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It's only when notifications pop up on screen that it's possible to tell that this isn't just a normal watch. The screen is touch-enabled to allow you to navigate through the Android Wear interface. Voice commands are used to perform many actions. The watch will show incoming calls, along with a picture of the person, if you have the contact associated with your Google account. You can accept or decline the call, but you'll need to have a headset on as there's no speaker in the watch itself. You can see incoming emails..

..and be reminded of upcoming events too, Although the Motorola Moto 360 is the first round smartwatch we've seen, its screen had a small black bar on the bottom, making the G Watch R the first fully circular display, There's a huge selection of watch faces to choose from, The analogue faces look the best, as the 1.3-inch OLED display is bright and bold, making the watch hands really stand out against the dark backgrounds, Here's another, Oh, and another, Much less iphone 4 screen protectors classic, but I do like the blue background..

This green laser isn't for dazzling your enemies -- it's a heart rate monitor built into the back. You can check on your pulse during a workout to make sure you're training hard enough. It'll count your steps too. Using voice commands, you can ask for the weather, perform a search, ask for nearby locations, email a contact, set an alarm or timer, or find out your agenda for the day. The crown on the side is the home button. It's certainly the most attractive smartwatch so far, but its angular, chunky design won't appeal to everyone -- particularly not those with delicate wrists.

There are various third-party apps you can get on your phone that will send information over to the watch, Shown here is recipe app CookPad, which lets you browse iphone 4 screen protectors for recipes., ..and then follow them, step by step on the watch, Notifications from all apps on your phone will appear on the watch, Here's a vibrant blue face, And a more subdued one, There are more modern digital faces if you're not keen on the classic analogue hands, This watch face, entitled Fitness, keeps a step count on show at all times..

Fanatical fashion followers finally have a smartwatch that they won't be ashamed to wrap around their wrist. While the LG G Watch was a plain black, uninspiring square, the new G Watch R completely overhauls the design. It fuses real leather, angular black metal and a host of beautiful round -- yes, round -- watch faces into a smartwatch that's difficult to tell apart from a regular watch. Even the most dedicated fashion fiends might struggle to dislike this one. Under the hood it's business as usual -- it's running the same software found on all Android Wear smartwatches. It'll therefore happily connect via Bluetooth to any Android phone running version 4.3 or later and display your incoming notifications and various other alerts from Google Now.

The G Watch R is still listed as "coming soon" on LG's US, UK and Australian websites, with no prices given, It's due to hit both countries within the next month, however, but as an approximate guide, the UK retailer Unlocked Mobiles has given it a preorder price of £230, which converts to around $370, We'll update this article with more pricing details as and when they arrive, When I first laid eyes on the G Watch R at a briefing in Berlin earlier this iphone 4 screen protectors year, it immediately became my favourite of all the smartwatches currently available, The main reason for this is its round design..

Sure, it's not the first round smartwatch we've seen -- the Motorola Moto 360 has that honour -- but unlike the Moto 360, the G Watch R actually looks like a watch, instead of just a disc with a strap. The glass face is set into the body of the watch, with an angled metal ridge surrounding it, into which LG has etched notches and numbers to help you tell the time using analogue hands. The home button on the side cleverly looks like a crown. It comes with a real leather black strap made from quite inflexible leather, although in time, I imagine it will soften somewhat. The watch uses a standard strap connection, so you can swap it out for any strap you choose, or opt for one of the many that LG will eventually be selling.

From a distance, I couldn't immediately tell that it's not just a regular watch, which is precisely the effect smartwatches need to have, Watches are of course primarily fashion items, yet previous smartwatches -- the first LG G Watch, for example -- had extremely dull, square designs that brought to mind those nerdy old calculator watches from the 90s, They iphone 4 screen protectors were very much technology first, fashion second, The G Watch R is the first smartwatch I could potentially see the average style-conscious watch-wearer actually being happy to be seen with..