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"The Apple Watch will be instrumental in taking the wearables market to the next level of growth," chief of research Ben Wood at market researcher CCS Insight said in a statement in February. "If successful, it'll create a rising tide that will lift the whole market."Apparently so far, so good. As Cowen noted, the Apple Watch already seems to be ahead of its own estimates. Analysts at Cantor Fitzgerald echoed that sentiment, saying the device has "gotten off to a strong start." Likewise, analysts at KeyBanc Capital Markets said that "Apple Watch preorders are off to a very strong start" and added that the company will more than likely "sell all of its production volume for at least the next three months." KeyBanc went so far as to say that Apple Watch could hurt the traditional watch market and lowered its earnings estimates on popular watch brands Fossil and Movado.

"After trying on the Apple Watch, visiting stores, and based on our field work, we are now more convinced that the Apple Watch will be disruptive to the fashion watch market," KeyBanc analysts wrote to investors on Sunday, "At a minimum, the widespread buzz may cause something of a standstill in the watch market."The Apple Watch comes in two sizes -- 42mm or 38mm -- and three designs -- the aluminum-cased Apple Watch Sport, stainless-steel-cased Apple iphone 6 screen protectors Watch and the 18-karat-gold-cased Apple Watch Edition, The aluminum comes with silver or space gray options, while the stainless steel comes in its namesake color or a space black version, The gold watch is available in 18-karat yellow gold or 18-karat rose gold, The price tag ranges dramatically from $349 to $17,000..

The KeyBanc analysts said that Apple is gearing up to produce up to 20 million Apple Watches this calendar year. What's missing from all of this talk of Apple Watch shipments and preorders is an actual word from Apple. In the past, Apple has touted its product preorders in their first weekend of availability, but as of this writing, it is maintaining radio silence. The company has also not immediately responded to a request for comment on preorders. Still, that hasn't stopped guesses from hitting the Web fast and furious. On Sunday, for instance, a company called Slice Intelligence, which claims to have the ability to track "e-receipt data" from over 9,000 online shoppers, stated that "each Apple Watch buyer ordered an average of 1.3 watches." The company said, based on its own calculations, that Apple Watch preorders hit 1 million in the US. By contrast, Cowen's preorder estimate is for all nine launch markets worldwide: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, UK and US.

When you stand for president because the whole country needs you to -- I'm sorry, because your whole family needs you to -- there is untold pressure, You feel exposed, while at the same time understanding that today's socially networked world needs you to expose yourself, "Saturday Night Live" decided to show just how difficult Hillary Clinton's life is about to become, She is said to be announcing her candidacy for president Sunday, This means preparing an image iphone 6 screen protectors that will help her sail through to her coronation, I'm sorry, I meant nomination..

Some speculate that Clinton will eschew big events in favor of more personal encounters with the populace. So "SNL" posited that she would make a little video on her trusty BlackBerry. Her assistant suggested she look natural. This isn't so easy, even for those used to being constantly in the public eye. "Citizens! You will elect me! I will be your leader!" is her first attempt at intimate filmmaking. Kate McKinnon's Clinton is suddenly joined by her husband, played by Darrell Hammond. He marvels that phones can now take videos. "If they could have done that in the '90s, I'd be in jail."If you're spending your Sunday making a little selfie video with which to amuse your family, friends or even your nation, these few minutes watching your possibly future president might offer some pointers toward technique and performance.

If you want to perfect your art without the world keeping record of it, a private server might come in handy, Technically Incorrect: With Hillary Clinton expected to announce her candidacy for president Sunday watch her shoot a very personal video -- in vertical, naturally, Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our iphone 6 screen protectors discretion..

This isn't the story of two quiet potentates suddenly being moved to battle. Instead, it's a veritable clash of today's titans using every cerebral sinew to dismantle each other. Twitter positively shook last night as the occasionally self-effacing T-Mobile CEO John Legere suggested politely to the always diplomatic Donald Trump that he wasn't happy with the service at the Trump Hotel in New York. Legere seemed miffed with street musicians disturbing his peace. You'd have thought that everything is New York is specifically designed to disturb peace.

However, Legere surely couldn't have imagined Trump's response: "T-Mobile service is terrible! Why can't you do something to improve it for your customers, I don't want it in my buildings."He (or whoever mans his Twitter account with such an authentic voice) also tweeted that Verizon offers far better service, Legere retorted: ".@realDonaldTrump I will serve all customers in the USA openly but I will obviously leave your hotel right away based on this, #checkingout."Naturally, there then followed iphone 6 screen protectors acolytes of both parties (and, who knows, of Verizon and other carriers who were basking in the entertainment) taking sides and and using educative words like "sucks."There will be those who will seek to name a winner, In these times of Twitter being the non-contact version of WWE, there are only winners and losers..