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This a temporary offer. A company spokesman didn't specify the length of the deal, saying only that "we have not announced an end date to this promotional plan." Once you sign up, though, the price is good as long as you stick with the plan. The T-Mobile-owned prepaid brand is touting its new plan over those offered by Boost and Cricket, though there are a couple of catches. A new mobile phone plan from MetroPCS offers unlimited talk, text and data for $30 a month. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Granted to Apple on Tuesday by the US Patent and Trademark Office, a patent called "Sharing location information among devices" describes a process that would let you view a visual representation of the path taken by another person using a mobile device as a way of following that person's entire journey, For example, someone is going for a hike or a trip and wants you to stay informed of his or her whereabouts, That person would enable a feature on a mobile device to allow you to see and track in real time the path being taken on your own mobile device or computer, On the flip h iphone 7 case side, you could also share your route so the two of you can stay abreast of each other's ongoing location..

Apple already offers a feature called Find My Friends, which lets you find the specific location of another person via his or her iPhone or iPad. But Find My Friends is geared more toward pointing you to a specific spot, whereas Apple's patented invention allows for path tracking, or following several points along a specific route. As described in the patent, your respective devices could also share mapping directions so that you and your friend would be able to easily find each other via your mobile devices. Even further, your devices could tap into a "mirroring" mode that would replicate the view seen on each other's respective devices.

The system would rely on GPS for navigation purposes but could enable communication between the devices via a cellular network, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, Assuming both you and your h iphone 7 case friend had a sufficient signal, cellular would obviously be the most efficient technology as it would allow for the greatest distance between the two of you, Concerns over privacy and security always arise in any technology such as the one described here, But as Apple points out, the feature would need to be enabled by the person being tracked, so you wouldn't be able to track people without their permission..

In the patent, Apple said the devices could be carried by a human being, animal or robot. A small enough device placed on a pet could help you keep track of your dog. And a device installed on a robot conjures up a type of telepresence in which someone could follow and view the path of a robotic device, perhaps one being sent into hazardous conditions. As usual, even a patented invention doesn't necessarily mean we'll ever see this capability in the real world. But since Apple already offers a Find My Friends feature, a tracking concept doesn't seem particularly farfetched.

Those lamenting the MagSafe's h iphone 7 case absence in the new MacBook -- where it's being replaced by a do-it-all USB-C port -- may be first in line for a new Kickstarter from the folks at Magzet, They're trying to bring that same magnetic concept to the audio jack, The forthcoming product, which is now live on the crowdfunding site, is a two-piece accessory, The smaller MagJack is designed to plug into a headphone jack, while the larger MagKap fits over your standard headphone plug, The two pieces then adhere magnetically -- at which time audio is cut off from the device's speaker and routed to the headphones..

It's unclear how Magzet impacts audio quality, if at all. The Ohio-based designers, Jon Hallsten and Jeff Russell, claim "audio quality is superb!" You'll be able to use all your inline remote's features for skipping tracks forward and back, answering and ending calls, and adjusting volume. Aside from potentially saving your headphones and device from the wear and tear of cord snags, you'll also save your ears from possible injury. (I've never had a serious injury from a cord yank, but, hey, it's possible.).

If h iphone 7 case the "MagSafe for headphone jacks" idea sounds familiar, it may be because you remember the Pogo concept that made the rounds in 2013, That one never got off the ground because of patent issues, but the Magzet crew thinks its approach (and intellectual property) is different enough to withstand legal scrutiny, Hallsten says they've overcome the one big technology hurdle that hampered the Pogo: the fact that when you plug a connector into a phone's audio jack, the phone thinks something is plugged in and re-routes the audio to headset functionality..