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These bulky cases aren't where Samsung wants to go with LoopPay, obviously: the tech could be, and likely will be, built in to phone hardware. Maybe a magnetic loop and NFC combined, allowing for a hybrid way of making payments at a greater range of places. Samsung has told CNET that LoopPay's technology could be combined with Samsung security on a phone, and other features might be added too. Odds are that what LoopPay is now might be different from what it becomes down the road. Will it show up in some form on the Samsung Galaxy S6 ? We'll have to see.

LoopPay started by making phone accessories, including ones for the iPhone, Now that Samsung owns LoopPay, will that end? LoopPay executives have suggested the tech could end up in other manufacturers' products, but there's little we know now about how that might change, There's a good chance this could happen, especially since it will give Samsung a chance to compete with Apple in wearable mobile payments, Apple Watch will e reader iphone case work with Apple Pay via NFC, LoopPay, meanwhile, could enable something similar for wearables like smartwatches, LoopPay's system already uses a detachable battery-powered "fob" that's authorized to make payments over a span of time before deactivating, like a valet key for paying for stuff (for example, you could hand the fob instead of your credit card to a waiter at a restaurant), On the existing LoopPay card cases, the fob detaches from the case and can be used for standalone payments, But that little payment fob could be built in to a keychain, a band or a smartwatch, The only problem is that this payment tech would have to work in close range..

On Thursday, the company announced new tools aimed at mobile-software developers that would help them measure user engagement and make money off their apps. They do this by making it easier to insert ads or communicate with partners. It's the first time Yahoo has offered such tools to developers, but it's very much part of CEO Marissa Mayer's strategy to bring the tech giant into the mobile era. "Mobile went from being a hobby at our company, with just 50 people working on it, to being a quarter of our business," said Mayer, during the company's first conference aimed at mobile-software developers in San Francisco. She said the company made $1.2 billion from ads on mobile devices in 2014.

Mobile developers are considered critical allies in Silicon Valley, Convincing them to use a company's tools, such as Apple's payments service or Facebook's virtual address book, can help to popularize features and tie customers more closely with a service, Tech companies large and small e reader iphone case have geared their operations to do just that, offering a myriad of social-networking, payments and user account services to help app developers manage software for the almost 2 billion smartphone users in the world..

For Yahoo, making waves in the mobile industry is crucial as it attempts to compete with its rivals. And while giants like Apple, Facebook and Google have been able to migrate with users from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets, Yahoo has largely missed that shift. Apple and Google both power nearly all of the world's smartphones. Advertising on smartphones and tablets has been a key battleground for the top tech companies. Facebook makes almost 70 percent of its overall advertising sales on mobile devices. Yahoo, struggling with its own mobile-ad revenue, wants a bigger piece of the market. Yahoo has 3.2 percent of the mobile-ad revenue market in the United States -- fourth place behind Google, Facebook and Twitter, according to the research firm eMarketer.

There are signs Yahoo is starting to catch up, The company said it made $254 million in revenue from mobile ads last quarter, up 23 percent from the previous quarter, when the company first started reporting the figure, During a conference call last quarter, Mayer said the strategy before she took over the company was "confused." Among all the tech giants, Yahoo's share of the mobile-ad market is expected to grow the most by 2016, eMarketer says, The new tools Yahoo announced on Thursday are rooted in technology e reader iphone case from Flurry, a mobile analytics company Yahoo acquired in August, Since then, Mayer has shaken up Yahoo's ad team, Flurry Chief Product Officer Prashant Fuloria has taken over as Yahoo's senior vice president for advertising products..

The products unveiled on Thursday include Flurry Pulse, which lets app makers share data with partners, and measure audience size through a new integration with ComScore, the digital analytics company. Another new product, Yahoo Search in App, gives apps the ability to use Yahoo's search engine to scour the Web. If Yahoo can get developers to use those tools, it will be able to distribute ads across thousands of third-party apps. Mayer used the event as a first effort to build a rapport with newcomers unfamiliar with working with the company. "I know for many of you, you're new to Yahoo," she told the crowd. "We want to work together to drive businesses and apps forward."During a confab in San Francisco, the company announces its first set of tools aimed at helping software developers make money on their apps.

The world's largest producer e reader iphone case of fruits and vegetables, Dole has sponsored the Tokyo Marathon since 2008 and supplied bananas to potassium-deficient runners throughout the race, The company's Japanese division has even printed runners' stats on the banana peel in previous races, So it's only natural that Dole's ambitions have moved onto wearable tech, an industry flush with fitness bands, watches, smart shirts and eyewear, but terribly lacking in vitamin B6, Enter the Dole wearable banana wrist ., thing..