear, using Velcro and rubber bands, to hold your smartphone screen against your eyes. A pair of lenses help adjust the focal length, allowing for an experience similar to what you get from more expensive headsets like the Oculus Rift, which is designed to display images from a PC. Google expanded Cardboard to work with more than the handful of phones it did last year. Now Cardboard will fit any device with a screen up to six inches, including Apple's iPhone. Google said its Cardboard mobile app had been downloaded more than 1 million times over the past year.

Along with Cardboard, Google also unveiled Expeditions, a new VR tool for schools, It will allow teachers to take students on virtual tours of different locations, The company also introduced the Jump system, designed to capture VR video, It's partnering with GoPro on the device, which is made of three parts -- a camera rig, an assembler that turns raw footage into VR video and a player, The rigs include 16 camera case for iphone 8 modules mounted in a circular array, and users will be able to view the virtual reality videos on YouTube starting this summer..

"Jump is about capturing the world's places in VR video," Bavor said. "Expeditions lets teachers take field trips to anywhere. .. And Cardboard is about VR for virtually everyone."The search giant has found a new purpose in all our lives: Bringing together the various products and services we use to work together as easily as possible. SAN FRANCISCO -- Google wants to make computing simple again. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

To that end, the company will curate smartphone and tablet applications specifically designed for children, Google said Thursday in San Francisco at its I/O conference fopr software developers, Visitors to the Google Play home page will see a "family star" button that will take them directly to the section of the store containing applications and games deemed kid-appropriate by Google, Parents can browse the Play store for apps, movies, books, games and other digital content, based on age, The family star will signify that Google has vetted the content for quality and considers it trustworthy, The company will also let parents know which content includes advertising, Google plans to roll out case for iphone 8 the update globally to the Google Play store over the next several weeks..