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The S6's screen quality prowess was most apparent against the (poorer) Xperia Z3 in streaming video clarity and saturation, and less so against the iPhone 6. The Note Edge, which shares a 1440p resolution on a larger screen, came the closest to the S6 in terms of flawlessness. Ironically, some of the revamped icons on the S6 home page look less focused, though every other graphic is razor-sharp. If you plan on using the S6 in its Gear VR accessory -- which turns it into an Oculus Rift-style virtual reality helmet -- the extra resolution should really pay off because the S6 will be only a couple of inches from your eyes.

But in normal everyday use, the S6's nosebleed-high screen pixel density is probably too exact for diy tribal iphone case most eyes to notice; it's an imposing feature on paper, but less critical in real life, In advance of the March 2016 rollout of the Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung pushed Android 6.0 Marshmallow to Galaxy S6 users, Android 6.0 Marshmallow includes new features including Google Now on Tap, "doze" mode for automatic extended battery life, support for Android Pay and more, Read more about Android 6.0 Marshmallow here..

For years, customers have bemoaned the thick, heavy TouchWiz interface that Samsung uses as its custom layer over Android. No longer. Samsung's take on Android 5.0 Lollipop scales back its own additions and leans heavily on Google's Material design. Samsung succeeds in embracing a simpler layout without shedding all the software it's built over the years, though Android deserves much of that credit for providing the framework. The setup process is a lot smoother, thanks to Lollipop, with tutorials to help you turn on features (like S Voice and fingerprint scanning) along the way.

I usually make new phones completely silent, since chirps and haptic vibrations annoy me, but Samsung toned both down to acceptable Windows Phone levels, Samsung has also whittled down the menus, Multiwindow mode, for split-screen viewing, still lets you open two programs at once, but instead of toggling it on yourself and selecting from a pop-out menu, it's always on and launchable from the Recents tray, You diy tribal iphone case can still drag and resize these windows, even turning them into floating bubbles, like in the Note 4..

Other mainstays include private mode and call blocking, easy mode and Do Not Disturb, as well as popular gestures (like Direct Call) and Smart Stay. An area for installing themes has also materialized (there are three in my review unit so far). Kids Mode (and many, many others) hide out in the Galaxy Apps app, but other erstwhile tools, like the S5's floating Toolbox of shortcuts, get the boot. Here's another axed power-user feature: a fuller list of quick-access controls and settings that you see when pulling down the notifications shade with two fingers. Doing this brings down the same shade as swiping down with a single digit.

A few folders prepopulated by vendor diy tribal iphone case apps buttresses the simplified look, There's a bucket of Google apps and services, and one for new partner Microsoft (this folder has Skype and OneDrive, for instance), Bonus: you can edit the folder color, As for preloaded apps, a few Samsung programs remain, like Milk music and video and S Health, which are Samsung's answers to the iTunes Store and Apple Health, respectively, S Voice is another constant, To get more Samsung apps and partner apps, you'll need to open a shortcut and select them from the buckets marked Galaxy Essentials and Galaxy Gifts, One such Gift is Fleksy, a keyboard alternative that will come free with all S6 phones..

Some unwanted preinstalls are easier to disable than others (press Edit on the app tray), but you won't be able to jettison them completely. Default Android 5.0 might allow this; Samsung does not. Samsung doesn't crow about it, but it looks like high screen sensitivity, an option on previous Galaxies, is built into the S6's display. Although the option has disappeared from the Settings menu, I was able to navigate the screen (but not the soft keys) using only my nail. Not so for my fuzzy chenille glove, though it should work with a more fitted leather variety.

Some of the preloaded S6 wallpaper gives you a small parallax effect when you rotate the screen from side to side; the background shifts slightly while icons remain in place, I noticed the effect on two wallpapers, It offers a tiny diy tribal iphone case bit of extra dimension, You can obtain the same visuals with wallpapers on other phones, That improved fingerprint reader we talked about above isn't only for unlocking the phone, It also sets the S6 up for making mobile payments using Samsung Pay, which launches this summer in the US and South Korea, Although we're not sure which markets it'll work in next, we do know how it'll work -- here's our hands-on with Samsung Pay..