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The company was once the dominant handset maker in the world but failed to adapt swiftly to the touchscreen smartphone craze and soon found itself well behind Samsung and Apple. As Nokia tried to rebuild its business, customers increasingly turned elsewhere. Nokia exited the handset business one year ago when Microsoft formally acquired Nokia's phone division for $7.2 billion, giving Microsoft the rights to use the Nokia name for a period of time and to continue producing Nokia smartphones through 2015. Nokia Technologies -- one of three divisions that was not included in the sale -- licenses the company's patents to other firms and is charged with new product development.

Since it sold its handset business to Microsoft, Nokia has been focused on its long-running telecoms business, building equipment that enables mobile networks to function, as well as its Here mapping service, Earlier this f is for family iphone case month, Nokia confirmed it had finalized a deal with Alcatel-Lucent to acquire the French-based telecommunications company for $16.6 billion, Former handset giant calls reports it will rejoin the smartphone sector in 2016 "false."Nokia Technologies said Sunday it has no plans to resume smartphone manufacturing, denying recent reports it would return to a business it famously abandoned not so long ago..

But when it comes to Apple's financials, it's still all about the iPhone. The Cupertino, Calif., company on Monday will report its second-quarter earnings, giving an update on how many phones, tablets and computers it sold from January to the end of March. It's also expected to increase the amount of money it returns to shareholders in dividends. But while investors and analysts will undoubtedly ask plenty of questions about Apple's first smartwatch on the conference call -- with everyone wanting to know how many devices have been purchased and when supply will be able to keep up with demand -- Apple has already said it won't provide details on watch sales.

When CEO Tim Cook introduced the Apple Watch in September, he called the smartwatch a breakthrough product and Apple's "most personal device yet." He also described it as a comprehensive health and fitness device, an "incredibly accurate" timepiece and a way to communicate immediately and intimately with others, As of Friday's launch day, more than 3,000 apps were available for the device, which only works with an iPhone 5 or newer, Wait times for the Apple Watch, which costs from $349 for the sport version to $17,000 for the gold edition, now stretch into f is for family iphone case July, Apple hasn't revealed the watch's sales figures and it doesn't plan to break out the results in its quarterly reports, Still, some analysts believe the company has sold 2 million Apple Watch units in just the two weeks of preorders..

While the Apple Watch has captured the world's attention, it won't factor into fiscal second-quarter results. The period ended a couple weeks before preorders started for the watch on April 10 and nearly a month before customers could actually get their hands on the device. Last quarter, the iPhone accounted for almost 70 percent of sales. "From Wall Street's standpoint, they're looking at two things -- the sales of iPhone in the last quarter and some feedback..on what the preorders were for the watch," said Tim Bajarin, president of tech research firm Creative Strategies.

The company didn't respond to a request for comment ahead of the report, Apple's December quarter -- which includes the holidays and the first full period of new iPhone sales -- tends to be the biggest three months of the year for the company, That certainly was true this time around, For that quarter, Apple reported the highest revenue in its 38-year history and the highest profit of any company -- ever -- selling a record 74.5 million iPhones, f is for family iphone case Apple has been benefiting from blockbuster demand for its 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch 6 Plus devices since their release in September..

But Apple also has been more dependent on the iPhone than usual -- largely because demand has soared for its smartphones but fallen for its tablets. About 69 percent of Apple's $74.6 billion in sales last quarter came from the iPhone. That smartphone typically has accounted for half of Apple's sales in previous quarters. Being reliant on one device poses a big risk for any company, including Apple, and that has led it to expand into new markets with products such as wearables with the Apple Watch and mobile payments with Apple Pay.

In the past, huge iPhone demand in the first quarter made second-quarter results pale in comparison, Most analysts expect the same pattern this year, Apple is believed to have sold 56.8 million iPhones in its second quarter, according to an analyst poll by Fortune, That's about 30 percent more than in the year-earlier quarter, Analysts also forecast a 25 percent drop in revenue from the first quarter to $56.06 billion -- lower than Apple's average 19 percent decline in the second quarter for the past three years, according to Bernstein analyst Toni f is for family iphone case Sacconaghi..