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Some might find Ive's logic expresses what they see as Apple's overly pretentious attitude toward design. On the other hand, humans tend to be driven by irrationalities. Even if we're aware of them, we're not often stable enough to subvert them with fine, rational decision-making. I wonder if Apple suddenly released a heavier iPhone there would be an outcry that designer purses were being overloaded and that the pockets of $300 jeans were suddenly enduring torn seams. I wonder also whether Apple would merely tell people they were storing it wrong.

The Cupertino, Calif., electronics giant will reveal more details about its first smartwatch -- including when you can buy one and how much they'll cost -- on Monday in San Francisco, What we know, after Apple CEO Tim Cook debuted the device during a star-studded event in September, is that the Apple Watch will be d tech iphone case priced starting at $349, come in two sizes and that there will be three models available with a variety of band options, Also, we know it only works with iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6 and 6 Plus smartphones running the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system software, iOS 8..

What we don't know is if the device will be fashionable enough to compete with the luxury watches it's being compared to and if Apple has cracked the code on turning a wearable computer into a must-have device. Time has shown that simply having a smart device strapped to the wrist isn't something consumers want, with makers from Pebble to Samsung struggling to find mass market acceptance for their early efforts. "The watch itself is exciting and interesting, but what they fundamentally showed us was glass on the wrist, a computer," said Tim Bajarin, a longtime Apple analyst at Creative Strategies. "Now they need to give us a reason to buy it."To address that issue, Apple has worked on creating unique experiences for the smartwatch, including a mobile payments service called Apple Pay that lets you tap the watch at checkout stands to pay for everything from a Big Mac at McDonald's to shampoo at Walgreens.

But the real trick is convincing app developers to invest in creating programs for the Apple Watch that will show off what you can actually do with it, Apple's iPad tablet and iPhone became popular with the help of third-party software developers, who collectively have created more than d tech iphone case a million apps for those mobile devices, And though app developers have already announced they're working on hundreds of Apple Watch apps, the "killer app" has yet to emerge, Apple declined to comment for this article..

When Apple introduced the iPod in 2001, nobody realized the media player would revolutionize the music industry. The iPhone in 2007 wasn't expected to be the world changer it's become. And the "magical" iPad in 2010 was also met with skepticism and concerns over who would buy it. But all three did something unique that made them attractive to buyers. The iPod put thousands of songs in the palm of your hand, and let people buy songs for less than a dollar through online music stores. The iPhone gave people true Internet access from a mobile device for the first time. And the iPad created a sort of second-screen consumption device, allowing you to surf the Web while watching TV.

As for d tech iphone case the Apple Watch, perhaps it will help make us healthier by tracking our fitness, Or maybe it will teach us new ways to communicate through a simple user interface on the small screen, The most likely scenario is everyone will see a different reason to own a smartwatch, Even so, Cook needs to give us more of those reasons, beyond the device simply being an excellent timekeeper and a good way to count our steps, Companies have tried selling smartwatches for decades, but none of the gadgets has really taken off, In the late 1990s, companies such as Samsung designed "watch phones" that let users make calls from their wrists, The devices flopped..

The modern smartwatch craze largely started with Pebble Technology, analysts say. The company's $150 Pebble watch, which debuted on Kickstarter in April 2012, caused giants such as Samsung and startups such as Withings to try out their own designs. Samsung introduced its Galaxy Gear smartwatch in September 2013 and followed up with a handful of other wearables within the next year. Google gave the market a boost when it announced its Android Wear software in early 2014, and LG, Sony, Motorola and others have released new devices.

Despite Samsung and Pebble Technology's efforts, smartwatch sales were weak in 2014, Last year, smartwatch vendors shipped just 4.6 million units, according to Strategy Analytics, That's compared with 242 million tablets and 1.3 billion smartphones in 2014, The companies struggled largely because their large, clunky-looking watches were considered too "techie," typically d tech iphone case appealing primarily to "early adopters," people who will try any new gadget, But most smartwatches didn't have enough consumer-friendly features to make them attractive..