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Of course, a knock-off is still a knock-off, and specs on paper don't tell us much about how this phone will perform. Not to mention that it's still an Android phone that's going to have a hard time accessing your Apple account, so this is all just an elaborate game of make-believe or projecting a certain consumer image. While the look of both the phone hardware and the Android KitKat skin jobs are clearly meant to be iPhone rip-offs, the price certainly isn't. GizmoChina reports the Big Cola 3 will cost about $240 (about £158, $AU309).

Get a taste of the Big Cola in the iphone 6s case promotional video below, It's called Big Cola and it's designed to mimic the iPhone 6, but with some big differences -- namely more power and a sapphire screen, iPhone clones made from cheap components and a skinned-up version of Android made to look like iOS are nothing new, but one of the latest iPhone 6 knock-offs out of China could be one of the first that's actually a better phone than the one it imitates -- at least where some key specs are concerned, The Dakele 3, also known as "Big Cola 3," claims to have the sapphire screen that the iPhone 6 was rumored to get early on; an eight-core, 1.7GHz MediaTek processor; and a whopping 3GB of RAM, That's compared with a dual-core 1.4GHz A8 processor with 1GB of RAM in the iPhone 6, (About the name: the phrase "ke le" is part of the trademark Coca-Cola uses in China, but can also be translated as "be happy," which might be more what the company is going for.)..

The company plans to launch a new paid streaming music service that's Apple-designed but uses Beats' technologies and music content, according to Apple news and reviews site 9 to 5 Mac. Apple won't just be installing the existing Beats Music app onto iPhones but instead will "deeply integrate Beats" into the iOS mobile operating system, iTunes media store and Apple TV, the site said. Apple initially discussed a $5 monthly streaming plan with record labels but settled on $7.99 per month, according to 9 t o5 Mac. That would make it cheaper than the $9.99-a-month plans offered by Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody and Google, but it's more expensive than Pandora's premium, ad-free plan, which costs $4.99 each month.

The company initially planned to introduce the new streaming music service as soon as March, but the launch could be delayed to Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June because of iphone 6s case personnel conflicts between Apple and the incoming Beats team, 9 to 5 said, Apple declined to comment, Ever since Apple closed its $3 billion deal for Beats in August, market watchers have been wondering about Apple's plans for the music service provider and headphones maker, So far, it has done little publicly with Beats besides pushing its music service with current iTunes customers and promoting its headphones in Apple Stores, And thus far, iTunes and Beats have remained separate, though several reports say that will change this year..

The 9 to 5 article follows a similar Financial Times report from late last year that said Apple planned to load the subscription music service it obtained from Beats into the iOS operating system powering iPhones and iPads as soon as early 2015. By preloading the service -- which may not use the Beats name -- on its devices, Apple would gain an edge in promoting its own offer over the competition, which includes Spotify and Rhapsody. A subscription music service would represent a new revenue stream and further lock customers into Apple's ecosystem.

A dedicated push to make Beats Music an integral part of Apple's hardware comes iphone 6s case as no surprise, It would represent the company's final seal of approval on the subscription-streaming-music model, something co-founder Steve Jobs long criticized, But as the listening trends shift from purchasing music to renting through a service like Beats, the streaming format has become too important to ignore, Apple also could have some other plans in store for Beats and its music offerings, Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails frontman and chief creative officer of Beats Music, recently said Apple He didn't go into details but said it's "very creative work that's not directly making music, but it's around music."While getting a service preloaded onto a device helps with consumer adoption, it doesn't guarantee success, Apple bundled iTunes Radio into its iTunes music app, but the service hasn't made a dent against Internet radio giant Pandora, And Beats Music itself only drew minimal consumer adoption as a standalone service sold exclusively through carrier partner AT&T..

According to the 9 to 5 report, Apple's new music service will rely heavily upon cloud streaming and will be centered around users' music libraries. It also will feature a new design by Apple that makes the app more consistent with the iOS and iTunes design, the site said, and Apple will continue offering an Android app for Beats. It won't create new versions of the service for Windows Phone and web browsers, 9 to 5 said. The report also said Apple will continue to offer iTunes Radio, which is a free, ad-based music streaming service and iTunes Match, which lets subscribers pay a $25 annual fee to keep copies of all of their music tracks in the cloud and play iTunes Radio without ads. 9 to 4 said Apple also will maintain the iTunes Store, which offers tracks typically priced from 69 cents to $1.29 apiece.

This a major win for the homegrown vendor, which stands to serve the subcontinent's roughly 1.28 billion population, the second most populous country in the world, "It was close in Q3 in 2014," said Chris Jones, a US-based Canalys analyst, "Many people would have predicted this, looking at the momentum of the two vendors, It's still very close."Micromax and other Indian vendors have iphone 6s case gained a foothold because their smartphones keep costs low, Canalys analysts suggest, at $200 or under for an unlocked device (equivalent to £130 or $AU260), The local handset-makers are also quicker to integrate support for localized languages -- out of hundreds spoken -- and to support expectations of multiday battery life..