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Both tablets have a 1,280x800-pixel resolution IPS touchscreen, are powered by Intel Atom processors backed by 2GB of RAM, and have 64GB of storage. There's also a microSD card slot supporting cards up to 128GB. You'll also find a Micro-USB port and a Micro-HDMI output. There's an 8-megapixel camera on back and an HD webcam on front. Toshiba is rating the battery life at up to 11 hours for normal use and 8 hours of video playback. The tablets are running on Windows 8.1 and include an Office 365 Personal subscription for one year. Also included are three exclusive productivity apps: TruNote, TruCapture and TruRecorder.

As you may have deduced from the name, TruNote helps you take advantage of the pen, giving you a powerful tool for everything from note-taking to drawing and painting to working with graphics and images, TruCapture lets you use the iphone 4 cases ebay rear camera to take pictures of chalkboards or whiteboards and convert them into documents you can mark up, (There's even a keystone correction option so if you shoot a board from an off angle, you can straighten it.) Similarly, you can shoot a newspaper article or a textbook and convert those into documents..

TruRecorder is basically a pumped-up voice recorder designed for capturing meetings and lectures that allows you to easily work with your audio clips. For example, you can assign audio snippets to different people, giving you a visual layout of who said what in a meeting. The 8- and 10-inch Encore 2 Write tablets will be available at select retailers including Microsoft Stores and direct from Toshiba on January 11. The 8-inch will sell for $350 while the 10-inch is $500. Pricing and availability for the UK and Australia were not available, but the prices covert to £230 and AU$430 for the 8-inch and £260 and AU$500 for the 10.

The first great smartphone of 2015, Beautiful and bold..with complications, The new no-compromise MacBook, A stellar on-ear headphone, Crave-worthy curves for a premium price, Debuting at CES 2015, the 8- and iphone 4 cases ebay 10-inch Windows 8.1 slates feature Wacom tech and a trio of exclusive apps for recording your life, LAS VEGAS -- It's starting to look like you're going to have many more options for tablets with pens in 2015, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Two of the three major groups involved with wireless charging technologies, the Alliance for Wireless Power, or A4WP, and the Power Matters Alliance, or PMA, said on Monday that they have agreed to merge into one organization with the intent to create a unified standard that would allow you to place your phone on a charging pad to recharge your battery. Such a simple act has been complicated by the fact that are three different groups with incompatible standards. The PMA, for instance, has a deal with Starbucks to place its charging pads in stores in the San Francisco area, with charging pads located in other select areas, including Madison Square Garden. The A4WP, meanwhile, was still working on a standard that has yet to be commercialized.

The wrinkle is that most mobile devices with wireless charging capabilities run on a different technology championed by the Wireless Power Consortium, which doesn't work with the PMA charging pads, To make a phone compatible with a PMA pad, a person would have to add a special charging case or a charging dongle, A merger between the A4WP and the PMA shifts the balance of power in their favor and could go a long way toward the industry iphone 4 cases ebay settling around a universal standard, The two groups in February had agreed to collaborate on technology, but there was no talk of combining their different standards into one..

The two groups believe the merger will close by the middle of 2015, and plan to chose a new name for the combined group. The WPC, meanwhile, said the merger wouldn't have an effect on its efforts to bring wireless charging capabilities to the consumer. "The two groups are filling gaps with technology the other didn't have, and they have been behind in rolling out commercial products," said John Perzow, vice president of market development for the WPC. "Ultimately, one plus one doesn't equal a better one."By agreeing to join forces, the two groups hope that the mobile industry will have more confidence in investing in a single technology, knowing there will be broader adoption.

"The best-in-breed combination of A4WP and PMA assures decision-makers throughout the industry of responsible stewardship of these essential contributing technologies," said Ron Resnick, president of the Power Matters Alliance, The combined company will create a new standard that incorporates inductive charging, which is the kind of wireless charging championed by the PMA, with resonant charging, iphone 4 cases ebay which the A4WP, "The 'standards war' narrative presents a false choice," said Kamil Grajski, president of the Alliance for Wireless Power, noting that devices already juggle multiple kinds of wireless technologies..