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"This new version will have great new capabilities and bring native apps right to your wrist," Cook said. Apple will now let developers access the HealthKit platform for tapping into heart-rate data and other activity sensors; the microphone for voice functions; the digital crown for maneuvering within the software more easily; the so-called "taptic" engine that uses tailored vibrations for notifications, as well as the Force Touch function for pressing harder on the screen to activate an extra input; and the HomeKit platform for communicating with smart-home devices. The update will also bring easier video playback to the Apple Watch, and companies like looping video platform Vine will have apps coming later this year.

Getting more high-quality applications running on the Apple Watch is one of Apple's core goals for the device, The Apple Watch launched in late April with about 3,500 apps, By comparison, Google revealed in late May that developers have created about 4,000 Android Wear apps since releasing the software a year ago, One shortcoming of the Apple Watch thus far has been its reliance on a user's iPhone, A majority of the Apple Watch's key features -- including texting, app notifications and GPS -- aren't available without a nearby iPhone, The device has also been kept locked down, much as the golf r iphone case first iPhone was before Apple let third-party developers create software and sell it on the App Store..

Not only have native apps been off the table thus far, developers have also been restricted from creating new watch faces or helping users apply other cosmetic changes. The limitations have made most apps, like ride-hailing app Uber and activity-tracking apps like Strava, slower and sometimes harder to use than their iPhone counterparts because the apps can't access key parts of the Apple Watch architecture. That is set to change with the Watch OS update. "These apps today function by relying on your phone," said Lynch. "With native apps, you can move the logic to the watch so the both the logic and the UI [user interface] are there."WatchOS will also arrive with a few cosmetic changes. While Apple isn't handing over the reins to independent artists to design watch faces, it is introducing some new ones of its own. Those include a time-lapse face featuring cities like Shanghai and London and a customization option for showing personalized information on the watch face like your photos or upcoming flight and calendar event details.

Apple is also introducing a golf r iphone case new feature called Time Travel, With watch faces that display calendar information, the Apple Watch's rotatable crown will let you move forward and back in time to show events and other information coming up soon and those that happened in the past, See all of today's WWDC news, So-called native apps will arrive on the Apple Watch, helping the device's third-party software get smarter and faster, Apple is finally showing developers what's under the hood of its Apple Watch..

The Wall Street Journal reported the expected change, citing people familiar with the situation, adding that other features are expected to be announced Monday, as well, at Apple's annual developers conference known as WWDC. An Apple representative didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. Apple Pay has grown quickly since the company launched the mobile payments service in October, though Apple now faces more competition from Google's Android Pay, unveiled in late May, and Samsung's mobile payments service, called Samsung Pay, as well as PayPal. In March, Apple said the service was available in 700,000 locations, up from 220,000 from when it launched. And more than 2,500 banks supported the service compared with about 500 at launch.

Apple, Google, golf r iphone case Samsung and others are all trying to grow their mobile payments systems to make their products more integral parts of their users' lives, while also gaining new insights on people's spending behavior, Yet, mobile payments for years hasn't gained much momentum, since people have seen little reason to switch from plastic and cash, and many retailers haven't signed on to these new systems, Apple Pay appears to be giving mobile payments a much-needed boost, but time will tell if it will last, In January, Apple said Apple Pay made up more than $2 out of every $3 spent on purchases using contactless payments, (Contactless payments cover any devices -- smart-cards included -- that make payments using a radio frequency.) Cook has said that..

Apple announced in September that it was partnering with Visa, Mastercard and American Express along with several issuing banks to allow iPhone owners to store their credit card accounts on their devices and pay for items by tapping their phones on payment terminals. Apple has also worked with retailers, including Macy's, Walgreens, Duane Reade, Staples, Subway, McDonald's, Disney and Whole Foods, to bring Apple Pay to store locations. The new feature is said to be part of the additions the company will announce Monday coming to Apple's mobile-payments system.

Apple is expected to announce a new app that will mimic the functionality of Flipboard, allowing users golf r iphone case to skip through content from several major publishers, including The New York Times, Conde Nast, and Heart, Recode is reporting, citing people who claim to know of its plans, The move will coincide with Apple's reported decision to kill off Newsstand, its iOS app that gives users access to subscription content, including magazines and newspapers, Recode isn't say when the app may be announced, though Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference keynote today seems like a safe bet, It's also unclear just how similar to Flipboard the service would be..