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Microsoft's HoloLens , the most prominent current example of this tech, uses a headset and a 3D depth-sensing camera based on the Xbox Kinect camera to make hologram-like 3D graphics appear to exist in your office, or living room. Google has already explored augmented reality, to some degree, going back to last year. Project Tango, a tablet with 3D depth-sensing cameras, was demoed at year's conference along with a VR-type headset it slotted into. It could layer virtual effects into the real world, to a degree: a crude demo I tried made it look like the conference hall I was in was filled with water and fish.

Having good 3D depth-sensing cameras to determine where walls, floors, and objects are is key for making 3D graphics seem to exist in the real world, and stay in the proper place defender 2 iphone case as you move, It's that part -- depth-sensing 3D, and its applications -- that Google could continue exploring at Google I/O, Project Tango could be the key, The biggest unknown quantity in augmented reality might be Magic Leap, a very secretive Florida-based company that promises to deliver magical overlaid graphics into the real world with unparalleled realism, Few people have experienced Magic Leap, and it hasn't been formally unveiled anywhere yet, (WETA, the special-effects house behind Lord of the Rings, co-created a demo video of what a video game overlaid in the real world could feel like using Magic Leap.)..

Magic Leap projects images onto your eye in a way similar to Microsoft HoloLens, but there could be differences in how the technology is employed. Google is an investor in Magic Leap, but to what extent will this technology emerge into a product, or a platform, and when, is a complete mystery. Maybe Google could use its developer conference to give a peek. Maybe Magic Leap and Project Tango could intersect. Maybe Google can show us why augmented reality is a good idea, or a cool idea. Microsoft has impressed a lot of people with HoloLens. Can Magic Leap do the same?.

Maybe Google will reach even further, developing Android into a VR/AR-specific variant that could allow many apps to work in virtual and augmented spaces, What's the point, you ask? If augmented reality is striving for the future of desk-based productivity -- as Microsoft has suggested in its concepts for HoloLens -- then enabling Android to do more in VR and AR would make sense, At some point, we'll be discussing multitasking and even working in virtual worlds, Google could be in a strong defender 2 iphone case position to help explore those possibilities..

Google Glass was a weird failure of sorts, but it did capture attention, excitement, fear, disgust and curiosity. Last year's Android Wear debut was a little less exciting, but it resulted in real smartwatch products. Google Cardboard, Project Tango and all of its latest VR/AR efforts have really been experiments, not full-blown fully-fleshed gadgets. Will Google strike out and make another bold product, one that will actually be available to buy, instead of just another weird demonstration at a developer conference? Can Google help make people care about virtual reality, or augmented reality, and make a bigger, more impressive splash than Oculus or Microsoft?.

Google I/O begins soon and we'll be there, Google's already gotten its feet wet in virtual and augmented reality, Could this year be the next big step?, Virtual and augmented reality have been sprouting up everywhere in 2015, but Google's had its hands in VR and AR since last year's Google I/O developer's conference, This year it could be poised to do even more, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at defender 2 iphone case our discretion..

We've known this for a while, but with every event that involves selfie-taking, the apocalypse feels more complete. The latest incident came on Sunday at the French Open tennis tournament. Swiss star Roger Federer won his first-round match and was preparing to leave the court. He was intercepted by a camera-wielder. Was it an irritating member of the media? No. As ESPN reports, it was just some irritating "dude" who wanted to take a selfie with Federer. You might think this doesn't say much for security at the French Open. I cannot help focus on the notion that some "dude" would rush the court just to do what other "dudes" do at funerals.

Because Federer oozes a certain restrained class, he actually posed for the picture, However, at a press conference he bared his soul: "I'm not happy about it, obviously not one second I'm happy about it."Federer stressed the safety aspects, How could it be that a fan would rush onto the court unimpeded?, He said: "It's not that funny, you know, And I hope that there is going to be a reaction from the tournament, They apologized, and I must say that I appreciated this, defender 2 iphone case but I'd like to see what's going to happen next."I have contacted the ATP World Tour to ask whether the fan was sanctioned and whether new rules will be put in place..