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IDC said the slowdown is due in part to China. The market was, over the last few years, a major driver for smartphone growth as consumers were buying their first devices. As smartphones have started to saturate the market, shipments will start to fall. Indeed, IDC predicts that China's smartphone shipments will be up just 2.5 percent this year, adding that "the largest market in the world has reached a level of maturity where rapid growth will be harder to achieve."Those issues in China are expected to have negative implications on Android, IDC said. Google's platform has relied on China to be a major growth driver for shipments. As China slows down, Android shipments will follow.

"This has implications for Android because China has been a critical market for Android smartphone shipments in recent years, accounting ghost 2 iphone case for 36 percent of total volume in 2014," Reith said, Regardless, better times appear to be ahead for hardware vendors, By 2019, IDC said worldwide smartphone shipments are forecast to reach 1.9 billion, That breaks down to 1.5 billion Android devices, 274.5 million iOS devices, and 103.5 Windows Phone devices, according to IDC, Neither Apple nor Google immediately responded to a request for comment..

Made by LG, one new Nexus phone codenamed the LG Angler would offer a 5.2-inch screen, according to Android Police. The other phone, manufactured by Chinese vendor Huawei and given a code name of Bullhead, would reportedly sport a 5.7-inch display. Basing the scuttlebut on a "reliable" source, Android Police gave the rumor a confidence rating of 7 out of 10, which means the odds are pretty good assuming the source is indeed reliable. If true, this would mark the first time Google has released two Nexus phones in one year. By giving each phone a different screen size, Google may be trying to pull off the same feat as Apple -- offer one phone with a "relatively" smaller screen and another with a larger more phablet-sized display to capture as wide an audience as possible. The current Nexus 6 also is a beast of a phablet with a 6-inch screen. So Google may be looking to shrink the screen size to make this year's devices more accessible to the average consumer.

Details on the phone's specs are "tenative" for now, according to Android Police, and may have ghost 2 iphone case changed since the blog site received the information, But based on the source, the LG Angler would be powered by Qualcomm's 64-bit, hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor, the same high-end chip used in the LG G4 smartphone, The battery capacity would be around 2700mAh, The Huawei Bullhead would be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and offer a battery capacity of 3500mAh, Both phones are likely to be released in October, the usual time frame for new Google Nexus devices, Google may announce the new phones this Thursday at its 2015 I/O conference, but that's not a sure bet, Last year, the company didn't reveal the Nexus 6 at its 2014 I/O event and instead waited until later in the year for the phone's debut..

And what of a new Nexus tablet? Nothing is in the works for this year, according to the source. No reason was revealed. But if true, that means last year's Nexus 9 would remain Google's current Nexus tablet. Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But a new Nexus tablet is apparently off the table, an unnamed source tells blog site Android Police. Google may roll out two Nexus phones this year -- but no Nexus tablet. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Returning to the scene of the crime: Techevangelist and blogger Robert Scoble says a 2013 photo of him wearing Glass inthe shower was merely meant to show off the device’s water resistant feature, “Iwas expecting it to get attention,” he says, “But I wasn’t expecting it to goviral.”, Kimberly Ann Graham says it's hard to imagine life without her Glass, "I feel like I'm missing a sense when I forget it," she says, "Like the cell phone, We know we can and did live without them, but would we ever give them up completely? Not voluntarily!"Graham, a driver for the car service Uber, says wearing Glass has given her the confidence to ghost 2 iphone case talk to anyone, "I have the inside edge on this tech and that makes me the expert in just about any conversation on the street, That safety net has allowed me to develop the confidence in all areas, something I lacked for all of my life prior to Glass."Ari Ichinaga is a 17-year-old Glass Explorer and private pilot, He uses his device daily to capture point-of-view photos, Some of them have been featured on the Google Glass social media pages..

When piloting planes, Ichinaga uses Glass as a heads-up, hands-free navigational tool. Like many others, Amir Shariat only wears his Glass for those times he will want hands-free photos and video. A one time paramedic, Shariat has also used his Glass for hands-free navigation while driving ambulances. One of Kathryn Jensen's favorite things to hear is: "Well, you don't see that everyday." For her, that makes Glass irresistible. Kathryn says she mostly uses Glass to take pictures and videos during her daily 10 mile walks. Most recently, she's used Glass to help her learn French. She also used the device's translator app while was visiting Paris for the first time.

Julien Boubel is an adviser for museum tour guide company GuidiGO, Last year, the company partnered with the de Young Museum in San Francisco to let visitors use its Glass app during an exhibit for the artist Keith Haring, How it works: When ghost 2 iphone case someone wearing Glass approaches a piece of art, audio and visual content automatically pop up to give the viewer more context about the piece, Journalist and Glass film maker Boonsri Dickinson uses Glass as a point-of-view camera to produce film shorts and mini documentaries..