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#Lollipop is rolling out in phases to #MotoG (2nd Gen) in US & #MotoG (1st & 2nd Gen) in India. Look for the notification on your device. -- Motorola Mobility (@Motorola) January 23, 2015. Motorola hasn't said when other markets and devices might see the update. Last week Luciano Carvalho, a software engineer at Motorola, revealed that Lollipop would come to 2014 and 2013 handsets "really soon."Motorola has a dedicated website for more information. The second generation of the midrange smartphone is the latest to pick up Google's Lollipop OS update.

Your second-generation Motorola Moto G is about to get Google's latest mobile in case iphone 7 operating system, Android 5.0 Lollipop , On Friday, Motorola announced that it will start delivering the OS to customers living in both the United States and India, rolling out over the next few weeks, Additionally, owners of the first-generation Moto G in India will also get a Lollipop lift, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Between now and April 9, T-Mobile subscribers can walk into a Sprint store and immediately receive at least $200 in credit for any working smartphone if they switch to Sprint's network, the company announced Friday. Sprint's deal can also be combined with a contract-buyout offer in which Sprint gives T-Mobile customers up to $350 per line to cover costs associated with switching carriers. Sprint's offer shows that everything's on the table in the mobile industry right now. A key component in T-Mobile's market strategy in recent years has been to go head-to-head with the big-three: AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. T-Mobile has similar offers that guarantee trade-in amounts on smartphones and that wipe out early-termination fees.

T-Mobile's efforts seem to be paying off, in case iphone 7 Earlier this week, research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners announced that T-Mobile's subscriber base grew by 29 percent during the fourth quarter, easily outpacing its competitors and putting it slightly ahead of Sprint to make it the No, 3 cellular provider in the US, Both companies have about 56 million subscribers at last count, In a series of tweets, outspoken T-Mobile CEO John Legere held nothing back in his opinions on Sprint's latest move and highlighted his company's growth..

"It makes sense, @Sprint has to target @TMobile when we're winning with 1.3M postpaid [subscriber additions] and they only had 30k in Q4," Legere tweeted. He continued his tirade, saying that he believes Sprint is "desperate" after T-Mobile announced on Thursday that it would no longer save the best deals for those who have strong credit quality in a move it's calling Smartphone Equality. The move is a major departure from the industry, which has long been cognizant of subscriber credit scores when offering top deals.

"But in all [honesty], this is great news for @Sprint," Legere tweeted, "They are closer to offering what we offer, Except on in case iphone 7 a s***** network."The fact that Sprint is so willing to take the fight to T-Mobile may indeed speak to the latter's growing success, However, Sprint's announcement painted the move as simply part of its trade-in program and noted that it bought back 3 million phones last year, Sprint also said in response to Legere's comments that his tweets suggest the move might have been a good one..

"He seems pretty concerned," a spokesman told CNET on Friday. "This is an offer that makes sense and is a good deal."It's unclear whether Sprint's move will have a profound impact on T-Mobile's business. As part of its "Uncarrier" program, T-Mobile will match trade-in pricing from other carriers. So, it's possible that the company could match whatever deal Sprint offers. Interestingly, Sprint also has a matching program, so it's even possible that a price war could erupt for customers who are willing to walk back and forth between stores.

The two companies together accounted for over three-quarters of mobile-phone sales in the US in the fourth quarter, according to a survey conducted by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the company's latest smartphones, helped fuel the device maker to the 50 percent in case iphone 7 mark among respondents, CIRP said Friday, Samsung, which sells a wide range of devices, including the Galaxy S5, accounted for 26 percent of sales, while LG nabbed 11 percent, No other mobile-phone maker could muster even 5 percent..