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Samsung, by comparison, has seen its sales wane, and the March period represented the sixth time in a row that the company's quarterly operating profit has fallen from the previous year. Samsung has been struggling to compete against Apple in the high-end phone market and against newcomers such as Xiaomi at the low end. Apple in particular has become a bigger threat with its larger-screen devices, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. Simply wanting a bigger display is no longer a reason to buy Samsung's devices, and its smartphones can't reach the low prices of those from Chinese and Indian vendors.

The iPhone 6's popularity helped Apple pass Samsung to become the world's biggest smartphone maker in the fourth quarter, according to tech research firm Gartner, The firm believes Apple took home a 20.4 percent share of worldwide smartphone sales, up from 17.8 percent during the same quarter in 2013, Over the same period, Samsung's share of the smartphone market, on sales of 73 million units, plummeted to 19.9 percent from 29.5 percent, Gartner said, Samsung's Galaxy S6 devices are expected to give the company a boost, especially in the second quarter, The two devices feature more premium, metal casings instead of Samsung's normal plastic, and the Edge also includes a screen that curves around the sides of the device, Samsung opted iphone 6 screen protector target to use its own processors in the devices instead of purchasing chips from suppliers, which also should benefit its financial results in coming months..

Preorders for the smartphones started March 20, and they hit the market earlier this month. Samsung has predicted record sales for Galaxy S6 devices and says it's selling the phones faster than it came make them. Analysts believe as many as 3 million units were shipped before the first quarter ended in March, according to The Wall Street Journal. Overall, analysts believe Samsung shipped 82 million smartphones during the period, the paper said, down from 89 million a year earlier. Samsung doesn't disclose smartphone sales figures.

The company's IT and mobile communications division accounted for two-thirds of Samsung's revenue during the peak of the smartphone business but has recently been closer to a third of all sales, The business posted a 57 percent drop in operating profits to 2.74 trillion won ($2.57 billion), Sales in the division fell 20 percent to 25.89 trillion won ($24.3 billion), with mobile in particularly dropping 20 percent to 24.99 trillion won ($23.5 billion), As Samsung's mobile business struggles, investors have increasingly turned their attention to the company's processor business, Samsung is the world's biggest maker of memory chips and also manufactures application processors that serve as the brains of devices, including many of Apple's iPhones, The Galaxy S6 and 6 Edge use Samsung's Exynos applications processor instead of a Qualcomm chip, as well as flash memory and the wireless chip that connects the phone iphone 6 screen protector target to 3G and 4G networks..

Operating profit for the components business rose 9.9 percent, to 17.1 trillion won ($16.1 billion), slightly offsetting Samsung's slumping smartphone results. For the company overall, sales fell 12 percent from the previous year to 47.12 trillion won ($44.2 billion). Its operating profit slid 30 percent to 5.98 trillion won ($5.61 billion), and the company also reported net income of 4.63 trillion won ($4.34 billion), a 39 percent decline from the year-ago period. Samsung earlier this month said its operating profit for the quarter likely dropped 30 percent from the previous year to 5.9 trillion won ($5.4 billion). Samsung also estimated its sales from the quarter likely fell about 12 percent year-over-year to 47 trillion won ($43.2 billion). At the time, the forecast was better than Wall Street expected.

Most recently, analysts polled by Thomson Reuters projected operating profit of 5.51 trillion won ($5.12 billion) on sales of 48.8 trillion won ($45.9 billion), Before its recent string of declines, Samsung had posted five consecutive quarters of record profits, Samsung's declining first-quarter financial results contrast sharply with those of Apple, but the drop in operating profit isn't as bad as it has been, Samsung's financial results continued to take a hit in the first quarter iphone 6 screen protector target as the company battled tough competition in the smartphone market..

It's been a long while since Samsung teased Apple. Perhaps the combination of Apple sucking all the media oxygen from the atmosphere, coupled with Samsung's difficult commercial times has meant a certain silence. Now Samsung has a new and, the CNET experts say , very fine phone. So the company seems to have popped up to tweak the noses of a few Apple fanboys. The imagination of phone-namers has been addled by, who knows, too much Adler Brau Winter Ale. So Samsung appears to be running an ad in Google search that suggests anyone looking for an iPhone 6S (rumored to be the exciting name of Apple's next phone) must be searching for a Galaxy 6S. Oh, I mean the other way around -- a Galaxy S6.

The headline reads: "Awkward You Obviously -- Mean S6 -- Samsung.com." Awkward grammar, obviously, But then the Web and English enjoyed an amicable divorce a long time ago, The purported ad links through to the genuine Samsung UK site, and a screenshot of it was first posted to Reddit by Jon Reed, I have no reason to believe it's anything other than genuine, but I've contacted Samsung to find out, and to ask whether this amusement will appear elsewhere, It's not clear for whom this commendable attempt at a giggle appears (I myself did a Google search on "iPhone S6," and the ad didn't iphone 6 screen protector target show up), Perhaps it presents itself only to people Google deems to be excessive Apple obsessives, Or perhaps also to those who still swing between the two brands, in a desperate attempt at complete happiness..