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Huberty has been tracking US consumers' interest in the Apple Watch since it was first announced last September and said that surveys showed prospective demand rising consistently over the past six months, and has spiked in recent weeks. "US Apple Watch demand increased around 60 percent since March," she said. "Importantly, Apple enjoyed the biggest increase in Watch purchase intentions post making the product available in mid-April. While the survey data extrapolates to 50 million annual Watch demand, we see this as a bull case given supply limitations."In other words, Apple would be on track to sell 50 million of its smartwatches in the first year if only it could make that many.

Huberty said she believes supply will "significantly undershoot demand" over the first six months, But as the production process ramps up and more orders are filled, supply should start to catch up with demand, As a result, the analyst is sticking with her current Apple Watch sales forecast for the June and September iphone 3 cases ebay australia quarters but has increased her estimates for the December and March quarters by 6 million units, That mostly upbeat forecast is contrary to the more bearish scenario envisioned by investment firm KGI Securities, where Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has often been on the mark with his predictions, KGI has slashed its annual shipment forecast for the Apple Watch in half, 9to5Mac said Wednesday, Based on slower demand for the watch, KGI said it now believes Apple will ship only 15 million watches this year, down from the prior estimate of 20 million to 30 million units..

In March, before the watch went on sale, Fortune polled a series of analysts for their estimates and got numbers ranging from 8 million to 41 million, with an average of 22.5 million in annual sales. In early May, UBS analyst Steve Milunovich lowered his estimate for Apple Watch sales to 31 million from 40 million for Apple's fiscal 2016, which starts in October. However, the analyst said he was more bullish on the watch over the longer term, according to Barron's. In her investors note, Huberty also chimed in with iPhone sales predictions.

Demand for the iPhone continues to surpass expectations even though the iPhone 6 is nearing the end of its product cycle, meaning the next iPhone is only about four months away from its release, Based on results from Morgan Stanley's AlphaWise Smartphone Tracker, which uses Web searches to compile sales data, the analyst has raised her iPhone sales forecast for the current June quarter to 50 million from 46 million, During the same quarter in 2014, iPhone sales reached just 35.2 million units, Shame about the supply pinch, though, Without that, sales might actually soar as high as 50 million, says a Morgan iphone 3 cases ebay australia Stanley analyst..

So the search giant is teaming up with artists to create a new line of cases for some Nexus and Samsung smartphones. Google on Wednesday announced the first installment of the line, called "Editions," designed by the DJ Skrillex. Skrillex is just the first guest collaboration for the line of cases. Each edition will be designed by a different well-known artist. How will the cases be different from any other case? The cases will connect to your phone and automatically update the wallpaper on your screen. During the day, the wallpaper will show pictures of earth as depicted from satellites Google launched into the stratosphere for the project. At night, it will show constellations that are visible from where you and your phone are standing. Skrillex himself launched the satellite into space, and named it after his dog Nanou. The case also has a button that will lead to content from Skrillex, like early access to an album from his record label.

Google isn't the first tech giant to try to tap into art and accessories, Apple's acquisition of Beats Electronics gave it the hip hop icon Dr, Dre and the company's trendy headphones business, The cases are selling for $40 on Google's online store, and are available for Google's Nexus 5 and 6, and Samsung's Galaxy S5, S6 and Note 4, Google's new cases are slightly smarter than the socks Apple used to sell for its iPod music players, iphone 3 cases ebay australia For the project, the search giant launched a satellite into space named after Skrillex's dog, Nanou..

Visit manufacturer site for details. Honor, if you didn't know, is the brand Huawei uses to sell some of its phones in Europe and it's the name attached to the new Honor 6 Plus. A 5.5-inch Android smartphone with a full HD display, an octa-core processor and a quirky dual 8-megapixel camera, it's got everything you need to cope with your social network and Netflix addiction. And true to the Honor brand's affordable promise, the 6 Plus comes with a low price. Now, here's where it gets confusing: though Honor as a separate brand is supposed to exist only in Europe, the Honor 6 Plus has been on sale since December 2014 in China, but sold as the Huawei Honor 6 Plus. What's more, Huawei does sell phones in Europe with its own name attached -- the flagship P8 , for example, launched in London in April. What's the difference between them all? Not much, really. Strip away the Honor branding and you're left with a signature Huawei phone complete with the same Emotion user interface. That's not a criticism, really, but you shouldn't forget that a phone bearing the Honor name doesn't deliver a unique experience from a Huawei-branded counterpart.

Like other Honor phones, you can pick up the Honor 6 Plus in the UK, SIM-free directly from Amazon for £300, Yet, the 6 Plus also is the first of Honor's phones to be available through a UK network, showing a definite commitment by Honor (or Huawei) for it to become a recognised brand, selling in stores, The Three network has the phone available on a range of contracts from £24 per month, with a £19 up front charge, In the US, you can buy the Huawei Honor 6 Plus through Amazon for iphone 3 cases ebay australia $472, The design of the 6 Plus is possibly best described as that of a larger, cheaper iPhone 4, The black glass front and back together with the metal-effect band running around the edge are similar to Apple's earlier phone, although 6 Plus' band is plastic, rather than metal, meaning it doesn't feel as solid or indeed as premium..