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Good news! Google didn't leave this feature out in the update, it just needs to be enabled. You can enable it by launching Gmail, sliding out the menu and selecting Settings from the bottom of the list. Next, tap on General Settings followed by checking the box on the Conversation View line. With the box checked, conversations will be grouped together no matter the account they're in. Pretty neat, eh?. If you've added a non-Google email account to Gmail on Android and miss threaded conversations, you're going to want to read this.

The smartphone, set for release on Friday, was the subject of a teardown from iFixit, which sells repair parts and offers free online repair guides to electronic devices, Like iFixit's many other teardowns, the Galaxy S6 Edge was forced open and its innards removed for all to see, And by the end of the teardown, iFixit decided that the Galaxy S6 Edge scores just a three out of iphone 4 cases big w 10 for repairability, By contrast, Apple's iPhone 6 Plus scored seven out of 10 for repairability last year, The Galaxy S6 Edge received praise for its "modular" components that make them easy to be replaced, but was hit hard for making it difficult to get inside the smartphone, iFixit also reported that the Galaxy S6 Edge's battery is "tightly adhered" to the device's insides and tough to get to, iFixit also fears that replacing cracked glass on the screen could result in destroying the display altogether..

Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge was announced last month in tandem with its nearly identical sibling, the Galaxy S6. The Edge has a tapered screen that differentiates it from the Galaxy S6, which comes with a traditional flat display and bezel. Both products come with a 5.1-inch ultra-high definition screen, 16-megapixel camera and an octa-core processor. The Galaxy S6 line is designed to be Samsung's answer to products like Apple's iPhone 6 lineup and the HTC One M9. More importantly, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are being eyed as key to the company's ongoing attempts to revive its ailing mobile business.

Last year was troubling for Samsung's mobile division, which saw revenue and market share slump at the hands of Apple's iPhone and China-based Xiaomi, Samsung has said it will reduce the number of smartphone models it sells in 2015 by a third to concentrate its resources and efforts, So far, so good, The Galaxy S6 Edge has earned high marks in its first month in the spotlight, earning a score of nine out of 10 from CNET's Reviews team, CNET Reviews called the Galaxy S6 Edge The smartphone is so appealing, in fact, that CNET Reviews Editors argue that it "has the beauty, brains, and brawn to take down the iphone 4 cases big w iPhone 6 and all the Android competition."While such reviews provide an understanding of the experience consumers can expect if they buy the device, iFixit aims at helping folks figure out how easy it would be to open up the Galaxy S6 Edge and fix it -- an exploit saved for a precious few, The teardown, however, also identifies what's running inside a handset..

Not surprisingly, given that Samsung is a conglomerate that builds all kinds of tech components, the Galaxy S6 Edge is filled with the company's wares. According to iFixit, the Galaxy S6 Edge's octa-core processor, storage, and near-field communication chip are all built by Samsung. Samsung relies on just a few other companies, including Skyworks, Avago, and Invensense, for the device's other components, according to iFixit. Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The smartphone, which has a curved screen at the edge, received a score of three out of 10 for repairability from iFixit.

A few simple tweaks can go a long way in making your device feel brand new, be it changing a wallpaper or rearranging some icons on your home screen, Speaking of your home screen, it's time to reorganize your apps, There are a iphone 4 cases big w few different ways to go about doing this, but the easiest way is to reset the home screen layout on your device to the factory layout, This won't actually delete any apps off your iDevice; instead the icons will be placed in a random order, All of your folders will be dismantled, and (potentially) years of hard work organizing everything just right will be undone..

Launch the Settings app on your device, select General and then scroll to the bottom of the list where you'll find Reset; tap on it. Right now we are only concerned with resetting the Home Screen Layout -- find its listing and tap on it. When you go back to your home screen, your icons will be scattered all over. After you've reset your home screen layout and you're forced to drag each app to its new home, take this time to decide if you truly need each app. Odds are, you have accumulated a lot of apps over time, most of which you no longer use.

In case you forgot how to delete an app, just tap and hold on the icon until it starts to dance (this is the same way you move apps around), You'll notice an X appears -- tap on it and the app will disappear (after a prompt), You know, if you really want to get crazy and change up your device, you can reset all of your current device settings (leaving all installed apps and accounts in place), Look, I know it seems a bit extreme, but it's easy to enable or disable a feature in settings, end up hating what it does or forget you could iphone 4 cases big w even change it, By starting with a clean slate, so to speak, you have a chance to revisit your personal preferences..