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Xiaomi has been able to rapidly gain ground in the mobile market. In the recently ended third quarter, the Chinese vendor became the world's third largest smartphone maker after Samsung and Apple, according to IDC. Although it's best known for building budget-friendly smartphone and tablets, Xiaomi has also tiptoed its way into the entertainment business. Xiaomi already sells some smart TV products, including the Mi TV and Mi Box set-top box. Xiaomi's business model revolves around selling products at or near cost to , meaning its important for the company to build out a platform that can deliver exclusive content and eventually generate revenue. It appears that this move is a step in that direction.

Locking yourself into certain Vodafone 4G contracts d.i.y iphone case will get you access to a Now TV Entertainment Pass, which usually costs £7 per month and opens the door to channels including Sky Atlantic, Fox, Disney Channel, Comedy Central and MTV, as well as on-demand box sets of programmes including "Modern Family" and "An Idiot Abroad", 4G has finally arrived in the UK, and now that every major network is offering this faster data technology, each operator is trying to persuade phone owners to sign-up, Vodafone's tactic to date has been to throw in extra services as freebies, including Spotify and Netflix..

Deciphering how much free Now TV you get is a tricky business, depending on what kind of tariff you go in for and how much you're paying. Your best bet is to check out Vodafone's website, which is crammed full of tables to help you figure out how many months of free Now TV you could snap up. An extra perk sees new or upgrading Vodafone customers who sign up before Christmas getting three months' worth of Sky Movies, which normally costs £10 per month. Happily Vodafone tells me that this offer doesn't hinge on you choosing the Entertainment pass, so if you want to choose one of Vodafone's other 4G upgrade rewards (Spotify Premium, Netflix and Sky Sports), you'll still get the three months of movies providing you sign up in time.

Take care however, as you'll be charged the standard rate for Sky Movies once your three months expire, Vodafone also isn't chucking in the Sky Now TV set-top box, which is a shame as this only costs £10, and streaming TV or movies from your mobile could quickly chew through your data allowance, New or upgrading d.i.y iphone case customers will get Now TV's Entertainment pass thrown into the mix, and three months of Sky Movies access if you sign up before Christmas, Vodafone has added another online service to its stable of 4G sign-up rewards -- Sky's Now TV on-demand service..

In Android 5.0 Lollipop, you'll find that the recent apps button has been redesigned. Instead of two overlapping rectangles the button is now a single square. This falls in line with the other simplistic navigation buttons, circle (home) and triangle (back). The look of the list of recent apps has also changed. In Android 4.4, the app name was left-aligned and connected to the app icon with a line. The app icon then overlapped a small screenshot of what you were last doing in that app. For Android 5.0 users, recently used apps will display in a scrolling stacked arrangement (as seen at the top of this post).

Apps can be removed from the list the same way as before -- individually with a swipe or a tap of the X button in the top right corner -- but there is d.i.y iphone case no "clear all" button at this time, The other new feature involving recent apps is that the list can persist even after you reboot your device, What do you think of the changes? Do you find the option to save your recent app list for after rebooting useful? Share your thoughts in the comments, For more Lollipop tips, please see CNET How To's guide to Android 5.0 Lollipop..

LG is all about variants for its popular G3 flagship phone. This LG G3 Screen is the largest of the bunch, with a 5.9-inch display. Familiar buttons on the rear of the phone and a rounded backing convey the same design language as the original G3. A small octa-core chipset inside combines two quad-core application processors for sharing tasks. The G3 Screen bears LG's first octa-core chipset. It isn't necessarily the fastest in an LG phone, but the in-house component helps keep costs down. The G3 Screen (right) is noticeably larger than the 5.5-inch G3, though many of its other hardware features remain the same. Find out more in our LG G3 hands-on.

Called Nuclun (and pronounced NOO-klun), the LTE-A Category 6-capable phone pairs a 1.5GHz quad-core application processor (based on ARM Cortex-A15) with a less intensive 1.2GHz quad-core processor (based on ARM Cortex-A7) to carry out tasks, LG told CNET in a demo that it wants to show off its exclusive and competitive in-house solution, More importantly for value-seekers, using its own product lets LG cut costs, since it can avoid buying a d.i.y iphone case processor from vendors like Qualcomm, The handset's nearly half-inch larger screen size and processor aren't the only differences between the G3 and the G3 Screen, It also has a 1080p HD display rather than the G3's Quad-HD 1,440-pixel resolution, Instead of using costly real metal, the G3 Screen employs black or white plastic with a brushed-metal coating..