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How much onboard storage is there for apps and music? 9to5 Mac is reporting that every Watch will have the same amount of internal storage: 8GB. However, only a fraction of that will be usable for storage. "As a user, you are only allowed to use a subsection of that total space for certain types of data," the article notes. "As confirmed with Apple, users are only allowed to store up to 2GB of music on the Watch and up to 75 MB of photos for the Photos app."It's still unclear how you'll get music onto the Watch and whether you'll be able to store offline music from services like Spotify, Rdio and Beats Music , which is now owned by Apple and will presumably have a presence on the Watch (rumor has the service may get a name change later this year).

How many apps will be available at launch -- and what will they do? Apple's is showing examples of dozens of new apps on its site, with hundreds, if not thousands more available at launch, You'll have to download apps via your iPhone and transfer the Watch, which supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, We've rounded up the most notable first round of apps, Will Apple allow third-party companies to make watch bands and other accessories for the Watch? We imagine fashion companies like Burberry, Gucci and Prada potentially might want to get in on the Watch-band action, Third-party iphone 6 cases ebay bands and accessories are already being announced, but it's unclear whether or not these are blessed by Apple yet, or if there will be an official "Made for Apple Watch" accessory program..

What can I actually do with Apple Watch that I can't do with my iPhone? The short answer appears to be not much -- for starters, anyway. Is the wireless charging compatible with the Qi standard? The Watch uses a form of inductive charging to recharge its internal battery, though it's unclear just what it is. We've seen reports that the Apple Watch's charger uses one of the "industry standard inductive charging protocols," but Apple has won't say what, if any, modifications it might have been made to it. However, we haven't seen any mention of Qi.

Will the 18-karat-gold Apple Watch Edition (or any other models) have a "trade-in" plan, so you can get discounts on future models? You can walk into Tourneau (and other stores) in New York and sell your used Rolex for a pretty penny, Will Apple have a trade-in program or is iphone 6 cases ebay eBay your best bet for unloading your Apple Watch before Apple Watch 2 (presumably) comes out next year at the same time?, Will the Apple Watch support "smart straps"? A report from TechCrunch that the test units of the Apple Watch have a data port near the strap connector have fueled rumors of smart straps (a la the newly announced Pebble Time ) that could support extra sensors or batteries, 9to5Mac has shot this down, saying the final consumer models don't have the port -- but rumors persist that we'll see third-party bands that will extend battery life..

How do you get music on and off of it and will it work with any music services besides iTunes/Beats? A lot of people want to know how this will work with Spotify, for instance, and whether you'll be able to store tracks locally on the watch (offline mode) like you can with an iPhone. How will the heart-rate monitor work (will it be capable of measuring heart rate continuously)? Many fitness trackers only measure heart-rate on demand. We want to know if the Apple Watch will offer continuous heart-rate tracking.

Will Apple have its same return policy for the Watch as its other products? If you buy something in Apple's online or brick-and-mortar store, you have two weeks to return it, Same for the Watch?, We'll stop there, but obviously, there are more questions about the Apple Watch that probably still need to be answered, If you have your own questions, feel free to post them in the comments section below, Editors' note: This story was originally published on March 6, 2015, as "21 things we still don't iphone 6 cases ebay know about the Apple Watch." It has been updated and retitled accordingly with information that has since been revealed..

At its media event on March 9, Apple was supposed to fill in the missing details on its new Watch line, which ships April 24. Some blanks have been filled in, but many pressing questions remain. Apple's "Spring Forward" event on March 9 was supposed to fill in the missing details on the company's new Apple Watch , which it initially unveiled back in September. However, Apple being Apple, decided to leave us with a number of unanswered questions and keep the mystery going. However, unnamed Apple spokespeople have been giving bloggers and journalists tidbits of information as everybody keeps digging for answers.

Apple provided a life-size photo within the Apple Store app for iOS; it gives you a good idea of the screen size, but it doesn't even come close when trying to figure out how it will look on your arm, Naturally, it didn't take the Apple enthusiasts to come up iphone 6 cases ebay with a workaround; and it couldn't be simpler, As covered by The Loop, Kirk McElhearn took screenshots of the two different sizes and created a PDF containing the shots, As long as you print out the document at its original size (so, 100 percent in your printer settings) you have a true-to-scale replica of the two watch sizes..