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The Huawei Watch has a six-axis accelerometer, heart rate monitor and barometer for fitness-tracking functions like counting steps, logging elevation gains and calculating calories burned. The TalkBand B2 is a second-generation model that's smaller and, in Huawei's eyes, classier than last year's TalkBand B1. It fits into a strap where it can be used to count steps taken, but it also pops out with an extendable earbud so it can be used as a Bluetooth headset that Huawei thinks is harder to misplace than one you don't keep on your wrist.

It'll be available in two versions starting in April in at least 28 countries around the world, The black or white models cost €169, and a gold-toned premium model costs €199, That's the equivalent of $189 / £122 / AUS$242 and $223 / £144 / AUS$285, Compared to the B1, the B2 has better noise cancellation, Yu said, It's also 20 percent thinner at 11.5mm and 10 percent shorter, with a 62mm length, The premium iphone 5 cases designer model comes with an allergy-resistant band or a more upscale leather option, The TalkBand N1, a new product category for Huawei, has two battery-powered earbuds connected by a short cable, 4GB of memory can store 1,000 songs and the battery will last 7 hours playing music, but the Bluetooth connection means music or podcasts also can be sent wirelessly from a phone..

The N1 has an accelerometer to track steps taken, too. And of course it can be used while talking on the phone. It doesn't have a screen, but buttons are built into a small controller built into the wire. A magnetic clasp lets it hang around the neck when not in use. The N1 will arrive in May in for €119 ($133 / £86 / AUS$170), Yu said. The wearable computing products upgrade Huawei's ambitions. The company likes to spotlight those ambitions by touting the drama of its ascent through the ranks of the consumer electronics industry. Up until 2011 it manufactured others' products, but then the company decided to push its own brand directly to customers.

"We have transformed from a latecomer in this category to one of its major players," said Amy Lou, director of global brand management, Huawei's global brand recognition rose from 52 in 2013 to 65 percent in 2014, Lou said, and last year it reached No, 94 in Interbrand's global brand value ranking, "We are the very first iphone 5 cases designer brand from mainland China to join the world's top 100," she said, The Chinese company has never won the top-shelf status of Android king Samsung, but it's been tenacious in its pursuit of consumer-electronics prominence, To get there, Huawei is trying to parlay success competing with companies like Cisco selling hardware that shuttles data around the Internet and corporate networks..

The smartphone business is no longer a sidelight for Huawei. In 2014, Huawei's consumer revenue rose 30 percent to $12.2 billion and its shipments rose 45 percent to 75 million devices, said Amy Lou, Huawei's director of global brand management. To try to take the next step, the company also unveiled a new brand effort, an aspirational campaign called "Make it Possible" that's designed to make people think Huawei will let them pursue their dreams, exercise their creativity and overcome challenges.

The feel-good sensations are nothing new to branding, but appealing to people's emotions can be effective in getting them to feel good about a product and coming back to the same company for more, Huawei's promotional materials, though, can be a bit cliche, Huawei will persevere, too, though, "When you drink a bottle of Coca-Cola, it's not just a drink, It conveys happiness and optimism," Lou said, "A powerful technology brand can earn its love by building an emotional bond beyond a product."The Android Wear-powered Huawei Watch, due mid-2015, is designed to give smartwatches a more classical look, Also new: the TalkBand B2 and N1 Bluetooth fitness trackers and bigger iphone 5 cases designer brand ambitions for the Chinese company..

You can follow AT&T's plans at its webpage for the watch. This is the first US carrier to promise it'll sell LG's newest smartwatch. BARCELONA -- AT&T doesn't have pricing or the exact date it'll start selling LG's latest smartwatch online and in stores, but the US carrier did become the first to promise it'll carry the LG Watch Urbane . The classy, circular watch runs Android Wear OS and is water-resistant. Just don't confuse it with the sporty, LTE-enabled LG Watch Urbane LTE , which runs on WebOS instead of Google's platform for wearables.

Huawei's latest activity tracking wristband, the TalkBand B2 will not only keep a record of your steps, but clips apart to transform into a Bluetooth earpiece to take calls, The design for the new version has been almost completely overhauled, with a new metallic finish and a gold with leather-effect strap available, It's due to go on iphone 5 cases designer sale later this spring and should cost around £120 ($185, AU$236), although exact prices are yet to be announced, The main unit has a metallic design, with the display appearing from just below the surface..