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Traditionally, to achieve these photos you need to manipulate perspective and depth of field with a dedicated tilt-shift lens and dSLR. However, the miniature effect can be mimicked using tools like Photoshop, or even a smartphone. Ben Thomas is a photographer who has captured cities around the world in their full tilt-shift glory. Although he often uses traditional photographic gear, he also uses a smartphone for many of his images. Thomas suggests starting with something that reminds you of your childhood. "Cars, trains, planes even playgrounds and the beach make great subjects," he says.

Step one: The key to achieve a good result is to find a high vantage point, Try photographing subjects from buildings looking down to the ground; a bridge; Ferris Wheel or even in a sports stadium, Keep your composition relatively simple and make sure any human subjects are small in the scene, Ensure there is plenty of light available so you can take the sharpest starting photo possible, Step two: Load up a tilt-shift filter in your default camera app, Look for something called miniature or blur effect, Otherwise, you can use a separate app to edit an existing photo that iphone 6 screen protector tesco you have already taken..

Some third-party apps to create tilt-shift photos include TiltShiftGen2 for iOS. Windows Phone users can try the Lumia Creative Studio app with a tilt-shift effect (look for the blur menu). For Android, grab Pixlr for free. Otherwise, Instagram also has a tilt-shift effect. Step three: If you are taking the photo from within the tilt-shift app, adjust the exposure if necessary to avoid blowing out highlights or losing detail in shadow areas. Step four: Now it's time to add the effect to your photo and select your plane of focus. Depending on the app, you can usually adjust other variables like the amount of blur.

In Pixlr, tap the Adjustment icon then select Focal, Choose a linear (rather than circular) effect and move/rotate the lines where you want to keep your point of focus, Select the amount of blur you desire, The radial/circular effect will keep a circular area of iphone 6 screen protector tesco the image relatively sharp, with the rest falling out to blur, It can look quite artificial with heavy use, In Instagram (right), once you have loaded or taken the photo you wish to post, tap the wrench icon and scroll across to find the tilt-shift icon at the far right..

From here, you can choose a radial or linear effect. Adjust the focal point by tapping on the image and dragging up and down. Expand the range by using two fingers to pinch and drag. Here's a detailed run-down of how to use this effect on Instagram. Step five: Thomas suggests boosting colours and other image attributes to bring the subject to the fore. Saturation, contrast and vibrancy are all settings you may want to tweak for a more pronounced effect. Learn how to make cool miniature effect photos using nothing more than your smartphone.

While keyboard peripherals have been all the rage for modern tablet devices, OneBoard looks to flip the relationship, It's a computer contained entirely within the keyboard, and all a user will need to iphone 6 screen protector tesco do is plug it into a screen, OneBoard has three versions available: one for family, one for office and one for gaming, The gaming model is the OneBoard Pro+, an 86-key layout using Cherry MX Plum mechanical keys with either an ARM or an Intel Atom processor, The keyboard runs Google's mobile OS Android on the ARM version, or Microsoft's Windows 8 on the Intel Atom-powered model, Both pack 2GB of RAM, with either 16GB or 64GB of onboard storage for Android and Windows versions respectively, The Android model supports UltraHD output, while the Intel Atom-powered keyboard goes up to full-HD only..

While the OneBoard Pro+ runs Android, it's a custom version of the software made by the company, called oneOS. ACooo has its own app store that you can download games from. ACooo says that because you can use a mouse with the Android (an OS for mobile devices) keyboard, users will have an easier time playing the games on offer. I tried out and found it was a lot easier to pilot a plane with a keyboard and mouse than touch controls, for example. If you want to use it as a normal keyboard for your PC or Mac, you can do so by simply hitting a button on the top right corner which switches your video output to the one on your computer.

According to AC000, the magic behind this feature is what appears to be a DVI port, but in reality is a custom port the company has engineered to work with the HDMI 1.4 video port of your PC or MAC and a USB port, You'll just need to plug in your computer using the custom cable to the keyboard, and you can switch between the keyboard's OS or your PC, The OneBoard Pro+ retails for $299 (about £195, AU$380) in China, The family-focused model, the OneBoard Easy, will have a cheaper ARM-powered core and simple plastic keys that will go for a much cheaper $99 (around £65, AU$125) while sporting iphone 6 screen protector tesco the same specs..