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Would Microsoft have been different if Gates had been a wonderful salesman? Would he have made more people fall in love with his company, rather than feel, as some did, that they were enslaved by its tentacles?. If he had been a great presenter, someone who knew how to touch people at the emotional level, would Gates have created vastly different products, as much geared to enthrall as to be productive? It's a tantalizing thought. The book, though, doesn't dwell merely on Gates' admiration of Jobs. Gates also offers the changeable, volatile Jobs, the one who seemed overconfident one moment and full of doubt the next. In the real world, we call that "human."Still, no book, whether authorized or even superauthorized will ultimately capture the full truth. Books have to create a narrative order.

Human lives, however, are chaotic, self-contradictory and open to the vicissitudes of fate, No work of art can ultimately g-case iphone xs max describe all of that as it really happened, We are all, to some extent, a closed book, Technically Incorrect: In the new book "Becoming Steve Jobs," the Microsoft co-founder marvels at Jobs' ability to excite a crowd about technology, Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives, I'm a little confused as to how Apple isn't happy with Walter Isaacson's -- authorized -- biography of Steve Jobs and is instead putting its deep faith behind a new work, "Becoming Steve Jobs," written by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli..

Online phone shop Mobiles.co.uk compiled the research from the OpenSignal app testing the signal of 30,000 mobile users in 25 towns and cities in England and Wales. Liverpool topped the chart with a head-spinning average download speed of 21.3Mbps, fast enough to download an album in less time than it takes for Steven Gerrard to get sent off. Sorry, couldn't resist. Meanwhile, Brighton clocks in second with an average speed of 21.2Mbps, followed by Stoke-on-Trent with 19.5Mbps, south Hampshire with 16.7Mbps and Sheffield with 16.7Mbps.

Here's the full run-down, The top eight locations beat the national average speed of 15.1Mbps recorded by telecoms regulator Ofcom at the end of last year, One place that doesn't beat that average is Greater London, clocking 13.8Mbps to appear at a lowly number 11, presumably due to congestion caused by a higher number of users than in most areas, after it was the first place to be connected with superfast mobile data, At the bottom of this particular run-down is Kingston upon Hull with 6.5Mbps and Teesside on just 5Mbps, Birkenhead -- g-case iphone xs max home of the mighty Tranmere Rovers and birthplace of your humble correspondent -- also struggles, despite being just a ferry ride from chart-topping Liverpool..

"Your mobile data speeds can vary even between locations in close proximity," says industry observer Ernest Doku of uSwitch.com, so the network you choose is hugely important. "It's important to choose a network with good coverage not just where you live, but where you work, go out and regularly travel to."The new figures are drawn from the four major networks: Three, EE, Vodafone and O2. EE was the UK's first 4G LTE network back in 2013, merging the combined spectrum of Orange and T-Mobile to free up space for 4G and giving itself a head start over rivals. A year later O2, Vodafone and Three joined the 4G race, and with EE already deploying LTE across the country, coverage has been a priority for the networks.

The head start has stood EE in good stead: in 13 of the 28 locations EE was the fastest network, and joint-fastest in seven others, We are still in the early days of 4G, however, so it's worth checking you get a decent signal in your neck of the woods before signing up to a 4G contract -- the networks and comparison sites have checkers to check your area is covered, and you can check in with the RootScore tool from analysts RootMetrics to find out more about coverage and reliability in your area, "If your current provider isn't delivering when it comes to 4G," Doku advises, "then vote with your feet and switch to a network offering a good combination of faster speeds and g-case iphone xs max value for money, Remember that not all mobile networks charge a premium for 4G."The OpenSignal app is available for the iPhone and Android devices, You can check data speeds manually or set it to run in the background, and your results can be anonymously collected by the app and combined with other users to build a picture of overall coverage..

Available Tuesday, the new plan is aimed at undercutting rivals Boost and Cricket. MetroPCS, which is owned by T-Mobile, offers prepaid, contract-free plans for mobile users who don't want to be saddled with the usual two-year agreement. The service runs on T-Mobile's nationwide network. Sprint unit Boost and AT&T's Cricket also offer prepaid, contract-free plans. Boost and Cricket both feature a range of prepaid plans that offer unlimited talk, text and data starting at $35 a month. The $30 MetroPCS plan includes taxes and regulatory fees, so you won't see all those extra, unexplained charges on your bill. However, there are a couple of restrictions.

The first 1 gigabyte of data is fed to you at 4G speeds, according to MetroPCS, But what happens if you surpass 1GB in a given month? A MetroPCS spokesman said that if you go beyond that amount, you will see "average MetroPCS network speeds for the rest of the billing cycle." That means your speed will vary but will drop below 4G, Otherwise, there is no limit to the amount of data g-case iphone xs max you can consume each month, The phone you use must be purchased directly from a MetroPCS store or authorized dealer, You can't pick one up from a third-party retail partner such as Walmart, The phone must also be GSM-compatible with 3G or 4G connectivity, Phones with 4G LTE are not supported, MetroPCS phones that work with the plan include the LG Optimus F60 for $49, the Samsung Galaxy Light for $49, the ZTE Zmax for $99 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 for $589..