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Google is offering a Keyboard Folio as an accessory for $129 or £110. When closed, the folio acts as a protective cover. When open, it functions as a full keyboard that pairs with your tablet via Bluetooth. Android 5.0 Lollipop brings a new design motif to Google's mobile OS. Adopting a new aesthetic called Material Design, the latest Android version offers brighter, richer colors with shadows to give the illusion of greater depth. Other features licking off Lollipop include a new notification setup, enhanced multitasking, and a new battery saver mode, according to Google Play.

With a screen size of 8.9 inches, the Nexus 9 finds itself plopped in the middle between traditional 7-inch-screen tablets and larger devices typically with display sizes of around 10 inches, As such, the Nexus 9 could offer competition to both of Apple's latest slates: the iPad Mini 3 with a 7.9-inch screen and the iPad Air 2 with evo 9 iphone case a 9.7-inch screen, The Wi-Fi-only version is available, but you'll have to wait if you'd rather own the LTE edition, Tablet buyers looking for the new Nexus 9 can now purchase the Wi-Fi version on Google Play..

West Yorkshire police has ordered 4,000 Note 3 mobile devices to record information while fighting crime. The Note line is Samsung's range of phablets, with the Note 3 measuring 5.7 inches. Notes come with an S Pen stylus for easily writing stuff on the screen. The Notes include special policing-focused secure apps that enable officers to record a crime without having to return to the station, cutting admin and giving them more time on the beat. Bobbies can take witness statements and fill out missing person forms on their Note.

"As we face Government cuts of over £160 million between 2010 and 2017," says West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson, "it is imperative that we continue to look towards new ways of working that ensure our neighbourhoods are safe and feel safe." The devices are paid for by a "transformation fund." Individual Note 3s now cost around £400 in shops, The Note 3 has this year been supplanted by the Galaxy Note 4 , which adds a metal frame evo 9 iphone case and makes a leap in resolution from the 3's 1080p display to a 2,650x1,440-pixel quad HD AMOLED screen..

In 2012 the National Audit Office criticised police use of mobile devices, finding that they didn't provide enough benefit to officers compared to the cost £80 million cost across the country. But more recently London's Metropolitan Police Service has announced a three-year, £200m IT transformation plan that includes provision to equip officers with mobile devices -- including around 500 iPad mini tablets -- for taking statements and photographing crime scenes. Samsung's phablet is on the beat with apps for recording crime in West Yorkshire.

The only way to find out is to keep track of your life, Here is a self-tracking template you can use to find correlations between the things you do outside evo 9 iphone case of the office and your work, Sleep, exercise, and even time spent socializing may affect your productivity, Find out what makes you work more efficiently with this tracking template, Ready to find out what makes you most productive? As mentioned in the CNET Magazine article, "How to hack the perfect workday," boosting efficiency at work can be attributed to a number of lifestyle factors, Sleep, coffee intake, time spent walking the dog, and exercise can all make you more (or less) productive..

The aggressive, scowling superstar who'd deride you for your lack of taste and even tell you you're holding your phone wrong suddenly wants to invite you to dinner. And he's cooking quinoa. What on earth is happening to Apple?. A brand that always understood people but sometimes treated them as if they should sit in the corner and just be grateful now seems to be extending a hand and offering a smile. Some believe this reflects the character of the CEO who, after the launch of new phones and a watch, feels confident in his job.

It's certainly true that Tim Cook -- in his manner, his manners and his thoughtfulness -- appears far removed from the previous PR machine that ostracized ex-friends with a Roman emperor's wave of the hand, designated enemies and even threatened them with thermonuclear war, But is this really just the projection of a CEO's personality? Or could it be a more concerted effort to deliver a renovated Apple brand to a changing world?, Not being the underdog, Apple can hardly offer an image of rebellion, More than ever, Apple is a worldwide presence, On the one hand, it strives to dominate the higher echelons of spending power and taste, However, as more Apple products emerge -- with an uptick in versions of those products -- the company is signaling that, though it doesn't want to evo 9 iphone case be all things to all people, it does want all people to admire at least some of its things, even despite their any possible misgivings..