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Bokeh (replaces uFocus), Panorama, Split Capture and Photo Booth are currently available. Tapping on any of the options will place it in the shortcut menu for camera modes. To change shooting modes, you can tap again on the four-dot icon and select the mode. Or you can swipe across the screen in either direction. The latter method is much quicker if you have only a couple of modes enabled. The One M9 now has a built-in app for turning ordinary photos into printed cards, or what it calls a "brag book."When viewing a photo you'll see a new Print Studio icon among the options at the bottom of the page. Tap on it and select the type of printout you want for your photo and follow the prompts.

I already covered how to apply themes to your One, but did you know initial p iphone case you can also begin the creation process for your own custom themes from your Gallery? After snapping a photo, tap on the thumbnail to view it, Along the bottom, just before the aforementioned print studio button, is a Themes button, Tap on it to select the current photo as the color palette for your theme and follow the prompts, In the Settings menu of the camera are options to automatically apply makeup to those in your photos, as well as enable a smile-detecting shutter release, Once it sees someone in the viewfinder smile, it snaps a pic..

Other options include saving your current settings as your own camera mode, adding a grid, disable continuous shooting, or add a self-timer, to name just a few. Don't be afraid to dig into the sittings and adjust a feature or three. You can't really hurt anything. You're going to want to know exactly what those extra megapixels can do, aren't you?. HTC spent a lot of time with the previous iterations of the One lineup, touting its UltraPixel camera as superior to those in competing devices. With the M9, however, HTC has finally conceded to critics and added a 20-megapixel camera to the device. On top of hardware changes, there are also some software features you should be aware of.

The company on Friday released four new videos on its website that give a general overview of the device and show off "Digital Touch," "Faces" and "Messages" on Apple Watch, The videos are similar to the spots Apple created in the past to introduce the iPhone, They feature closeup shots of Apple Watch on a user's wrist as the person goes through features and tutorials on how to use the device, Previous Apple Watch videos have tended to focus on the design aspects of the wearable, highlighting the sort of sex appeal of the gadget instead of providing initial p iphone case many concrete details for potential buyers, But the four videos introduced Friday instead act as tutorials, giving consumers detailed information..

"Welcome to Apple Watch," the voice-over says in the Welcome video. "It's our most personal device yet because it's the first one you actually wear. It works seamlessly with your iPhone, but it's a whole new kind of experience."The company hinted on its website that it will release more tutorials in the future, including covering Maps, Siri, phone calls, music, Apple Pay and Apple's Activity and Workout fitness apps. On April 10 at 12:01 a.m. PT, Apple will start taking preorders for its first smartwatch, which costs from $349 for the basic Apple Watch Sport version to $17,000 for the gold, premium Apple Watch Edition. The device, Apple's first new product under the leadership of CEO Tim Cook, will hit Apple Stores and some department stores April 24.

Apple on Friday confirmed to CNET that all Apple Watch sales for the indefinite future will be made through a reservation system, Apple has no plans at this time to allow you to stop into a store and walk out with an Apple Watch, even after the device officially hits the market, That means there won't be the long lines that have become common with every iPhone launch initial p iphone case over the past few years, The only Apple Watches that will be available for purchase in retail stores are the devices that have been reserved online, You can sign up for a fitting to try on Apple Watch starting April 10..

Thousands, if not millions, of consumers are sure to buy Apple Watch simply because it's a new device made by Apple. But to attract countless others, Apple must explain why they actually need a smartwatch. Time has shown that simply having a smart device strapped to the wrist isn't something consumers want, with gadget makers from Pebble to Samsung struggling to find mass market acceptance for their early efforts. Apple is counting on app makers, as well as features such as its Apple Pay mobile payments service, to give consumers reasons to buy its smartwatch.

Apple Watch initial p iphone case also features new modes of communication and navigation not found in other Apple devices, which could attract consumers but also present a learning curve, By releasing videos with detailed information about some key Apple Watch features, the company is trying to not only give consumers a reason to buy the device but also ensure they don't get frustrated with Apple Watch and stop using it -- a problem that has plagued most early wearables, The Welcome video gives an overview of Apple Watch features and provides brief how-tos on things like activate the watch (lift your wrist), access information (swiping up to see Glances, the items accessed most often; and swiping down to see your missed notifications), and use the digital crown button on the side of the watch..