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At around 70 cents a print, it's not cheap to run, but unlike shooting with an instant camera, there's no risk of wasted shots. Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 available at Amazon. Polarizing filters are used on cameras to cut glare and reduce reflections, and they'll also add some vibrancy to colors. They can be especially handy for shooting bright blue skies. The Trygger is a polarizing filter for your iPhone. Just slide it on, adjust the filter with the built-in dial to get the look you're after, and shoot.

What's great about the Motrr Galileo is that it's one product that can be used for many things, The device itself is a motorized rotating base that grips your iPhone and can continuously pan, tilt, and rotate it 360 degrees, There's a standard g case iphone xr 0.25-inch tripod mount in the bottom, but it can just as easily be placed on any flat surface, There are two models of the Galileo: one with Bluetooth for use with iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPhone 4S, and fifth-gen iPod Touch and one with a 30-pin connector supporting iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 3GS, and fourth-gen iPod Touch, Through the Motrr iOS app, you can access several other apps that have been developed to put the Galileo and your iPhone's camera to use in different ways, You can use it to shoot time-lapses or panoramas, create interactive spherical images, or turn it into a real-time audio-and-video surveillance system, among other things, There are currently 11 apps available, with more coming soon..

You might not want to turn your current iPhone into a video surveillance system, but because you can use the apps to control the Galileo and other iOS devices, it's not a bad way to repurpose an older iPhone or iPod Touch. You can get the Galileo straight from Motrr for $150 ($100 for the 30-pin model). Olloclip started from a Kickstarter project a couple years ago with its three-in-one lens that combines wide-angle, macro, and fish-eye lenses into one, tiny slide-on accessory. The lineup continues to grow and now includes a 2x telephoto lens paired with a circular polarizer lens; a case with two tripod mounts, a cold shoe for attaching a mic or panel light, and a corner that flips around so you can mount a lens and use it as a shutter release; and an update to the original lens that's now a four-in-one lens, adding a second macro option so you can now focus at 0.7 inch (18mm) and 0.5 inch (12mm) from a subject; a three-in-one macro lens for iPhone the 5/5S; and an iPhone 5C version of the original three-in-one lens.

But if you've moved on to an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus or dumped Apple altogether (or never went there in the first place) for a Samsung g case iphone xr Galaxy S4 or S5, Olloclip is ready for you, The 4-in-1 Photo Lens for Galaxy S4/S5 uses the same wide-angle, fish-eye and two macro lenses found on the iPhone version (you simply unscrew one of the wide lenses to use the macro beneath it), but puts the lenses on one side, All you need to do is slide it on one corner to shoot with one set, then flip it to the other corner to shoot with the other set..

The new 4-in-1 Photo Lens for iPhone 6/6 Plus fits over the top of the phone and centers a lens over the back camera and the other over the front camera. Now if you want to take a wide-angle or fish-eye shot with the front camera, it's no problem. The new lens comes with a lanyard and three clips to snap the lens onto so you can have it handy when you're out shooting. Want to create 360-degree panoramic videos with your iPhone? Snap this lens over its camera, download an app, and press record. Playback the video and you'll be able to swipe left and right, which rotates the video around and around.

The results are pretty cool, but this kind of fun doesn't come cheap: It's $49 (AU$60, converted about £30) for the iPhone 5/5S, Also, if you're not opposed to a little DIY work, you can buy the naked optic to experiment with on any smartphone camera, The iStabilizer Flex combines the iStabilizer Mount, a universal clamp that holds a wide variety of smartphones (up to 2.75 inches wide; an XL version is available for larger devices) and a lightweight tripod with foam-covered bendable legs, What's nice is that the mount has g case iphone xr standard 0.25-inch tripod threads, so if you have a bigger tripod or monopod, you can use it with that, too..

The pair cost $30 (converted to about £18, AU$33) direct from iStabilizer, but can be found elsewhere for less. (By the way, this works well for the Kogeto Dot thanks to the ball head on the tripod.). When three legs just won't do, there's the Keizus Quadrapod. Made from tough engineering plastic, the Keizus has an adjustable clamp on top that grips your phone while you shoot (and, yes, it also makes it look eerily like a small animal). The clamp is attached by a standard tripod mount, so if you want to use the Quadrapod with a point-and-shoot or action cam, you can. Or you can use the clamp to attach your smartphone or tablet to a full-size tripod. And, depending on how you position it, you can bend its joints to prop up your phone or tablet for viewing at different angles.

If you're looking for a very small tripod and mount for your smartphone, you want the Joby GripTight (center), The mount can hold smartphones between 2.1 and 2.8 inches and can be used on any standard 0.25-inch tripod mount, You can get it with a Micro Stand tripod, which is really nice g case iphone xr for tabletop macro shots, and fold down to an ultracompact size, Joby's GPod (left) is a great companion for the GripTight, too, giving you more placement flexibility thanks to magnetic feet and the bendable leg joints Joby's GorillaPod tripods are known for, Also, there's the MPod Mini that's the same as the GPod minus the magnetic feet, but with an elastic cord for holding your smartphone tightly in its rubberized jaw..